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2 > Image 2 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 11, August, 1939 to September, 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

= Adeclding on what days to make treat- vorlzed soil over the crystals, from dilut meme above, in a way to avoid pushing them The _ Gygyvgyg egteh ask ig peach tree against the bark. Then place six or satis borers cannot be treated with PDB in seven additional shovelfuls of dlrt DBDY - . _ around the tree and pack it to form a EI the Spring. In I`7utucky{Spr1ntrGat_ cone. With average fall conditions, mg $1eTt has got glveu Saglsmcyiny von most of the PDB will evaporate in pm-; . ,1*; S,0,yt "B;pt,;g om; we four to six weeks killing so to 100 per een 1 , cent of the borers. Cool weather and ie hg o _ - warm enough to 11be121tB tht? fllmS of rom hinder eynpol-ntiO_ Ip any case, the { lhs PDB" borers have drme mrrch m' it ls best to remove the mounds around gem - ~ Jury and may be dwp In merr bur- the trees flve to six weeks after treat- {run rvvS ment. lf mounds are left over winter, the . o _ $305895- 1'1S six Y3l`S of age Ol tree injury may occur. bette . o er s ou receive one ounce 0 . , pDB_ On fem- and gve yea,. trees control with Ethylene Dlchlorlde $:25 E and unusually large and sturdy three Recently federal entomologlstg tion ( year trees, % ounce should be used, developed a new material, ethylene more . In Kentucky, two and three year old dichloride (EDE) emulsion, as a con- pim, . trees have been safely treated with trol for peach tree borer. This rxijagg emu ` onehalf ounce of PDB. If growers rial has severa acvantages over . choose to apply PDB to one year since it is easier to apply, safer on 1 A o trees, the dosage should not exceed young trees and can be used later W %. to % ounce per tree. In measur- in the fall and also in the early spring. com ~ ing out PDB, use a small bottle or tin At Lexington. in the fall of 1938, com ' . box holding the right amount. ethylene dichlorlde emulsion applied W M M th d_ T . t { . late in November gave satisfactory . trearmezit relrnogeelgzxis aandmgebrtis Otr1 while PDB gave very pr gg), from around the trunk nd 1 tl1 ff cr*trl _ , o the ground If bororg arguggrkigg It is possible for the grower to pre. Q-$8 much abovo ground lovoh draw in pare ethylene dichloride emulsion by Emu , Somo nosh Soil and pack it down m.m_ using a cold water soluble, potash fish mm , ly around the trunk so that the earth Orr Scan Hvvr rr is prbabry EDI is aoproximotoly lovol with tho high much better for the grower to buy one is 8 , . est borer. Next, place the PDB in a goth; riiriy rmred emursmus now ook ' , __ ring around the tree about one inch ar s - ;i from the trunk but not nearer. After Method. The amount of ethylen c' . . . []`[\] ir - this, spr1nkle a shovelful of well pul- dichloride emulsion to use and the SUE n ir . Dosage and Dilution Table for Ethylene Dichloride Emulsion git : v_ " , To make 10 gallons mar 3,; . E of diluted emulsion Q. : - for use on different Dosage eg W g t Strength . Age and Size ag?] was or me the Dld E" , Se- . Emulsion , , . of Trees _;L..;- Diluted U - for Each ..Vo $1 50 Emulsion Treo enc, Ti . percent e .. Water Estick gill? ` i Z Ulu SIOH _.,., _ ._ i mai ; . ; l 1 und ~;~. sg Ga lons Gallons Percent its Q g; , \ or ` or \ { the: * _ ` gi Parts Parts and ? I ally Six years and older ............ 5 5 25 1/2 pmt beg, ge. (Average size and larger 0 Qfgk gl _ trees.) bon ll . Six years and older .......... 6 4 20 % pint eth (Small size trees.) emi g Four and five years ____________ 6 4 20 no pmt Thi K E -, r . Three years ........................ 7 3 15 io pint 1,0( gi _ Two years ................,.,.__,__.._ 7 3 15 ri pint the i gi ._ One year .................,.........,., 81/Z 11/J 7% 1/,, pim and Q V i V use i 4 2 V