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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 11, August, 1939 to September, 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

it t pounds of nitrate of soda or sulfate of Crops can be destroyed in less than for d1 ammonia. On the fourth row, apply a week. on tht only two pounds of nitrate of soda 0I' CONTROL; Spraying with 4650 The sulfate of amnlonia. OI1 IDB Hlth POW. bordeaux is a. preventative. Lime Sul- tninn . 110 U`811t- phur is not effective. ln sections of soiuti Apply these fertilizer applications orchards where the Bitter Rot has np- one o when the plants are dry. Where you peared in past years, growers are ions i apply the nitrogen, take the extra pre- urged to be on the alert and examine ` caution of brushing or sweeping the the area carefully every few days for bi . row of berry plants with an old broom the first appearance of the Bitter Rot bean or a handfull of tall green weeds. on the apples. Carefully plck and whim `2 When harvest time comes, start five cm`i`Y_i iiii the fruit Showing the ing { of your best pickers on these tive rows infections mid follow with 3 boideaux bSr _ and ask tneui to ten you tne number spray at four day intervals in the so the or ouurt ouns they get on tnie titty infected areas. Often one tank of gprol yard row_ your packing Shed ioreninn bordeaux twill cover the necessary Gm can mono o reoord oi their eto_te_ area. During winter remove all mann- teriai monte If you wiii renort to your mied fruit and fruit stems from the tml 0 county agent that you are conducting trees ii) Pmvciit ii ii`Y0Vi` om._i ` i such a demonstration we will provide ___._. ming you with a simple card for recording much _ ziigityygiiir ggiiiuiagfgggaggrvgii *iS Nicorims-sgwromrs sr>RAv Fos that _ The "no treatment" or check row COOLING MOTH large] will be the most valuable row in the During the past several years much i"`ii _ A demonstration so be sure to have a has been said and written about the ii"" "n0 treatment" row. Repeat on an- problem of getting away from the use Thf 0U1l` UVB 1`0WS if D0S$ii>i of arsenate of lead for control of cod- this I ___...... lliig moth in apples. The usual arsen- that i . ate of lead spray programs have failed cides BIT-i-ER RCT ON APPLES to give adequate control in many Ken- canno tucky orchards. This program has When W W MAGILL also caused considerable spray injury Iibera 1 . The hot temperatures and high to the foliage, and has caused many fruit humidity of late July were quite growers to go to the trouble of waslr This i favorable for the spread ot Bitter Rot ing their fruit before selling. grows . . in Kentucky orchards. As early as Apparently one of the most satis- problt Jliiy 15 I 0bSl`Vd dtiiwks of the R0t factory arsenical substitutes is a diSf1 , V I ill JGKBYSOH, Henderson, ROWBI1, and cgmbingtign gf nicotine and other lDl'S 2 T C . ~ Fleming Counties. The following materials. There are several ccinhina factor _ i Varieties 3i` 3~m0S' the m0l $llSD tions using nicotine as a base with With i V ;. tible to the disease: Grimes. Golden which a protective coating can be built Gro i . DiiCi0l1S Kills David. Gi1ll0. Bild up on the expanding fruit. One of these terial _ . Jonathan. The disease is first ob- is a so cailed nxcd nicotine that is pur- easy Q served on the side of the apple most chased in the dry rorni. Another torni, here ` _ XD$i to the Siill end &DD9l$ 215 3 that has been used for several years that .. M well disoolored spot- The rotted spot in Indiana anu which is being used wasn 2L in distinctly Sunken end sharply de- this year tor the first tinie by a large dong . l it ined, When one half inch in apple grower at Henderson, is O16 Thi ;t diameter, smell hleok dots eppeer et Nicotine-nentcnite tanhniiireti com- Sm i iI'I`gl112.T iHtI`V3.1S {118 Skill). binatign that has been giving gi vgry Care; V I` in the sunken areas. These dots may {ipe control of epdling mptp_ . " be arranged fm coucfamric i`mgS and This combination was developed by i _ qi become fruiting bodies or spores of United States Douurtmom or Agri 4 it the disease. These spores are spread ouituro Workers and is getting muon A ' _ E; thmughoiit the UGG and to ii"bY attention. The program calls for the it ti`S bY iii5 mln wid Wid it SDl`1dS use of the usual spray applications up { . on the apple even more rapidly than through the calyx and first cover 5 __ brown rot on peaches. It may appear spiay, using the usual amount of iu : _ . and spread in the orchard any time arsenate of lead in combination witha . F Q1 __ from July to October. A series of hot fungicide. This is for the purpose of {amy ; .. wet days in August or early September getting a deposit in the calyx to pre- 40 ac ' . i may bring about a very sudden attack. vent worms entering there later and slder 4 detii 1 it { ._,. IL _