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December 13, 1931-June 12, 1932; undated

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

Answer Operators Attack Spreading The Strike I The bosses are alarmed at the rapid spread of the strike throughout the Ken- .l tucky and Tennesste fields. All their efforts to prevent the strike before it started t 3 failed, all their attempts to break it have failed. The lies of the press can no longer , cover up our big movement; the editors who are owned by the coal operators could , { not demoralize our ranks by lies that the strike was not strong. The Kettle Island ` T injunction, instead of stopping the strike movement, was mtt by mass defiance, The i dirty treachery of those arch-betrayers, the oiiicials of the United Mine Workers of Q America, failed to disorganize our ranks. l Because all their plans have failed the operators are desperate. So they order their thugs to raid the National Miners Union headquarters at Pineville and jail all the leaders they can find, and charge them with criminal syndicalism. j i Try to Shut Off Relief. , In the Monday raid at Pineville thc thugs even arrested the relief heads. They l Y hope to starve the miners. But mass pressure of workers forced the release of thc 1 funds and relief work goes on. The thugs also put in jail working class newspaper l writers because they hope to ketp the facts of our strike from the other workers of the country. i _ Organize Mass Picket Lines in Front of Every l i Mine. H g This strike, under the leadership of the National Miners Union cannot and l `. must not be crushed by arrests and terror. It is being carried on by the Rank and File l Strike Committee. It is being spread by Committtes of Action. Mass picketing in i front of EVERY mine must be our reply_to these raids and arrests. l i Smash B0sses Scab Rule! l 1 i i Miners of Kentucky and Tennessee! Answer this latest attack by a smashing l drive to make the strike 100 per cent. Stop, once and for all, this starvation and ' i terror. Spread the strike to evtry mine. Defy the terror! Defy the injunctions! ` i . i The working class of the United States is watching ou1 tight against terror and I hunger: they are supporting this strike. Other miners in the South are preparing to i iight side by side with you. No scabs will be permitted to come from other mining t- _ sections. With one mighty, united blow we can smash tht terror and compel the bosses { t to pay decent wages, and grant us decent conditions. _A Every miner, white or black, every woman and child, must line up and make 4 this strike 100 per cent. The bosses thugs have started general arrests bmcause they know our strike is I victorious. It is not a sign of their strength, it is a sign that they are weak and * i desperate. I l l , Demand the immediate release of the arrested union leaders. relief workers and I < newspaper people! l i i Resist the terror! l I, By united action we can win! > ' i ' 4 NATIONAL MINERS UNION. Z_ ( 1 5 ` . i i