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Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 11, August, 1939 to September, 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

S Vol. 1 August and September, 39 hslggg " ., '. ~`_ " Y _ . " is KENTUCKY FR |I=._NDTE$ l `.p . on J W. D. Arr11s`t_norg, 'I~ltwl1,cultl1rist, Editor 2 Notlce.The n ssue of this bulletin will appear in October. - t' PEACH TREE BORER AND HOW writer has cut as high as 34 borers *0 TO CONTROL IT from a one year tree. ** p_ 0_ RITCIILR Large borers pass the winter in L '` Doph of Enloulology ond Botany their feeding burrows while many of I }' the smaller borers make winter cells nl One M thc n}St Serious pests Of in the bark of the trees. Borers [F peach trees ln kentucky is the peach begin feeding again in the Spring and 1** tree bm-el-' Trees Ot every age are complete their growth. In late spring, IY attacked and in many Peach Orchflnfls full grown borers enclose themselves i .l. mSt f me trees um mfsted wlmm in silklike cocoons, usually located E ly 8* year or two (incr plmmng' Borcrs at the ends or a little past their old I 1}. injure peach trees near or below the burmwsh Hem bomrs go through the A be g'd ""1 by "g_"$1r me pupal state and in due time the adult . bark and more or less girdhng the peach tree bomrs emerge. . the tree. Young trees are more apt Hi to be girdled while older trees become Control with PDB stunted and. sickly and produce a poor The boot known Way of controlling V d_ CFOD- AH 1YSid {VB6 SUY 1185 peach tree borer was discovered in V _ Liv roughened bark near the base Of th3 1919 and consists of using a material o trunk and a mixture of Jelly-like gum called paradiohlorobonzono (pDB)_ E ful and borer excremgnt will bc {Dum} PDB is a white, crystalline material _ wer the S i the bm of the that looks like come San and smells P5 tree- something like moth balls. I When , L hk Life Cycle. The adult peach tree PDB is placed about a tree it gives off _ me borer is a clear winged moth which fumes that are heavier than air which i ;_ * Wk flies during the day and looks much sink into and saturate the soil slowly _ like a wasp. In Kentucky, adults killing the peach tree borers. it begin to appear in June and eggs are The following dates for treatment _; `ad laid from late June until September. generally hold for this State: In lV V _d Eggs are deposited on the trunk or eastern Kentucky, apply PDB during i " mg limbs of peach trees, on nearby weeds the last two weeks in September; in '_' ; Om and trash, or on the ground. The eggs central Kentucky from late September .' { ng hatch in about 10 days. One peach to early October; and in western ml borer moth is said to lay an average Kentucky, in October. Treatment is ?_L;Q of 400 eggs. Young borers hatch from delayed until fall to avoid infestation fm the eggs and burrow into the peach by borers hatching from eggs laid late -h*` bark at or near the base of the tree. in the season. For the PDB treatment Wk There they feed greedily and soon to he effective, the soil temperature ker. reach a considerable size, As many should be about 60F. 0l above aud j lld as 90 borers. have been found by the soil should be comparatively dry. l 3 federal entomologists in a single six Tree i11jury may result from PDB ap- l`ll r seven year old tree but the usual plied during hot weather. Growers Humber is from two to ten. The should use this information when gigi BULLETIN OF THE KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY