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Image 6 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 11, August, 1939 to September, 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

" " ¤ FARM AIR COOLED STORAGE FOR in operation in the state. At present and t V APPLES costs of building material and labor umm ° W_ W_ LIAGILL we are of the opinion that a 900 bushel mspm · Retired refrigerator cars for air apple Storage house insulated equiv` by M1 r 1 th alent to the refrigerator car would and ice cooled storage of fru ts on e cost more than twice the price Mich cultur ’ . ‘ t 1 ` ’ V farm hés passed the mgenmeu E igan fruit growers are paying for fruit] _ stage in parts of Michigan and these used cms group · ‘ northern Indiana. We feel that many Prccoounf éy adding two mus of In k 1 ' · K · ; ;;l;;; {QE: §;_mK€;E;;g; iizblzslg ice to the car and by using an electric EZ; I V r conomicau b urchasmg Such fan for circulating the air, Michigan _ n ‘. sogaee The azerggle size refriger- gmwers have been able to pun the Fmpal — t_ st ga} wm hold ap mximately 900 inside temperature to under 35° when ni L guclilei Held crates DTM) CMS are the temperature outside was above no t; _ S ' . . 80°. Such varieties as Red Delicious Ou ` bought up in quamme by Soma and Grimes could then be kept at Soma . I wrecking companies and the fruit sufficiently low temperatures durln trees 'V grower buys them direct from such September and early October g pgdgz , , sources. These cars sell at from These CMS have also beéu found cum`- K di Z _ $l25.00 to $250.00 each, deepen. ug OH very practical where 8. roadside short, , the general mechanical condition of market for eaches ra es mem of th ;_ ` » - the car and will be rolled to your berries cid; 8 lésgegt 'is b _HS· fruit r x nearest railroad side track for eleven maintained Sgmsgrmglers @0 Simiig moist f ' ht d ‘ · Y _ · i. gi;;;p§ra?§l;ti;;?p;g§S yar S new have built two partitions in the car or §m.“ `_ Thgfruit mwer maims m_l_aug€_ divided it into three compartments, Egg V gl ` te ith aical dealer in scrap iron one used for pr€c0°Hug’ one (the OD` Q; · iuen Sv; au Bur ms iron from the posite end) for holding, and the center ge? V I czrgaglngio buy tie iron at the me part near the doors for a sales room. $53;] vailing price. This scrap iron is cut Sgggillfiuwegs bvllghig to pty ? Hain fy·uit_ V gg _ away with an oxyacetylene torch. precooled limit G °r cm ° °r ° ties J 9E A M· n' 1 ‘t ld r xi- · mat';] ‘_,{§‘g00";;0u’f1’(f;V;; xm ;€p$g_00 Fruit growers who are interested in mfg; V f per ton, bringing a total of over $90.00 §;;“;;1;lE;;;gd§;a’;fC;°?;ri;t€8iO;g;: plant 5 - i` ~ which more than paid the cash _ _ t>,;;_:A, expense of moving the car from the cars may write to Michigan State xlsck railroad Siding to his farm College, East Lansing, Michigan, and my . ' k r ··R r · t· i, After the car trucks are removed, 2201;; Stoiggiergrglgguigrggpdogs? lime, the car is loaded onto a special wooden or Write to the; Department of Hom' 1938 .`-{ ` . h f · · ` ___·. t, wheel movmg truck’ .1 c t OSB ra culture, University of Kentucky, Lex- my l a- yi quently used for moving heavy road in ton Kenm k porn ,~ , _ machinery such as steam shovels, etc. g ' C y' In such moving equipment can be ———————— msg, _ arranged for at a fair price in several Of D, of our Kentucky cities. The car, SUMMER FIELD MEETINGS maui ff; loaded ready to move from the rail- Prm°°t°H_L€xmgt°¤ Dem road to the mm will weigh about Pr·¤<==t¤¤. July 28 Cm twelve tons and can be drawn to the A special fruit program was held in bad . orchard with a farm tractor with conection with the regular lleld day of Hem. _ rubber tires. the Western Kentucky Experiment pom { Ti l? i These cars are insulated equivalent Substation at Princeton on July 2S. had f il 4 to two inches of block cork which is Some 2000 visitors in all crowded the had “ ._ far more efficient insulation than any grounds to inspect the crops, live- Stay ; ·` . ` , of our apple farm storage houses now stock, dairy and fruit work in progress mm. ? 6 i?Y"?g·· L