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Image 5 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 11, August, 1939 to September, 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

1 for disease control. From this time early summer of 1938. This scale on the nlctolne schedule is used. multiplied rapidly until severe dam- 0 The mixture used at present con- age was being done to tbe trees by l" talns one pint of nicotine sulfate harvest time. During the two weeks Y solution, five pounds of bentonite and following harvest the injured limbs " one quart of soybean oil to 100 gal- and trees yellowed up a great deal 2 lens of water. The bentonite costs and thousands or the young crawling I. &b0\1£ 0¤€ €€¤l· D0r l>0¤¤d Mid U10 S0Y· scale could be seen on practically ,i beau 0ll about Bl! ¢€¤lS D€1‘ pound. every tree. ·lt was plain that very d When these three are mixed accord- Severe damage would be done to the e l¤8 to l¤$lr¤0ll0¤9 lll€ ¤l00ll¤€ lS trees before fall if something was not ‘ x absorbed by the bentonite and "flxed" done to check the increase of the e so that when it is sprayed on the frult Scale, lf a protective covering is deposited. We had Some Summer Spray Oil Ou ‘ Y Growers that are trying this ma- hand and after consulting with Ex- ; terlal are highly pleased with its con- tension Service and Experiment trol of codling moth, in comparison to Station representatives some pre- near-by arsenate of lead blocks. The liminary spray tests were run. These foliage on the nicotine trees is also results seemed satisfactory, so during _ much larger and some growers report the later part of August the entire R llllll ll1€ fruit $lZ€S UD earlier arid orchard was sprayed thoroughly with 2 larger. With this spray there is no a 25; percent strength summer oil h problem of an arsenical residue at grnu]gign_ After the spraying was , LB ll¢1rV€5l- · done we found fewer of the young ;e There is one serious drawback to Crawling Scale arid ll1€ 0ll al$0 = g. this Nicotine-Belltonite program and S€€H1€d to kill 8 good ¤l·lmlJ9r of l·h0 ? n. that is the fact that any of our fungi- D¤rllY matured S0&l€- However. WB ld cides for control of summer diseases C0l1ld illld 3- V€rY few of ll1€ f¤llY ~ n. cannot be used with this colnbination. 11180-1r€ Scale that WB lll0l-lghl the ` ‘ is When this is done the nicotine is SDTHY killed- After H10 SDr¤Y was 8·D· ‘ ·y liberated and a coating is left on the Dlled U18 orchard S€€¤1€d to improve 2 ly fruit that is harmless to the worms. lil 00r1dlll0¤ and U10 U`€€$ went h- This is particularly serious where a through tht? Garly fall lll good Sl1¤D€ » grower bag 3 bitter rot or blgtch Bild l1€ld [h€lI` foliage lll 8 11OI`D13l WBY. f s- Problem and Where other $umm€l” As soon as the leaves had fallen and A diseases need sprays. Much effort at dm-man; spraying was safe we put on ei- present is being used to develop satis- a faii appiieaiiou Of 3 percent Yyinter ’ 8- facl0"Y funglcldes that can be used oil emulsion and made every effort to Q ? lll with this ma·t€l`lal· cover ever crack, crevice and twig. lt Growers that are trying this me- This was followed in the spring by " t_tt i SG l€l'l8I for cOdllflg moth say that it is another complete application of 3 per- Q . " lr- easy to tell when all parts of the tree cent winter Oi] emulsion to which a . ·. u. have been hit with the mixture and 5-6-100 bnrdeaug was added for leaf { rs that this l>r€V€rllS lllé operator fr0¤1 curl control. During the winter some -2 =