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8 > Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Graves County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

-5- BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL EOMAN'S CLUB (Kentucky Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, National Federation of Business and Professional Lomens Clubs), c/o Rubye Wheatley, 528 East North Street, 5 Mayfield. Founded l92l. President, Mrs. Sam Hancock, South Eighth I Street, Mayfield. Telephone 702. Secretary, Mrs. We N. Crowder, North Sixth Street, Mayfield, Telephone 671. Executive Secretary, Mrs. W, . J. Johnston, North Seventh Street, Mayfield, Telephone 544. Terms expire July, 1942. Membership: 28. Qualifications, character, business affiliations, eivi e minded. Committees: Legislation, Frances Covington; International, Mrs. Ruth Hancock; Health, Mrs. M. Albritton; Membership, Flossie Alsman, all of Mayfield. _ Purpose: "Better Business Women for a Better Business World." Normal Civic_ Activities: Cooperation with the Legion Auxiliary and Red Cross. Defense Actiyities: Engaged in Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Seas ing and Preparation of Surgical Dressings, Red Cross Assistance, Child 4 Care, Collection of Scrap Metals and_Other Metals, Entertainment, Rec- . reation. Interested in Library Service. Local Publications: None. . CAMP FIRE GIRLS OF NAYFIELD (Camp Fire Girls, Inc.), 620 East College Street, Mayfield. Founded 1926. President, Olive Hicks, 620 East College Street, t Mayfield, Telephone 59 or 554. Secretary, Mary Fitzpatrick, North Eighth _ Street, Mayfield, Telephone 626. Terms indefinite. membership; GO.; Qualifications, girls IO years of age and over, char- acter and citizenship approved. I Com ittees: Camp, R. O. Vilferd, Jr.; Extension, Mrs. R. G. Ashley; _ Finance, C. N} Lyles; Mrs. Rodgers Robertson, all of Mayfield. Purpose: Character building. Normal Civic Activities: Work with Red Cross, American Legion Auxiliary and other civic groups. V Defense Activities: Engaged in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical V Dressings, Red CrossAEsistance, Collection of Scrap Metals and Other Metals, Entertainment, Recreation. Training for First Aid. Local Publications: None.