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December 1931

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

December 21,1931. The Saturday Evening Post, Philadelphia, Pa., s Gentlemen: I am sending you herewith an article on the coal troubles in Harlan County, Kentucky. I have been a resident of this section for eight years or more and am familiar with the underlying causes of the present trouble. There has been so much that is utterly false sent out on this matter that I do hope that you will find the enclosed article acceptable. we who are resi- dents of this section feel that we have not been given a "fair deal" in the matter of publicity and that only one side- the worst- has been told. In the accompanying article I have endeavored to steer a middle course and the facts are true. I also have given the two extremes. I am enclosing photographs of some of the mine properties. I could obtain others if they are desired. Practically every photograph seen in thg daily press following the Dreiser visit was of abandoned mining camps. We feel that in fairness to the good people of the mountains of eoutheastern Kentucky that both sides should be told. _ I am submitting the enclosed at your usual rates, if it is acceptable. In the event you do take it you are at liberty to change any part, re-write or delete. If not acceptable will you please be good enough to return same promptly? ` Yours truly, ' Herndon J. Evans l Editor, The Pineville Sun.