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Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

Kentucky 1988-89 uk sports information CHRIS CAMERON SID Basketball Contact JOEY HOWARD Assistant SID RENA VICINI Assistant SID JOYCE BAXTER Staff Assistant PHONE DIRECTORY SID OFFICE: (606) 257-3838 (Days) (606) 257-6474 (Nights/Weekend) (606) 257-8909 (Fax) Chris Cameron, Sports Information Director (Basketball Contact) (606) 257-3838 (Office) (606) 273-8882 (Home) Joey Howard, Assistant SID (606) 257-4792 (Office) (606) 273-2240 (Home) Rena Vicini, Assistant SID (606) 257-3838 (Office) (606) 278-7773 (Home) Joyce Baxter, Staff Assistant (606) 257-3838 (Office) (606) 734-4736 (Home) RUPP ARENA PRESS ROW: (606) 252-3602 RUPP ARENA MANAGEMENT: (606) 233-4567 IMPORTANT ATHLETICS ASSOCIATION NUMBERS BASKETBALL OFFICE: (606) 257-1916 Eddie Sutton, Head Coach James Dickey, Assistant Coach Dwane Casey, Assistant Coach Jimmy Dykes, Assistant Coach Marta McMackin, Administrative Assistant ADMINISTRATION: (606) 257-2881 Cliff Hagan, Athletics Director Barbara Isham, Executive Assistant ACADEMICS/NCAA, SEC COMPLIANCE: (606) 257-1897 Bob Bradley, Assistant Athletics Director Barbara Deniston, Director of Student Development Mike Jenkins, Academic Counselor GAIL DENT Sports Information Assistant George Barber, Kevin Dooley, Mike Haley, Brad Myers, Graduate Assistants Ann Sampson, Staff Assistant BUSINESS OFFICE: (606) 257-4911 Larry Ivy, Assistant Athletics Director J.R, Hisle, Accounting Manager Sandy Morgan, Administrative Assistant Nancy Cunnigan, Rita Griffith, Barbara Kiser, Accounting Clerks MARKETING, PROMOTIONS & FUNDRAISING: (606) 257-5611 Gene DeFilippo, Assistant Athletics Director Tamara Calton, Staff Assistant Debbie Mulligan, Graduate Assistant WOMEN'S ATHLETICS: (606) 257-8604 Kathy DeBoer, Assistant Athletics Director Toni Byrne, Staff Assistant TICKET OFFICE: (606) 257-1818 Barbara Donnelly, Ticket Manager Carolyn McDowell, Lydie Wehrle, Dei-dra Cochran, Staff Assistants STUDENT ADMISSIONS: (606) 257 1757 Rodney Stiles, Student Affairs Officer EQUIPMENT: (606) 257-1889 Bill Keightley, Equipment Manager TRAINING ROOM: (606) 257-2750 Walt McCombs, Trainer STRENGTH/CONDITIONING: (606) 257-2672 RADIO BROADCASTS Broadcasting rights to UK games are assigned exclusively to the UK Network. One reciprocal rights fee waiver is guaranteed opponent schools visiting Lexington. TELEPHONES A limited number of telephones are available in the Rupp Arena media room. Newspapers and radio stations desiring their own private lines, to be installed either on press row or in the media room, should contact General Telephone, (606) 223-9422. POSTGAME INTERVIEWS An interview room is located adjacent to the media room. Coach Eddie Sutton will be brought to the interview room following a cooling-OFF period. The visiting coach will follow, if agreeable. KENTUCKY LOCKERROOM POLICY After a 25-minute cooling-off period (during which time players will shower and dress and coach Sutton will conduct his press conference), the UK lockerroom will be open to members of the media for a 15-minute period. WEEKLY MEDIA LUNCHEON Coach Eddie Sutton will again play host to a weekly news conference/luncheon at the Wildcat Lodge. The exact schedule will be available at the sports information office. Media representatives wishing to join the conference by telephone may do so. For teleconference information, call the sports information office. PLAYER INTERVIEWS All player interviews must be arranged through the Sports Information Office. Interviews may be conducted from 2:30 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. the two days prior to each game. Practices are open to members of the media one day prior to the games only. Please arrange player interviews by 4 p.m. the day before. kentucky basketball 3