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4 The Kentuckian. g livered by Mr. Hudson Shaw and others at Oldham. _ . ` Year after year these Lancashire artisans have been fed from Oxford on food that is very far from being milk for 2 babes. Still less does it represent cheap clap-trap, or { pandering to popular political tastes, or even utilitarian . bread-andbutter information. It is good, hard, gritty "stuif" (as Bacon would have styled it). To transport { the Oldham millhand to mediaeval Italy; to make him " V read Gibbon and Gregorovius, Bryce and Hallam, . _ Machiavelli (ofcourse in translation), Villari and Ho- ratio Brown, to enable him to realize the thoughts and lives of a. Hildebrand and an Innocent III., of S. Fran- - cis and Savonarola; to induce him to compare the I "c0mmercialism" of Manchester and the "commercial- - ism of Venice; the "democracy" of mediaeval Florence with that of modern Englandthis, surely, is no small achievement, whether for a "superior" don, or a "popu- lar" lecturer. And when it is remembered that these lectures have been delivered to audiences of 400, 500, 600, 800, and even 1,000 students, and that some pro- portion of these prepare themselves with the lecturers aid for the independent examination which follows the lecturecourse, it will be conceded even by the most hos- tile critic that the system affords anything but the "cheap smattering masquerade of learning" with which it is occasionally reproached. The examination is con- ducted as a rule by a resident "don," who has had large - A experience of examining in the Final Schools of the University. It was such a oneMr. A. L. Smith, the well-known { Fellow and Tutor of Balliol Collegewho, with Mr. Hudson Shaw, must be credited with the "discovery" of Mr. Joseph Owen. The exceptional ability of his papers 4 * struck both lecturer and examiner. They resolved to avert the "tragedy" of an unappreciated Giotto; a fund was raised among their friendsMr. Arthur Acland, Mr. Arthur Sidgwick, Mr. M. E. Sadler, and other well-known educationists being among the number of contributors and it was proposed to Mr. Owen that he should come g into residence at Oxford as a matriculated member of 4. the University, and should, if possible, proceed to a de- :*2.... 91;- I `