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15 > Page 15 of Blue-Tail Fly, No. 10

Part of Blue-Tail Fly

SHORT TAKES by Anselm Hollo LOS SEDENTARIOS most of the time we sit down to write 'sitting down' down Mark Twain made a contraption enabled him to be funny in bed in writing Goethe and Hemingway risked varicose veins at the highdesk sitting down we get fat round the ass short poems not too frequent are the least fattening if you're sitting down while reading this now is the time to get up ELEGY VISITORS FROM TIBET A Cock Signifying Craving S Greed A Snake Signifying Wrath 6 Passion A Pig Signifying Ignorance S Delusion they just decided to drop in but i tell them all GETTAHELLOUTTAHERE'. The Western Way the laundry-basket lid is still there though badly chewed up by the cat but time has devoured the cat entirely THE RESEMBLANCE hey did you see the man who looked like a camel we saw in the zoo who looked just like a man we saw in the street who looked at you just like a camel? it is a poem but is it the trewf? says the daughter it is (he said somewhere inside) that so many things tho not here are true Battersea Power Station for instance and you the proof the trewf? in the thinking, the loving fire and heat and smoke and the light at the ends of the grid our fingertips touching lit up those days right now it is raining in Iowa City but it ain't rainin in my heart nor on my head because my head it wears a big floppy heart ha-ha it wears a big floppy heart ANSELM HOLLO is Finnish, but had lived for ten years in England when he bought a house on the Isle of Wight, which feat accomplished - he moved to Iowa City where he has been teaching, writing, translating, listening to the Incredible String Band for the past few years. Cape/Goliard has just published a large selection, MAYA. vpsTair5QTg40e,hiqh Bo W "Things JEAN SALE (all sizes 27-35) 2 pr. /$9. 00 GSHETr WKK^BEUD Oil SHORT wigs to cover LONG hair *LONG wigs to cover SHORT hair NEW SHAG CUT from LONDON Jerry D. Spry (Certified Advanced Men's Hair Stylist and a Barber even Freaks can Trust) 203 S. Lime ph. 255-1124 blue-tail fly/15