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Part of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine

`f-SEMW IM ____ _ ,_ ,-,,.-... J;-y_ - - -_=-_,~__ . .7 A U The Kentackian. 7 I ; PATTERSON LITERARY NOTES. The `Patterson Literary Society has been in a prosper- ous condition during the past term of school. Many are now writing their speeches for the contest which will ? take place March 26. Messrs. Jackson, Landy, Bullock , L Gardner, Chipps and Kelly are some that will contest ` for the Patterson medal. _ . Since the holidays many ambitious youths have en- it '.c listed with the "Pats." Shearer Bros., Ware, Gilmore, } Will Kelley, McGinnis and many others. X We greatly missed Ragan Smith and Hundler at the f beginning of our work but their places have been filled ; by Alexander as orator, Jackson as debater and Hoard - as declaimer. We regretted very much to give Mr. E. E. Johnson up. _ Mr. Johnson was a mechanical student in name but an English one at heart. * Sickness was the cause of his leaving School. J. G BERRY . . J. . . 1 UNION LITERARY SOCIETY NOTES. } ~v. . r The Union Society seems to be loyal to its motto, which if is, "never backward? Whereas our friend and classmate G. W. Shackleton, XY 1 has suddenly been called away, on account of the death of his father be it resolved: "That we most sincerely regret the absence of Mr. I ' ` Shackleton from our class, and furthermore extend him Y, our sympathies in his sore bereavement? j _.;gf Be it also resolved : "That a copy of these resolutions _ be published and a letter ot sympathy sent him by the Y class." Cnkssruurns. * IY? There seems to be more interest manifested in the wel- V fare of the Society just now than at any time this year. -7 Every one seems to say "ever onward." f_-i if We now have about sixty-five members ; and names are being proposed every meeting night for membership. The juniors and seniors do not seem to take the interest in the society, as the boys below the grade of juniors. II ~ ,.I;'i" j-..2.~ r~ r c r "' rf # "