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February 1932; undated

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

EXy0SB th Lies if cul" EIllHiS B 'ld th NMU " ul C Last week there appeared the most vicious of the op- Association, who are nothing but agents of the operate erators lying attacks on our union and the strike. These who are doing their level best to break the strike. attacks are featured in the nather pitiful and very stupid The NMU does not hide the fact that it fights . leaflet entitled "Miners Expose Reds" distributed through- complete equality for Negroes. On the contrary it prou out the strike area last week. In this circular the united proclaims this point in its program. The NMU knows, front of all enemies of the miners is completed. every thinking miner knows, that countless strikes in 1 5T()()}__ PIGEQNS, UMWA AND GUN THUGS past have been broken by the ability of the operators The leaflet was written by three stool pigeons within Split 'h 1"&kS of lh W0FklS amd Play White 3g&lHSC I our own ranks, Harvey Collett, Finley Donaldson and 2-1`0 and Negro 8g3iHSG White. When White miners stri. Willard Rose, with the help of Judge Van Bebber and Ng1"0_S&bS GTG brought in to break the strike. VVhen T County Prosecutor "Spider" Smith. It was printed with gl'0 m1"S Strike, White miHe1S are iheiied against till money supplied by the Bell County coal operators. At the bb' tht! 0D1`3t01S 3Hd 3FG b1OUgl1 in to break their stril demonstration in Pineville, Feb. 10th, it was distributed The NMU kY10WS that F10 `~V0YkiHgl3$S SC1L1gZle C at the Court House steps by Turnblazer, district president be WON W1th0t th f11mSt S01id31i'Y of White and Neg of the United Mine VVorkers of America. Turnblazer was It 1&1iZ that White W01'k1S CHD HVe1 be free as long protected from the angry miners while he distributed the W01k1"S m 3 black skin 916 in chains. For this reason t leaflets by the deputized gun thugs of Sheriff Broughton, NMU GEMS U3SiT18]Y the battle of the T0Sf eXDl0it part of the same murderous crew who killed our leader, Section of UN? W01kig 012155, the Negro W01`k1`S. For Ti Hm-;-y SjmmS_ reason it calls on all miners, white and Negro, native a The lineup of the enemies of the miners is now com- f01`ig born to unite ifi USh3k<=Hble S0lid31ify fO1` t plete Stool pigeons write the leaflet. The coal operators fight against SlQ31V3ti0H WZEQS and slave conditions in T print it. Turnblazer of the UMVVA distributes it, while mm$~ gun thugs protect the distribution. IS THE NMU "AGAINS'l` THE GOVERNMENT?"` WHO ARE THE MEN THAT WROTE THIS LEAFLET? The NMU is a trade union engaged in the strugg Finley Donaldson is a striker from Straight Creek for better conditions for all miners. VVhenever the works who had been sent North to help collect relief. He came strike against starvation and slave conditions, as in t back Monday, Feb. 8th. His first act was to go to the present strike, the full forces of the National, State, Cox: relief warehouse in Pineville to get food and clothing. ty and City governments always come into the struggle From there he went to the office of "Spider" Smith, where the side of the operators. In this strike the government lx he had a long talk with the Prosecutor who is sending been the chief strikebreaking agency of the operato our Comrades to prison and the Judge who is helping him. Federal courts issue injunctions forbidding all strike act; What did they promise you, Finley Donaldson, to make ity. The National Guard is Called. out ti?-STilii'iie fljnei you rat on your fellow strikers? __ of our murdered leader, Harr * Simms. Gun thugs, VVillard Rose was also a Straight Creek striker sent tized by the county sheriffs, piitrol the roads beatinieid North to collect aid. He refused to speak at meetings in kidnapping and murdering active strikers. The coun the North to raise aid for his starving fellow-strikers in courts are railroading scores of our fellow-strikers to ii Kentucky, so he was sent home. What did the coal opera- terms 3S high 3S 20 years. This is what the Government tors pay you, Willard Rose, for your lies against the union? doing in our Strike. Harvey Collett also signed the leaflet. Collett is a The NMU states openly that it is awainst this k-ia bootlegger who managed to worm his way into the confi of Government-a Government owned bgd and soulllcv dence of the strike leaders in order to betray them. Thru our class enemies! The NMU will continue Sto resist witl some m1stal