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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1967-04-apr4.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, Tuesday, April 4, 1967 The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met in regular session in the Board Room of the Administration Building on the campus of the University at 1:30 p. m. , Eastern Standard Time, on Tuesday, April 4, 1967 with the following members present: Governor Edward T. Breathitt, Chairman, Dr. Ralph Angelucci, Vice Chairman, Dr. Hershell B. Murray, Secretary, Mr. William R. Black, Mrs. Rexford Blazer, Mr. Smith Broadbent, Dr. R. W. Bushart, Dr. Harry Denham, Mr. Sam Ezelle, Mr. Hudson Milner, Dr. Harry Sparks and the two non-voting faculty members, Professor Stephen Diachun and Professor Paul Oberst. Absent were Mr. Richard E. Cooper, Mr. Robert H. Hillenmeyer, and Mr. Wendell P. Butler. Dr. A. D. Albright, Executive Vice President, represent- ed President Oswald, who was on leave recuperating from surgery. The administration was represented by Dr. William R. Willard, Mr. Robert F. Kerley, Dr. Glenwood L. Creech, and Mr. Robert L. Johnson. Members of the various news media were in attendance. A. Meeting Opened The meeting opened with a prayer by Dr. Diachun. Following roll call, the Secretary reported a quorum present and the Chairman declared the meeting of- ficially open for the conduct of business at 1:35 p.m. B. Letters of Thanks Read Dr. Albright read two letters which had been received from Mrs. William F. Foster and President Oswald expressing appreciation to the Board of Trustees for flowers sent by the Board to the funerals of Mr. Foster and Mrs. Wieland Oswald. The Board acknowledged receipt of the letters and ordered them filed. C. President's Report to the Trustees Dr. Albright commented briefly on the items contained in PR 1, President's Report to the Trustees, copies of which were available for all those present. Governor Breathitt thanked Dr. Albright for his presentation and, having first de- termined that there were no additions to the report) accepted it on behalf of the Board and the report was ordered filed. D. Recommendations of the President (PR 2) Dr. Albright commented that the only item in PR 2, Recommendations of the