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"Why Blood Flows in Harlan," The Literary Digest, December 5, 1931

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

DECEMBER 5, l93l THE LITERARY DIGEST 7 I ' l ' , _ , II i I,II I, {II I I I T_I , I } *=1 V, ; 9 $ { " ' gi gi , _ __ EEE' T . s T T r i *T v 1 *1 * . .. I I IT I ,II I ,2, ? ._ JK II I - I i_ I ir , _ IT"? :II , ai Wig 2 I T 3 I II I' I i i _ I I ; Ti Q Fi"}? l of 1 . I ` IY; I I, T Vt } - L '' i 2 4. eil . I T , Y I fe ` I `EE ` e T Y I VTVE *1 ` a; " ;,, . ` if T H II 'I ,;i1;'Z> * .,,' _ j ```' I T , ; ; , - . l t . l The Mayor The Meiher The Pheeher S l _ Ii "Absolute confidence" in Mooneys innocence induced him to jump into the fight, declared Mayor Walker. "He has been a good I ` son to me," said Mrs. Mary Mooney, eighty, pleading with the Mayor to help get him out. "You alone can take me out of these ( i prison wa|ls," declared Tom Mooney in his plea to Mr. Walker to come to California and urge Governor Rolph to grant a pardon, e Principals in Mayor Walker's Dramatic Battle Ito Have Tom Mooney Freed LG it ` 1, T , d Walker s Battle for Mooney i- Q IG HEY BEGAN SAYING IT WITH BRICKS, as Well Governors of the State of California have been confronted with I y F as with Owg]5I as 500;; as "Jimn]}" Walker, New Ygrklg tho IIIELSSBS of data., and b8BI1 llfgd to 1l63,S8 thi-} HIGH. Fund T [B i slim, trim, and jaunty l\1ayor, announced that he was after food E; Cjrrii <>i1tii11]11==ij1>=<> etorreffed Elirgerce tif - _. . t C ii . t i df T M IYI perjury in e ria 0 e wo as een pa ien y assem e am , , if ,l g}f1Oliti(I;Ii,"* P ee 1 ' *> at ieegih, firmly eetehheheriv iT 1 * Y H . . . . . . I L I_Ho ought to ere"} home to plead f<>r111S]- BUT Mooney 1S still in jail, explains the Camden Courier-Posl, T o . iiM&Y01 Walkof 15 3Il1o1md fvr Pul)ho1@Y "because by the laws of California, higher courts can not hear I I e Let him clean up his own back yard." BBW evidgncc im 3IppaIiI i Id F Such harsh statements pursued Mr. Walker all the way to the In Caiiforniih as Weil as Outside hiavoi. W-aikei, is both praised J 1- _ Pacific coast, and continued after his arrival. and dBiiOimCd_ I , S I But the other Side is equally VoorreroS Hearty Prerse is Calling him "a hound for publicity," the Sacramento Bee says or T ladled out by labor leaders, clergymen, liberals, and a large sec- that if Sam Fmuciscovs hiayor Mwem to go back to NEW York to I? I , tron of the presS Souroes llfhroh never had rr gooo Word for tell Governor Roosevelt what to do about the Tammany grafters i Mayor Walker before are ouick to laud him for goingito the Judge Seaburyis imcOVEi.iDgI tim impmprigty would be gi_at,T_ { or i coast to plead with h1s friend, Governor Rolph of California, U I I I ` id in behalf of "Americas most famous prisoncr," Tom Mooney. i\IaI_Ol;r Vr;i2l_};GCIg?n?o&;grC};i?E) glreai ejeiihii rroproprrgoi if or Thin and old and gray now, Mooney has been in San Quentin Whit to do about Moougy and Biigggzaj, I0 Im minor O P I ro ' prison for fifteen years, serving a life term for murder in the _, bombing of the San Francisco preparedness parade, a crime of "The engagement of Mayor VValker," agrees the San Fran- i lS . which he was convicted, it is charged, on perjured testimony. cisco Chronicle, "is too plainly for the purpose of a hippodrome." i is II "You alone can take me out of these prison walls," But another California paper, the San Francisco News, declar- 1 in Mooney wired Mayor Walker, begging him to come to plead ing that Mooneys conviction"was obtained wholly on perjured oo his case, and the l\iayor said that "my absolute and complete testimony," welcomes l\[ayor Walker " just as we should welcome ig I . confidence in Mooneys innocence urges me to answer his call." anything that centers public attention on these cases." oil? I But the message which may have had even greater weight with In his own city, The Evening Post declares that "hIayor Vlralker I ig the Mayor, for his eyes filled with tears when he read it, we are ought to stay here to plead for himself," and it calls his trip ] _ told, was the one he received from Mooney's mother: "essentially the most impudent of all the iinpudent ideas that _ 111 Ti " Dear Mayor Walker: I am eighty years old; afraid am break- Oui pre luayor iles oouceu Pdf, _ Ii I l ing down at last. They want to take me to a hospital tomorrow. But most PooPlo thinks tho Brooklyn Dmly Eoflloi Will i iy In the name of God and His blessed mother, wont you come out to give tille l\rIayor full credit for making a most dramatic humani- DH Q help my boy? It is my last chance to put my arms around him mrimi ggsmrgy ` JI ,,, i lim? I meet my Gai. HG has bm it gm Sw to me- if ., While the New York Hema Tribune eeeeieee it e sed 1 i no this for Tom, you will have my prayers as long as you live. _ _ _ , mentary on American justice that the freedom of any one should es, i i S ti G Lia _0 Want hinge on a stunt," the Asbury Park Press asserts that , O II _ II II _ , I _ _ "so irregular were the proceedings that convicted l\Iooney that re I I AS IL pmvam Cmzam a r"Ye Servmg IXIIIDIIOIIII f he Set out even m vaudeville show is `ustified in attem Jtinc to undo them " 4 he to try where many others have failed. For a world-wide effort to S Igkegmmi for in ie Iilmilb Of a gr" is lh; Bammor iui i F , . . . . . T T I F - ' 1: or i free l\/Iooney and Warren lx. Billings, convicted with him, has P o P p I or come into being, as we are reminded by the Baltimore S nn in nit may he ii pihcg Of iiciiiig Oii his pmt Oi. ii dodgii out Oi his `g Sl<@tGl1l11g tho l11S'001` of tl11S Gilso- But1\iay0rWa1ker 0011fl11d own difficulties. It may be an arrogant intrusion to California _ re' i his efforts to Mooney, since Billings is ineligible for pardon, WGS- But it M50 1112%}* IHWG $01110 iYo0@*110 0ll11` MRYOF of ir le- z We read, hccmisg of zi pmvioiis cOnviCiIiOii_ Says The Sim: great city has bluntly said l\*Iooney and Billings ought to be free,. i Ed l and that ho will do what he can to help thcm. And 1f it IS ot _ St_ "Arduous labors have been performed by able and devoted some avail, it will bo a useful act as well as flashy acting. Late il I people. Plea after plea has been made and rejected. Throo tho ho may be, and whatever his motives, we wish him luck." 1 _ i l T; ] I ~~~;;--T eeh T ~-i~-egg---~:-~e;;;;;;;.:,. ; ~: ~ ~ r-- ~ T ; .. . . . "J I