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Scrapbook pages: Handwritten notes and speeches, p. 69-77

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

ne mountains and visitors from far and near gather here to honor the blossoms; The purple blossoms, high on the mountain sides, have just gone. The pink Q and white laurel makes one think of wandering through rows of peach trees Z, in the springtime. Ferns)and here and there dozens of varieties of spring E flowers make beautiful this roadway. The waklile blosscn of the wild mag- nolia makes the traveler pause for a closer view. A I Far below us is Cumberland River, now but. a tiny ribbon! winding in - and out between rugged cliffs. Its broad expanse now has been squeezed into } a stream that cant be more than ten feet across, but from our elevation we know that it must still be at least a hundred feet wide at this narrowest p p point. Mosscovered rocks soften the hillsides. High up on the mountain side 2 in a little clearing we see a farmhouse. It is made of logs and before the i open door sits the $%iHe is preparing to put in a crop; already he has i cut down trees from the little swag begow his house and with the yeeld of . L corn promised by the County Farm Agent if he follows instructions, he will I i have plenty this winter. He hasn't been used to much; he, and his father teaser him lived on the same place and they "allus managed ter make out". d A I We leave the river and wind slowly to the top of the mountain. In the distance we see the smoke of Harlan Town, so designated to distinguish it _ from the county of the same name. It is a city of more than.000 souls, despite what may have been said to the contrary. Its streets/;;; akixapaved; it has hundreds of fine homes, fine churches and excellent schools! The i l . city schools have an enrollment of more than 2,100 boys and girls. The Bap- tist Church has a membership of about l,200; the Christian, Methodist and C Presbyterian about 500 to 400 each; other churches swell the total a few hundred. More than fifty teachers, university graduates with special training, teach there youngsters in the city schools. I I Beyond Harlan Town one sees the mines. You come to they first one before you really clear the city limits and from then onv one mining camp almost merges with anothera as you make your way up and down the "hollers" where the coal is found.