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Anti-communist materials

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

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’? : : ‘ )~ V V V —~ **7** 84 INVESTIGATION OF CONHVI-UN`IST PR»OPAGANDA INVESTIGATION OF OOIVIMUNIST PROPAGANDA ixboligogxt of gltgvicticgrislfora¤0§1]§M15’¤;1€ut of rents by ¤11€¤¤Dl0Y€d- 4 The Organization through which the communists carry On this mmeieaoi onoa var cy aws. · . ·· , · · Full union rates of wages 0113111 public works, with the right t0 0l`g$111iZ€ and Wolik ls a' Subsldmry and auxlhmly OI ganlzatlon known as the Intel" Smk€_ national Labor Defense, a section of the International Red Aid 0f Down with the imperialist oppression of the United States in the Philippines, Moscowv. Following 1S a statement of the aims Of the International Haiti, and all oppressed colonial and semicolonial countries. Labm- Defense as taken from its Congtitution: COMMUNIST SUBSIDIARIES · )1 :é£TlLs6——Zg1<~: intemiationlal Iiabgr Defense is zi tioad liioxipagty [ · .· V · » - n e cass s rug; e w nc aims to uzfem u wor ers w 0 __ _- · _ - - are being persecuted by the capitalist government and various other agencies Not all {eds Carry a_I“€‘“b$“Sh*P can d In tha Communlst Party of the €mD1OYiI1g class, for their participation in the class sL1·u,a·;::1e by rendep LOUS H20 it W&S said IH SOVIBJG Russia that C0m_mUm$m would be ing legal aid, moral and financial support to these workers and Liieiridependents, builded with noncommumst hands. In addition to the party itself, by Wide publicity, organizing mass demonstrations or support and protest, both coininpnists have created a great number of subsidiary and auxiliary h°’I'€ and ab*'0&d· o1*gan1zat10ns, through which they endeavor to penetrate into almost Membership in this body is not continvent u on membershi > in ¤ . U I every field of human iendeavor. The principal Ol‘g11I11Zj1Cl0HS of the COmml1H1Si3 Piu‘ty,_&1Hd many members are not informed as to its communism, operating m most instances under noncomrnumst names, commnnistic character. In Los Angeles alone 25 branches 0f this but organized, controlled, and oiiicered by communists, are the ( 5 organization have been identified. Bail bonds, atto1·neys’ fees, and following: “ itil H€CGSS211‘y @121] COSiS QYG 1)1`OV1Ci€d for class-war pfisoners. Some wm-keys Intemmmml Religj; of the most violent and riotous demonstrations with which the police Eteinational kalgoi- Detenseé L of the country have had to contend have arisen through the efforts -t memcan n nmperia is easue. ‘ t ' · W ` n · ~ y ‘ . ‘ . . ‘ National Council for the Protectign of F0I_€ign_B0m Wcrkcrsl ( 5 ot his oxganiaation. Among the cases nhich have toimed the bas1s American Negro Labor Congress. of their activities may be mentioned: Sacco-Vanzetm case, Mooney- ,;ut;.FaSC1sti League Og North Amgriw Billings case, Graeco-Ca1·11l0 case, Gastonia case, Passaic case, New Ann-Horthy League. _ Bedford case, Atlanta case, Anita VVhitney case, Imperial Valley United Fm·me1·s’ Educational League. Case American Society for Cultural Relations with Russia. ' . . . . . Friends of the Soviet Union In the case of tiie defendants tried for killing thelpohce chief at Labor Research Association. Gastonia, about $20,000 was furnished for the defense from the gang?-Rséy(;grEslLtg)n1on. Garland fund, yet communistic organizations throughout the United 0 · — - = #2 ., · U]]it€d com of `YVOI`kiI1g am Housewives. §§2t§i€°i;§£12fSELE1£§$12§i,€£ftdii““f" ‘§°P°?1f“”€°‘ ”b°“f $§O"’OP§* United Council of Working Glass Women. , I . l ( 0 la mn S O 16 mgm com uc mg A 9 - Workers Library Pubushers. defense of the prisoners. International Publishers. Young Communist League of America. SUBVERSIVE WORK AMONG OUR YOUTH Young Pioneers of Aineuca: A §é1;;?;i§"F?§;if;i§?t1`€ ASS°°m“°"‘ America can have no m01‘e_vici0us_0r dangerous enemy than he Bezboslmik (Russian Godless Society) who seeks to lnlplflllt _1I1 HIE ¥1’llHQiS of l1l1pI`€sS1OImbi€ youth the gggdg gnited Yginrkers gogpgratige Association (Camps Nitgodaiget), Of (212155 h€1EI`€dS, ixnfl-AI1'1€1‘1CHH1S1T1, zllld 1'€VO1Uti()I1. In the world ussmn ~ uma 1 ocie y. { 1- Ctjc _] {f- il- to A ’ _ · Y .‘ · Hungarian Sick and Death Benetit Society, g gla daba A ,§’ t _·,§wmCim bmi; menvafi iomeu. “ Wh mmds International Workers Order- oub iene y COD ac ju 1 an IHIPGI ect \\ O1 <; tic philosophies of 1. G. O. R. (Society for Colonizing Russia), the QOH1IHl1D1Si3 II12lkG httle appeal, but youth with its energy and ` Russian Reconstruction Fatnisz ‘ idealism, lacking tlie €Xp§:1‘1€HCe and ]l1dg11'1€HC t0 Weigh and dis- Prolet.111:111 ]?l.lH1ZIt1C Association of A.mer1ca. gmminate 1S often d1StI‘€SS1D¤”iy \Vi11`p€d Bild dBh1d€d iD its f0I‘matiV6 Amtow Trading Corporation ’ . . ¤ .. *’ -‘ - ‘ ‘ b * the tricker of this 1*oD·1¤anda Sonet Union Information Bureau. yems 5 . . P ~ ‘ ¤‘ ‘ ' . , _ Ukarian Women Toilers Association, ` S11bV€I`S1VQ ZICUVIUBS i‘¤H1ODg tht? yflutii of America is carried on by American, Lithuanian Workers Labor Society, _ ’ ' the communists through two OI`QQ&l11Z&1UOl1S—thG Young Pioneers of i Sl°V€}}< “ 01kf*¤‘S_S°°1€*Y· America takmv in bo ·s and girls from 8 to 15 ears of ave and the Ukauan VVOIKBIS Club. ¤ . . . __ 2: > Red P0€tS_ Young Coimnumst League, including youth {mm 10 to 23 years of » INTERNATIONAL LABOR DEFENSE 0 4 age: The boy oy girl graduates fmm the rY0ung Pioneers into the - V Young Communist League, and from the X oung Communist League • • . , ' ' , _ ` W * ODE of {SIIG pI‘1HC1p{11 II1BiLI1S of Spféildlng communist Propaganda 1HtO {3119 COH1lHUH1St? Pillty p10p€1- r1hl1§ HUB COI111T1uI11st leaves no 1S through the publicity derived from the defense of radical or so- gap OY avenue of escape from the Ccmmumst m“kS· d called c1ass—war prisoners. Human sympathy for those in distress is ex loited and throuvh literat t` d YOUNG PIONEERS p · , D . ure, mass mee 1I1g'S, an mass demon- Stzgtugls 1f;I`§€t Smgs Oft§‘0H‘;1Yfm'€ "a1S€d> much of which YS 8~PP¤i‘- In this organization, modeled after the Boy Scout movement but 6** Y EVO 8 O 0 mr dn 6 CUBE P“’P°s€S· passionately antagonistic to 1t, cliildren are assiduously taught class t L