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The Kentucky Kernel, April 19, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL UNIVERSITY ELECT MAY QUEEN Ballots lo be Cast Wednesday, April 24 LEXINGTON. VOLUME XIX KY., BY BOOK STORE Ul ljj Will Appear on U. K. Campus Early Next Week k ANNUAL IS EDITED BY JOHN W. DUNDON Will He Held Tuesday in Men's Gym NUMBER APRIL in, 1929 Who Will Be Queen of the May? KENTUCRIAN TO BE DISTRIBUTED Year-hoo- KENTUCKY OF CONVOCATION jj m mm 2(5 PHI BETA WILL OPEN MEETING HERE 4PRIL 24 Women's National Music and Jll Dramatic Fraternity venes Tuesday Con- 100 DELEGATES WILL VISIT U. K. CAMPUS Several Unique Features Are Incorporated in Official Senior Class Publication Oratorio Program Will Be Presented by Central Kentucky Choral Society Each year, a yearbook is published by the senior class of the Univern, sity. . This spring the 1929 official annual of the Unipublished by this year's seversity, nior class, has arrived from the printer, and soon will be ready for distribution. "It is unusual for an annual to be completed in such short order and, in fact, the book this year, holds the record as to early advent upon the campus'," according to John W. Dundon, Jr., editor. Jess C. Laughlln, Kentuckian business manager, stated yesterday the books would be ready for distribution some time the early part of next week. The books will be put on sale in the Campus book store, and all seniors can procure their copies by presenting University receipts for senior class dues. The chances are, according to those in authority, that the available supply of Kentuckians to undergraduates will fall far short of the demand, and the old rule of first come, first served, will apply. The Kentuckian of 1929 is edited by John W. Dundon, Jr., a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, who is a member of the Alpha Tau Jess C. LaughOmega fraternity. lln, senior In the College of Engineering, is the business manager. He is well known in the engineering college, and is a member of TrianThe Junior staff Is gle fraternity. composed of Virgil L. Couch, junior editor, Alpha Tau Omega, and J. Henry Lewis, junior business manager, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The cover of the annual is in black elephant grain leather, with an appropriate design on the front, embossed in gold, fitting in with the theme of the book. This year the Kentuckian has for its theme another period in the history oi tne state. The book opens with a repof a resentation, on the end-sheConfederate officer returning to his old southern mansion, to find it in ruins. The art theme then carries on throughout the entire reconstruction period of the south. The book is dedicated to Henry Watterson, former editor of the Courier-Journa- l, which he established shortly after the Civil War ended. There are numerous features in the book heretofore not Incorporated in any Kentuckian. There are three distinct border designs, one for the view section, another for the senior class section, and the regular design for the remainder of the book. Members of Kappa, University chapter of Phi Beta, women's na tional professional music and dra matic art fraternity, will be hostesses to the ninth annual convention of the Kentucky Federation of Music Clubs which convenes In Lexington, April 23, 24 and 25. More than 100 delegates from every section of the state will be present at the convention which will establish its headquarters at the Phoenix hotel. The Kentucky Federation oi Music Clubs was organized in 1920 and Is a member of the National Federation of Music Clubs which has as its goal, "A music club in every city, In every county, in every state in the union." On Wednesday, April 14, the delegates will visit the University campus where they will make a general tour of the buildings and grounds. Mrs. Lafferty of the University extension bureau, is preparing a bulletin containing the history of the University and a guide to assist the visitors in finding their way about the campus. Mrs. Frank L. McVey wll entertain at Maxwell Place with tea from 4 to 6 o'clock Wednesday. Members of Phi Beta will act as hostesses at this time and will assist with the music. At 6:30 o'clock the members will be served dinner at the University Commons in McVey hall. At the special request of the executives of the State Federation, Prof. Carl Lampert, head of the music department of the University, will present on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock in the Men's gymnasium, an oratorio program by the Central Kentucky Choral Society. This program, which will be made up of excerpts from various oratorios presented in the past, is arranged in order to give the delegates from over the state an opportunity to hear the largest chorus in Kentucky, which has received much acclaim in the past few years. Members of Phi Beta assisting with the entertainment of the Kentucky Federation are: Lloo Robinson, president; Margaret Treacy, Rozanna Ruttencutter, Jane Gooch, Margaret Gooch, Ruth McFarland, Edith Fuller, Dorothy Monroe, Martha Hall, Eunice Jane Denton, Mildred Little, Bonnie Dale Welch, Margaret Allen, Katherine Davis, Olivia Perkins, Anna May, Mary Browne Bradley, Evelyn Cooley, Nell Spradlin, Mary Grace Heaven-ridg- e, Beryl Hardy, Ruth Moffitt, Louisa Dudley and Mary Maxine Civil Engineers to Make Tour of South Students and Three Faculty Members Start Sunday Twenty-thre- e students and three faculty members will leave Sunday. April 21, for the annual Junior civil engineers' southern inspection tour. The faculty members making the trip are C. S. Crouse, M. B. Beebe, and L. C. Robinson. The itinerary of the trip Includes many places of Interest: Wilson dam at Muscle Shoals; Lookout Mountain, at Chattanooga; several mines and plants in the vicinity of Birmingham, where the party will spend three days, and at Copper-hil- l. Ducktown, and Knoxville, Tenn. The students will be met at BirBirmingham by the mingham alumni club of Kentucky which has features entertainment arranged and several side trips of interest for Paul Anderson the party. Dean F. will join the party Tuesday, April 23, for the alumni banquet at Birmingham. The students making the trip are J. C. Alexander, W. W. Bradley, W. J. Brummltt. L. Campbell, Don E. Couty, H. Q. Craft, W. W. Ford, T. C. Gearhart, J. M. Harris, J. K. Harrison. M. J. Hubbard, C. B. Jones, W. F. Langford, A. C. Mun-ya- n, J. W. Newman, J. W. Pennell, S. H. Perrlne, W. B. Pythian, J. A. Purnell, J. T. Sabel, I. W. Sternberg, and J. R. Stewart. Twenty-thre- Co-ed- s e Must Meet Freshman and Sophomore Women to Assist at Pat Hall Meeting Dean Blandlng announces that a meeting of all freshman women will be held in Patterson hall on Wednesday, April 24, at 4 o'clock. Sophomore women will meet at the same time and place on Thursday, April 25. All women of these two classes are required to be present at the specified time, and if unable to attend because of a class conflict must secure an excuse from the dean of women, before time for the meeting. May Queen Candidates Top row, reading from left to right: Mary Armstrong:, Delta Delta Delta; Agnes Stiman, Kappa Delta; Martha Reed, Alpha XI Delta; Sarah Warwick, Chi Omega; Bess Sanford, Zeta Tan Alpha. Bottom row: Ruth Bonnln, Alpha Gamma Delta; Elizabeth Hood, Delta Zeta; Lucy Davis, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Evelyn Ford, Alpha Gamma Delta; Mary LohIsc Robinson, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Two ballot boxes will be placed In front of the Administration building Wednesday, April Photos by Starman. 24, for Arts and Sciences, Commerce, Edacatlon, Law, and Agricultural students. A box will be placed in Mechanical hall for Engineers. ENGINEERS WILL Henry Clay High Is TRUSTEE BOARD W A. A. TO GIVE Melcher Attends Awarded Kentucky Meeting of Deans 'PLAY DAY' FOR At Washington LEAVE MONDAY School Band Trophy MEETING IS HELD Henry Clay the CR. Melcher, dean STATE COLLEGES University, "returned - of men atfrom ON ANNUAL TOUR ington won thehigh school of Lex- AT UNIVERSITY state championship Sunday Delegates From Seven Kentucky Schools Expected Tomorrow BOTH U. K. GYMS WILL BE USED FOR MEET Cage Ball, Bat Ball, Relays, and Other Games, Are Scheduled The Women's Athletic Association University is sponsoring a Play Day tomorrow in which approximately one hundred delegates from seven colleges in Kentucky are Both the expected to participate. Men's and Women's gymnasiums will be used and the programs will Inst all afternoon, climaxed at 6:30 o'clock but the fourth annual W. A. A. banquet at the Lafayette hotel. Play Day is comparatively new in the South, but colleges in the East and West, particularly California, have found it a splendid substitute that for the varsitv competition most have abandoned. ,It permits friendly intercourse witnout ine strain and intense rivalry of the varsity girl athletics. The colleges and normal schools which will be represented are Transylvania, Georgetown, University of Louisville, Kentuky Wesleyan, Kentucky Collece for Women. Eastern and Bowling Green Teachers. The general plan of the Play Day Is to play with the colleges instead of against them, and for this the nnrticinants are distributed equally into eight groups, which compete against each other in cage nau, oat ball, and relays. For novelties the individual challenge system will be of the (Continued on Page Eight) Strollers to Give "Square Crooks" to Paris Audience strollers, student dramatic organ ization, will present their spring production, "Square croons," Monday, April 22, in Paris, Ky. Members nf the liinlor chanter. Daughters of American Revolution, have arranged the Paris presentation. "Square Crooks," a three-a- ct rnmprtv. bv James P. Judce. was presented with marked success in eastern Kentucky ana in L,exinguwi All by the Stroller organization. persons who have not seen the play are urged to see it in Paris, which is only 18 miles from Lexington. The nlav will be clven in the Paris high school auditorium at 8 p. m. The Jolly Boys, an orcnesira composed of University students, will play between acts. Anna 0. Talbott, of Paris, will entertain the entire company at her home with a dinner party. KENTUCKY WINS SECOND The Wildcat nine won their second game of the season yesterday afternoon from Minnesota by a score of 5 to 1. Rhoads and Barnes formed the Kentucky battery. Washington, D. C, where he attended the eleventh annual conference of the association of deans and advisors of men held under the auspices of the George Washington University, April 11 to 13. Dean Melcher reported an interesting session with 76 colleges and universities represented. The next annual conference will be held at Fayetteville, Ark., with the University of Arkansas acting as host. Officers elected at the Washington conference were: President, J. W. Armstrong, Northwestern University; vice president, G. E. Ripley, University of Arkansas, and secretary, V. I. Moore, University of Texas. The newly appointed committee on nominations consists of Dean C. R. Melcher, University of Kentucky; Dean Thomas A.. Clark, University of Illinois, and Dean S. H. Goodnight, University of Wisconsin. in the music festival, sponsored by WilL the University last week. The rep- List of Expenditures for Past resentatives from Lexington won the Visit Industrial Plants on Year Are Presented by majority of events in the contests. Inspection Trip President McVey Second and third places were not Fifty-On- e Mechanicals DEAN ANDERSON ACCOMPANY TO PARTY Two Special Busses Chartered To Convey Group North determined due to the closeness of a number of schools. For winning the band contest Henry Clay school was presented with a handsome silver trophy valued at $150. A $500 piano was given to the winners by the Baldwin Piano Company. Lexington's most consistent winners were their singers. Besides getting first place in the class A band contest and second in orchestra, the entrants of Henry Clay won first place in the mixed chorus, first in both the boys' and girls' chorus, and third in the male quartet and mixed quartet. members of the junior class of mechanical and electrical engineers will leave Monday, April 22, on their thirty-four- th annual northern Inspection trip. Two special busses have been chartered as a means of conveyance of the party. The trip is being conducted by Dean Paul Anderson, Prof. R. D. Hawkins, Prof. E. A. Bureau and Prof. B. Barnett. CHI Leaving here Monday, the party will go to Norwood, Ohio, to inspect the Allis- - Chalmers Company, and CONVENES on Tuesday will leave for Dayton, Ohio, where it will visit the National Cash Register Company and the Dayton Rubber Company. While in President Frank L. McVey Dayton, the group will be enterAddresses Journalists at tained at lunch by the Nashional Founders' Day Banquet at Fiffty-Eight- h Annual Session Cash Register Company. Phoenix Hotel Wednesday. Wednesday morning they will visof Educational Association Is Now in Session; Dean it the Wright Aviation Field, and Sigma Delta Chi, international on their return to Dayton will inTaylor Presides. spect, the Frigidalre Corporation's professional journalistic fraternity, observed its twentieth annual Founh annual meeting The ders' Day with a banquet and ini(Continued on Page Eight) tiation in the palm room of the of the Kentucky Educational AssoLouisciation is now in session at Phoenix hotel Wednesday night. The address of welcome was given ville with many University students, faculty members and alumnus in atby Jess Laughlln, the incoming A. W. Taylor, of president of the local chapter. John tendance. Dean W. S. Dundon, the retiring president, gave the College of Education, is presiMiss Bernice Byland was elected a review of the history of Sigma dent of the association. w The seventeenth annual banquet president of the Woman's Student Delta Chi from its founding at of the University held in connection Government Association at an anin 1909. Dean Paul P. Boyd with the association yesterday even- nual election held Monday, April spoke on "Looking Backward." ing at 5:45 o'clock in the Brown 15. Miss Cora Pope was chosen Dr. Frank L. McVey, president of hotel, was attended by approximate- vice president, Miss Edith Reynolds the University, the principal speakUniversity secretary, and Miss Eunice Jane er, compared the journalist to the ly 40 members of the faculty, student body and alumnus Denton, treasurer. painter and the poet, naming three present. Music for the banquet was Miss Byland was recently elected requisites that are necessary for the University Men's vice president of the University success of any of these: Imaginafurnished by the glee club. Group singing was led Y. W. C. A. for the coming year, tion, learning and understanding. by Prof. B. P. Ramsey. John Y. She came here from Dayton, Ky Prof. Elmer Sulzer, a member of Brown, graduate of the University, and is now enrolled as a junior in Sigma Delta Chi at DePauw, spoke acted as toastmaster. the Arts and Sciences College. Miss on "Foretelling the Future." ProMembers of the faculty of the Byland is very active in all student fessor Sulzer commended the chapUniversity who are taking an active activities and is a member of the ter on its attempt to publish a hupart in the meetings and who are Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. morous magazine. appearing upon its program are: The retiring officers are Miss VirJudge Robert Bingham, editor of W. S. Taylor, Dr. Frank L. ginia Sharp, president; Miss Mary The Louisville Courier-Journ- al and Dean McVey. "Selection of College Stu- Alex O'Hara, vice president; Miss Times; John Stoll, editor and pubsecretary, and Miss Henri- lisher of The Lexington Leader, and dents;" Amry Vandenbosch, "How Byland, Can the Social Sciences be Made etta Sherwood, treasurer. Herndon Evans, editor and publishto Best Develop Character and Train er of the Pineville Sun, were to Ethel for Citizenship?" Professor have been Initiated as assolate memParker, "Progress of Child Care bers Wednesday, but were unable to Propects in Kentucky High Shools;" attend at that time. An initiation Roberts, "Vocational Prof. George will be held for them in the near Agrlulture from Viewpoint of the future. convocation of this The fourth Agriculture College;" J. W. Martin, Pledges who were initiated were: in Kentucky for semester will be held at the third John Boone, Robert Sharon, Paul "Some Problems Business Research,"' Prof. O. J. hour on Tuesday. April 23, it has Ooodloe, Clay Brock, Buell Qaskin, Stewart, "An Interesting Electronic been announced through the presi- Warren Lindsey, Samuel Allen and Reaction," and Prof. Anita Burnam, dent's office. Dr. Charles Hubbard John Cole. Victor R. Portmann Judd, psychologist, of the University acted as toastmaster. "Standards in Clothing." of Chicago, will deliver the address. He has not announced his subject. DEAN BLANDING RETURNS ENGLISH CLUB TO MEET Dr. Judd was born in British InBlandlng returned dia and came to America in 1879. Dean Sarah The English club of the UniverSunday, April 14, from New Orleans, He received his degree as Doctor wVinra shn ottonripri the Convention of Philosophy from the University sity will hold its regular of Leipzig and has a Doctor of Laws meeting next Wednesday afternoon j of the American Association of University Women. Dean Blandlng left degree from four colleges in the at 4 o'clock in room 211 in McVey hall. United States. Lexington Monday, April 8. Fifty-on- e SIGMA DELTA INITIATES EIGHT K. E. A. AT LOUISVILLE Bernice Byland Is S.G. President Dr. Judd to Address Fourth Convocation PLANS LIBRARY FOR APPROVED BY BOARD New Building to Be Located North of Chemistry and Physics Building The third quarterly meeting of the University board of trustees was held Tuesday morning at 11:30 o'clock in President McVey's office. Fifteen members of the board were present. The first move made was to examine and pass on the annual budget for the University for next year. The statement of expenditures of the University was presented by the president and faculty to the board. In the second action the board authorized the University to start the construction of the Library University officials are building. going to advertise for bids for the construction work, and they are expected to be received by the board at the next quarterly meeting. The third action was the routine appointments in which Mrs. P. KT. Holmes was appointed assistant dean of women. The library is a long deferred ambition of the University necessitated by the Increase and number of volumes In the library and the growth of the student attendance. In many older institutions there are three stages of development In li brary buildings. The first building soon becomes too small, the second (Continued on Page Eight) to Debate Try-ouBe Held Thursday In McVey Hall ts will be held next Debate try-ou- ts Thursday at 7:30 o'clock in the lecture room of McVey hall, and approximately twelve members of the squad who will serve all next year will be selected. No special prep- ration is necessary to participate In this debate which is purely extemporaneous. Indications will also be made at this time as to who will be on the Cambridge international debate to be held the first week in December. Women and freshmen are especially urged to come out for next year's team. There will be five faculty s. members to Judge the debate The contestants will be given mimeograph copies of the subjects and they will be given, time to prepare and choose their sides. PREPARE YOUR FLOATS Students in charee of the floats for the May Day parade have re quested that an iraierniues ana sororities desiring to be represented in the parade by a float, begin preparations for the floats immediately. Lewis. Phi Delta Kappa Elects New Officers O. F. Galloway Elected President of Educational Fraternity O. F. Galloway was elected president of Alpha Nu chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, national professional educational fraternity, at the annual election and initiation exercises of the group held Monday evening, April 17, in the College of Education building. The other officers elected were: H. C. Burnett, vice president; Louis Clifton, secretary; J. L. Legett, treasurer, and Prof. Dale Russell, faculty advisor. On Monday evening at 6 o'clock a dinner was given at the University Commons in honor of the new ly initiated members. A number of visitors from other chapters were present at the dinner. All retired to the Education building where the thirteen candidates were initiated. J. S. Mitchell, J. W. Camack, Lewis Clifton and H. C. Burnett, last year's officers of Phi Delta Kappa, assisted In the initiatory ceremonies. Those initiated were Grover Gregory, Hugh Calkins, H. J. Her-ve- y, Paul Gerrett, H. H. Groves, A. Larson, George Moore, A. Lawrence, H. Babb, Deloes Nooe, B. Wiley, L. Taylor and W. Shelton. Golf Team Planned Tourney to Choose U. K. 'Pasture Pool' Squad to Be Held Monday A medal play golf tournament for University men start Monday, April 22, to be played on either the Lexington Country Club or Plcadomo courses. Entries must have their names in and entrance fee of $2 each paid by Sunday, April 21, 12 o'clock midnight. Names and money will be received by "Daddy" Boles, athletic office; Kenneth Laramee, Sigma Beta Xi house, or J. H. Calloway, A. T. O. house. will