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December 1931

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

Dec 18 1951 H J E There does not seem to be any doubt new but what the REDS intend to establish I headquarters in Pineville to conduct their strike operations. I want to y give you some very confidential information which I have received and will have to be handled very carefully so that it will not be used in a way to . create suspicion on their part, thereby causing them to dbubt those who are attending their secret meetings. Twenty two men xtzknndingattended a meeting - at the Pineville Hotel, room 210, either Wednesday or Thursday night, and met I with a Communist who simply introduced himself as "J0e" and he in turn introduced I a woman there as "Ann" both of whom it seems will be stationed in Pineville ; to conduct the operations. The men were instructed how to organize the various mines and to get women and children lined up to take their places on the picket lines, etc. etc. * They are to have another meeting on next Tuesday in Pineville at 5 P M I I just want to give you the benefit of our costly experience, and say that I the best way to prevent a very unpleasant situation down there, for you all, I is in the very beginning to run these Reds out ard make it so uncomfortable I for them that they will be afraid to stay. We have no fear of their coming 2 into Harlan County nor do we believe they will undertake to operate out of Middlesbcro ani if the Bell County Officials will only take the bit in their I teeth at the very beginning it will probably save mary a heart break. I You can't "pussy foot" with this bunch, H J, and nothing but drastic measures I will convince them that you mean business. You know your situation there j 1 better than I do, whether the officils have got the guts to tell them to get and get quick and stay "get", or not. You are the only one that I can think of I I at the present time that I feel like taking into confidence but ycu know whom , V you can trust to handle this matter and the quicker it is handled, and in a ` hard boiled way, the better it will be for you all. I I p We do not fear the result of their strike call but as long as they are allowed I ; to remain in the immediate territory of Bell and Harlan just so long will kn I we be confronted with this oommunistice menace. I I Hope you can have them "out of the trenches before Xmas Yours I srv V I i I I I I I . y I I :/j* ` _