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December 1931

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

Harlan, Ky Dec 7th l9?l Dear Mr. Evans: I am very sorry that I happened to be out when you called at the office last Saturday as I should have liked to hare talked to you about a mass meeting the National Miners Union propose to hold at the K P hall in Pineville on next Sunday. I understand that a gentleman by . the nmne of D. Lewis controls this hall and if he knew the character of meeting to be held by these Ccmmunists he would decline to let them use it. I think he has been assured that the Organization that is to use it is a lawful organization" and an American Institution but we all know that the National Miners Union is Communist thru and thru and is simply using the nano of the National Miners Union as a guise to fool the people, and especially thc laboring men. I am enclosing you herewith a circular calling the meeting, and these infernal thizgs have been scattered all over Harlan County, and I imagine Bell County als. Had it not been for the Dreiser gang, followed by the commission sent in hy Gov Sampson, we feel sure thnt all this agitation would have been about over but it now looks as if it may break out afresh and maybe cause further trouble. There is a women in Pineville by the name of Dora Green, sometimes uses the name of "Julia" who is a representative of the International Labor l Defense and who I understand stays much of the time at the C0mmercial Hotel there. Also, within the last ten days, a new Organizer hs been sent into the field, by the name of "Comrade Boris" from Pittsburgh. He undertood to hold a meeting at Wallins last Wednesday but withmxt success. . It would be a fine thing, in my opinion, for all concerned, if Lr Lewis could be persuaded to refuse them the K ? hall for the meeting Sunday. I an advised that die owner of the Theatre there did refuse them and if they could not secure the K P hall, probably they could not find another suitable place which would confuse then. I an working on the proposition of getting the photographs for you and I have the assurance of getting them from three or four different places. However, itwill be three or four days yet as some of then will have to come from Pittsburgh. Anydiing that you and the rest of our Pineville fndends can do to help defeant this Pittsburgh and New York gang will certainly be appreciated. ;;;Q #<7&7z;2;/;g?7?;?/y