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Image 4 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 11, August, 1939 to September, 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

it t pounds of nitrate of soda or sulfate of Crops can be destroyed in less than for d1 ammonia. On the fourth row, apply a week. on tht only two pounds of nitrate of soda 0I' CONTROL; Spraying with 4—6—50 The sulfate of amnlonia. OI1 IDB Hlth POW. bordeaux is a. preventative. Lime Sul- tninn . 110 U`€8¤11€¤t- phur is not effective. ln sections of soiuti Apply these fertilizer applications orchards where the Bitter Rot has np- one o when the plants are dry. Where you peared in past years, growers are ions i apply the nitrogen, take the extra pre- urged to be on the alert and examine ` caution of brushing or sweeping the the area carefully every few days for “b°“i· . · row of berry plants with an old broom the first appearance of the Bitter Rot bean or a handfull of tall green weeds. on the apples. Carefully plck and whim `2 When harvest time comes, start five cm`i`Y_°“i iiii the fruit Showing the ing { of your best pickers on these tive rows infections mid follow with 3 boideaux “bS°r _ and ask tneui to ten you tne number spray at four day intervals in the so the · or ouurt ouns they get on tnie titty infected areas. Often one tank of gprol · · yard row_ your packing Shed ioreninn bordeaux twill cover the necessary Gm can mono o reoord oi their eto_te_ area. During winter remove all mann- teriai ‘ monte If you wiii renort to your mied fruit and fruit stems from the tml 0 · county agent that you are conducting trees ii) Pmvciit ii °i“i`Y‘0V€i`· ¤om._i ` · i such a demonstration we will provide ___._. ming you with a simple card for recording much _ ziigityygiiir ggiiiuiagfgggaggrvgéii ‘*iS° Nicorims-sgwromrs sr>RAv Fos that _ The "no treatment" or check row COOLING MOTH large] will be the most valuable row in the During the past several years much i"`°i’i‘ _ A demonstration so be sure to have a has been said and written about the i‘“i""€ "n0 treatment" row. Repeat on an- problem of getting away from the use Thf 0U1€l` UVB 1`0WS if D0S$ii>i€· of arsenate of lead for control of cod- this I ___...... lliig moth in apples. The usual arsen- that i . ate of lead spray programs have failed cides BIT-i-ER RCT ON APPLES to give adequate control in many Ken- canno tucky orchards. This program has When W· W· MAGILL also caused considerable spray injury Iibera 1 . The hot temperatures and high to the foliage, and has caused many fruit humidity of late July were quite growers to go to the trouble of waslr This i favorable for the spread ot Bitter Rot ing their fruit before selling. grows . . ‘ in Kentucky orchards. As early as Apparently one of the most satis- problt ° Jliiy 15 I 0bS€l`V€d dtiiwks of the R0t factory arsenical substitutes is a diS€f1¤ , V I ill JGKBYSOH, Henderson, ROWBI1, and cgmbingtign gf nicotine and other lDl'€S€ 2 T C . ~ Fleming Counties. The following materials. There are several ccinhina factor ‘_ i Varieties 3·i`€ 3~m0¤S' the m0l”€ $llS€€D· tions using nicotine as a base with With i V ;. tible to the disease: Grimes. Golden which a protective coating can be built Gro · i · . D€iiCi0l1S» Kills David. Gi1ll0. Bild up on the expanding fruit. One of these terial _ . Jonathan. The disease is first ob- is a so cailed nxcd nicotine that is pur- easy ‘ Q served on the side of the apple most chased in the dry rorni. Another torni, here ` _ €XD¤$€€i to the Siill end &DD€9·l‘$ 215 3 that has been used for several years that .. M well disoolored spot- The rotted spot in Indiana anu which is being used wasn ‘ » 2L in distinctly Sunken end sharply de- this year tor the first tinie by a large dong . l it ined, When one half inch in apple grower at Henderson, is O16 Thi ;t diameter, smell hleok dots eppeer et Nicotine-nentcnite tanhniiireti com- Sm i ‘ iI'I`€gl112.T iHt€I`V3.1S b€H€ {118 Skill). binatign that has been giving gi vgry Care; V I` in the sunken areas. These dots may {ipe control of epdling mptp_ . " be arranged fm coucfamric i`mgS· and This combination was developed by i _· qi become fruiting bodies or spores of United States Douurtmom or Agri 4 »— it the disease. These spores are spread ouituro Workers and is getting muon A ' ·_ E; thmughoiit the UGG and to ¤€i’·i"bY attention. The program calls for the it · ti`€€S bY iii€5» mln wid Wi¤d· it SDl`€¢1dS use of the usual spray applications up { . on the apple even more rapidly than through the calyx and first cover 5 __ · brown rot on peaches. It may appear spi·ay, using the usual amount of iu : _ .» and spread in the orchard any time arsenate of lead in combination witha . F Q1 __ from July to October. A series of hot fungicide. This is for the purpose of {amy ; .. wet days in August or early September getting a deposit in the calyx to pre- 40 ac ' . i may bring about a very sudden attack. vent worms entering there later and slder · 4 detii 1 it { ._,. IL _