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Miscellaneous [not strike-related]

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

Professor R. E. Shaver appointed to the position of Dean of the College of Engineering to succeed Dean D. V, Terrill who went ;3 on change~of-work status. Once more, Dean Terrill is still working daily for the University and certainly has not resigned _,or left the insti utio C2*f* 74; Dpeda,4 ' y taq' The fourth item which should be mentioned is the statement which suggests that the University Medical School is a piece of work of Governor Chandler only. Obviously, the Legislative Research Commission report during another administration indicates the need for a medical school at the University and the project had been under consideration for years. The Board of Trustees actually established the Medical School as a part of the University prior to any action of the Governor. The Kammerer case really needs no further comment since it has been "kicked around" sufficiently. The tendency of the CourierJournal to continue to report on this C&SB with such sideremarks as "When thatlifsdition has broken in the case of Dr. Kammerer, political implications wergi- corrently_g; pgt- imte the matter: "(italics are mine) is just another indication of their biased and prejudiced type of journalism. The third paragraph of Mr, Creason's article: needs some attentiui also. He says: "Moreover, it is doubtful if so much criticism stirred up by actirzs instituted by the Governor of the State ever before rubbed off on a University of Kentucky president." As I have attempted to point out, the actions attributed to the Governor are not necessarily ones which have been instituted by him, It is true that he has given his support to many of the phases of the Uniersity program, for which we are grateful, but the actinns are attributed to the Governor only by the CourierJournal and the "rubbing off" has been something which has been crested soeely by these papers. I certanly did not intend to write so lengthily about these matters, but once involved, it seems desirable to present tkxxfxttxximtmx as full a story as possible. Once more, I say that I am perplexed about the steps which should be taken. On several occasions in the past Dr. Donovan has discussed such matters with Mr. Bingham and others, and the obviois results have been more concerted efforts to "get" the University. I do not wish to ask you and your paper to shoulder our burdens for us. You have always been our staunchest supporters. It seems to me that you have stood for the kind of journalism for in which haxx America believes. Somehow, I hope that the reading ublic may have the opportunity to know the complete facts, rather than the prejudices and half- truths. Of course, this position of the CouriegJournal and Timeg_sh0uld come as no surprise,for Mr. Bingham himself writing in the Editorial Notebook a few _ wes ago stated that their editorial policies were based on ppinion rather than fact. However, it would seem desirable for them to at least get real facts on V which to base their opinions.