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May 1932

Part of Herndon J. Evans Collection

I ! T THEWOMANSCLUB I32O SOUTH FOURTH STREET 1 Loumvul.KzNvucKv 2591 Fansdell Ave. May 5, 1352. Dear Mr. Svans: Mr. Meguire and I were sorry to have missed you and Mrs. Evans on Sunday morning. We usually are very lazy about that hour. The next time you are in town, give us a ring, for we would like to see both of you again. In the past week 1 have been trying to get from my ' friends and acquaintances the concensus of opinion concerning your talk. All feel that you did a great deal of good here and gave a clear, fair and comprehensive statement of the case. Most of them had read only bits here and there in the newspapers; just enough to stimulate, but in no measure to satisfy, their interest. The publicity in the Sunday Courier, of course, did much more good. `hat account was read all over Kentucky and beyond our own borders. I think the true conditions are just now coming to be known generally. Mrs. Norton said your talk has been the most valuable one given under the auspices of the Woman's Club this year, and I heartily agree with her. So often this past winter people have confused the speakers presented by the Woman*s Club with speakers presented by the Forum (of which Mr. Grover Sales is President) in our building on Sunday evenings. It is conducted and attended largely by Louisville's radical group. The Monday newspapers often leave the impression that the Woman's Club was sponsoring addresses by Forum speakers. I finished "Sinister Shadows" and found it a storehouse of valuable information, but feel Hadley's lack of skill in handling fiction does his compilation a great deal of harm. I just feel Mr. McNutt made a good many contributions to this book, although there is nothing in it to indicate that. I came very near bringing that President of HE DePauw who is mentioned in "Sinister Shadows", over to talk to us on the Disarmament Conference this winter. Somebody just tipped me off that he was very dry, so I dropped him. "Sinister Shadows" is a pretty good Whos Who. I wish to extend to you the thanks of the Woman's Club, along with my own appreciation, for your generosity in coming