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Anti-communist materials

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

72 INVESTIGATION OF COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA INVESTIGATION OF OOMMUNIST PROPAGANDA 73 mZig facts in m0di` history is that dm SOVM? Governments neither umderrate the progress made or exaggerate the dissatisfaction working with these diVlS }H111S, has b11 @916 to develop I'*1$O of the Russian people. These activities constitute a challenge to our able stability and to maintain it for 13 years. _ capitalisizic system which in the evolution of industry and commerce In considering what has been accomplished in Russia we mus}; bear supplanted the reactionary Feudal system, and stands to-day su- in mind that since l9l7, WMD K<>1`I1SkY Giim into P0WI RUSSH} has prcme among the nations of the world. Now, ex new force has been _ had 4 years of foreign and civil strife, 6 years of internal political let loose in world economics that must at least be studied. The _ coniiict, and but 3 years of peace within which to carry forward the contest is one between " individual " and " collective " control of the 4 policies of Stalin, call them constructive or destructive qs we w1l1. iI1St}].`Ll1l1HtB,1itiBS of production and distribution. Q Russia is 150-day the scene 0f ZL social and economic expe11{nc11t that There are HO miracles in the domain of economics. Economic L in aim and scope and method is without parallel in all history, an laws and truths will ultimately prevail. If collective control and experiment that seeks the destruction 0f all those things which con- integrated planning can produce more efficiently and economically stitute the very foundations of our western civilization. _An honest than under the individualistic system of capitalism, then the out- ` attempt at am true understanding and evaluation of what 1g going cm coma of this struggle may change the status quo of the world. The A i in Russia to-day is perhaps essential to 21. proper COHCpf10D of U18 diulectics of history, however, do not warrant the assumption that ideology, the psychology, the aims, and the methods of fhB C0}H1T1i1- ` this experiment, in all the fullness of its conception, can ever be i nist here in the United States; for communism V1`yWh9I` 1S @116 - ' successful, or that the iron hand of despotism can ever bring to ac- Q same. complishmcnt its more benevolent plans for human betterment. Z SOVIET RUSSLA Meantime much that we hold dear and sacred is under attack, and _ it is difficult to view affairs in Russia with reasonable detachment. The burning center Of the C01T1mUHiSi3 idea is UN? \b01it10!'1 of Q This is zz time, however, not for hysteria, but for constructive think- 1 p1iVtB P1'0P1"5, '1h<> socialization of UW }?$ of PI'9dUU0 and ing and wise action. Edmund Burke in his speech on reconciliation i the COHSBCIUEIW intgi`ti0H and SYMQG Plumunf Of HH mdSFI- T0 with the American Colonies once said: "I do not know the method @116 0mmUi$t, capital $t md$ f01 flu i1Sf01` P0V1`t5> C%`im wd of drawing up an indictment against a whole people? The Slavic ` Wai`? ff)? th dbauchin-U P1VFti and Wi'ki of mimkmd- His family is one 0f the largest, most interesting, and attractive of the ; m0tt0 is, P10dU0i?i0 f01` USB and Um? {OY Di`0Ht and c<>um1U<> racial groups. Its contribution to the cultural riches of our human A is condemned {LS HHHCSS2I1`y. TIIC Soviet State PI`OPOSS to dHCLi' h_1j_tag has been Vgyy gIat_ _A_Ctj_VG of imagination, idealistsj Paci_ I the youth, send him to the university, provide Lim Wiigh WOIk and 2111 fists, anarchists, nihilists, and Bolshcviki, readily martyrs to a- m01&] ~ 0p]_)01`1Ql`lI1ity fOI` i1dV{111C1'I1I1t, 21Ild p1`OtCil 111111 21g2).1HSt U11I`H]_)10y- OI- Sggjgd theory, QIQ;]_ti]']`g` Dgyv WO1](]g Of mugicj aff,) and Sgcigty, IOV- A mT1t> aC0idHt $ik$S> and Old ag- In SQX m&tJQ1`$ fI`dOm of img grand expe1i1nc11ts: and surrendering everything to their personal judgment and pG1SOHil} ISp011Sibi}ify f01 $09181 COHSQQUQYICQS chcu1nsthe communist experiment in Russia is 21 characteristic have supplanted the former tenets 0f morality. \Vh1le perhaps there Slav phenomenon. ig no conscious effort to. annihilate the family in Soviet RUSSM, yet The great mags of the Russian people are kindly, generous, earnest, th taking 0VI' of th Children by th Smt thii` COHSWYUJ $'1b]9UO h{ZLI`d\VO1`kiI1g people, anxious to live at peace with their neighbors to communistic influences and teachings, the abolition of private and to jnqpygvg thgjp Own ljvjng Conditions, They have gd right to PF0Pi`t} and @116 Fight of ihi`itmC dm Qconomic h}d12Hd Of their own thinking, their own viewpoint, their own adventure, women, the laxity in divorce laws, and the new morality ug SCX mat- Theirs, not ours, is the task of working out the evolution of their tIS, all tI1d tOWHTd what the CO1TlH1HI1iSt would ChHI`ElCtCI`].Z SIS 1-VO1utiOH_ If, however, thgiy lgolghgviki leaders are Seeking de, " liquidation of the fillllily and close family 1}1UOHS- viously to infiltrate our free Government with their dangerous p10p As the communist huS derived his ideas and methods {POM 11011- agzmda and by subversive teachings to destroy 0ur faith and insti- Christian and n0mG}igi0HS SOHPCGS, h6 believes 1Hgi0H to be imiii- Lutionsg if their economic activities and invasions are but a part; of social and inimical to the 1V0lUfi0H- The Gfk O1th0d0X Chllfch their ]_)1'O10t2L1`iB.I1 campaign against world capitalism, then it is our _ was an integral part of the 0ld government which he hated. COR- duty to determine the extent of any such efforts and to guard against sequently every real communist is am atheist, and religion also is " them, As gl Nation we have no right to interfere with the internal being "1iquidated." T0 the communist, religion is n0i3 Imtural and policies of another nation. Neither has any other nation the right; inborn but the result of early training and teachings. He believes to interfere with 0u1s. that Russian children deprived of this early training will grow up to be n0me1igi0us, and he is proceeding along this line. As a sub- " INTERNATIONAL CHARACTER OF COMMUNTSM stitute for a spiritual religion he 0iers EL socalled intellectual one ( 1. . . 1 . tl . f L . th made up of science, art, morality, and social service. In the Soviet Them \Yj1S_mit.mg Pr`3n{? In ,1};* Ef2{?mSm foth Egan? mt. er State every one is to be an social worker. Every activity is considered Wa? It HHN?} SH .m Its *1YP ma .1011* lg .1S m?S 9 B YS . SGC mn - of the constitution 0f tm Union of SOVIGE Socialist Republics pro- w1th reference to 1tS harmony with the SOC13,1 thematic. d. .d th 1 f tl _1 d . t t . on The tremendous and revolutionary social, economic, and political ~ Weds to Wal? B pwp ES O 18 Wm m O WO Gconomlc '10uPS activities of the Soviet Government deserve the most serious atten- In these WOT S' tion of our statesmen, economists, and indusbrialists. XVQ Should Since the formation of the Sovigt Republics the States qf the world have divided into two campsthat; of capitalism and that of sociahsm.