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December 1931

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

Vx?. ST . O.. at STATE OF c>Kn.AHOMA EXECUTIVE CHAMBER 0Kn.Ae0MA CITY WM.H.MURRAY GOVERNOR December 1, 1951 Committee for the Protection of Defenseless Children, Pineville, liy. Gentlemen: It would be wholly out of place and i eproper for me ,as Governor of the state of Oklahoma on the solicitation of people in I10U1I Sl?f1l$6, tv go intermeddlimgjg with the affairs of still another state, for the same does not corcorn me, hut must needs concern the people of the state of New York. UHdl ei juST SGHSG of p!.'oprietj,*, it is not a matter lll which I should become concerned. Lloreover, if the people of New York are not strong; enough to uphold wholesome ggoverwment, outsiders cannot aid them, because their efforts would prove futile in the end. For these reasons, 1 shall have to say "No" to your ro quest. With salutations and best reqards, Yours sinceicly, , l / 4 _/ fc ,' {IQ? /` ~ _ Tr " W., { .- `r, > lim! I\AmT3:']r xr rr ,7 5 __\ Governor. / ( T!lEB.Z-AEK