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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO ALL MAKES ALUMNI PAGE Subscribe for THE KERNEL of THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY James Park, '15 ANNOUNCEMENTS HAD POOR SEASON University of Kentucky Club of Greater Cincinnati: Luncheon at noon on first Saturday in each month at Industrial Club. Pike Madison avenue, Covington, Ky. Note Will the officers of other Alumni Clubs please send us the dates and places of their regular meetings. University of Kentucky Club of Chicago: Luncheon third Monday of each month at 12:30 p. m., in the grill room of Marshall Field's Men's Store. The Louisville Alumni Club of the University: Luncheon first Saturday in each month at the Brown Difficulty Experienced Over Eligibility of Players Continues to Be Felt Through Season to 1903. Mrs. Rodes Estill, '21 T L. Kirk, '24 Raymond SECRETARY-TREASURE- R EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. George H. Wilson, '04 Dr. E. C. Elliott, '62 Wm. H. Townsend, 12 Walter Hillenmeyer, '11 Wayland Rhodes, '15 W. C. Wilsen, '13 Secy.-Trea- S. C. TEAM OF 1902 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION TYPEWRITERS RAYMOND KIRK Published By And For University Alumni. And Help the Association PRESIDENT Edited by s. OVER Alumni Assn. 300 Special Rental Rates to Students STANDARD ATTEND TO BEGIN PLANNING FOR HOMECOMING Commencement Day will be Monday. May 28. Alumni Luncheon will follow immediately , Watch next week's Kernel for a full program. The University of Kentucky extends a most cordial invitation to all her sons and daughters ALUMNI DAY will be the best ever ! ELECTION Within the next two weeks we will send each of the paid-u- p and active members of the Alumni Association a ballot with the names of those Alumni who will have been nominated for the offices of the Association. This is customary at this time These ballots must be back in this office several each year. days before the Annual Business meeting which will be held It is necessary that these ballots during Commencement Week. are returned by the time that will be announced on them in order to make it possible for the committee to count and tabulate the For this reason a time limit votes to determine the officers. has been set and ballots coming in after that time will not be counted. The candidates are nominated according to the conand the names of the candidates are repstitution and Show resented also as the laws of the Association prescribe. your interest in your Association by casting your vote for the man whom you think will be the best for the .Association. Our Association can never function properly and be of ultimate good to our Alma Mater unless we who make up its membership are interested in its well being. by-la- DUES SOON WILL BE DUE The fiscal year of the Alumni Association of the University is from June 1 until the last day of May each year. This arrangement was made several years ago in order that dues and Kernel subscriptions would be. due after The Kernel has finished its year. Within a few weeks the year will be over and dues for next year will be due. It has been the experince of those who have been in charge of this office, since this arrangemnt came into effect, that it takes the greater part of the summer and early Now this condifall to get the membership up to its heighth. tion is one that is a source of expense to the Association. We are forced to operate on limited means, in fact finances are so that at times the purchase of enough postage to write to you A great saving would be all is a great strain on the treasury. made possible if you who now are active members would send in For your benefit your check for dues before the year is out. we are publishing at the foot of this column a blank for your Send in your check at any time and you will then convenience. be assured The Kernel each week next year and will not miss a single one of the first issues. You would save us a great deal of time and money and then you would not have us worrying you every week or so by letters asking for your dues. You know that you intend to pay your dues and that you want The Kernel. the operation of Your check at this time would be a great help-ithis office. Annual Event Held at Brown Hotel in Louisville During Meeting of Kentucky Educational Association. More than 300 graduates, former FALL OF 1902 students, faculty and friends of the The same faculty committee on athUniversity of Kentucky attended the letics was reappointedby the presisixth annual University of Kentucky dent. It selected as coach for the dinner which was given at the Brown seaspn, E. W. McLeod, of Findlay, hotel in Louisville, Thursday evening Ohio, a graduate of University of April 19. This dinner now is an anHe Michigan. had successfully nual event during the meeting of the coached the team of University of Kentucky Education Association, hotel, 12:30 p. m. Nashville the previous year. each which is held in Louisville J. L. Vogt was captain, R. T. spring. was manager. K. U. was The attendance at the dinner was pursuing the same tactics as the year the largest in the history of the din before. Young was back on the team alumbringing with him one Turner, a re Louisville ners. Active work done by thethe of Succumbs ni club of Louisville through ported clever boxer or pugilist. ficers of that organization was re State College started the season Miss Emily Ray, 24 years old, who sponsible for a part of the increase with the following team: Maddox, Mc was graduated from the University in in attendance? Mrs. Bess Hayden center: J. T. Pride, right guard; Gee, left guard; Stanton, right tackle; January, died April 2, at her home in Collins, class of 1910, is president of H. M. Spencer, left tackle; Vogt Louisville, it has been learned here. the Louisville Alumni Club and was Death was caused by pneumonip. in charge . of the sale of tickets to Campbell, right end; Wurtele-Gradleft end; Hughes, quarterback; B. N. Miss Ray, who had been teaching in Louisville alumni. An unexpected and most enjoyable Spencer, right half back; White the Louisville city schools since leavGuyn, left half back; Dyer, full back, ing the University, is survived by feature of the program was a talk Later Wills was added to the team her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G W. Ray; made by J. W. Carnahan, class of There is little doubt but he came to two brothers, J. C. Ray and G. H. 1896, of Chicago, who was present State College to play football. How Ray, both graduates of the university at the dinner. He told of the enter ever, there was never the slightest in 1925 and now students in the med- tainment that was arranged for the evidence that it was anything but ical college of the University of Lou two Kentucky high school basketball love of the game which was the im- isville, and one sister, Miss Cora Lee teams when they were taking part in pelling motive in bringing him. He Ray, who will be graduated from the the National High School Basketball Tournament. He praised both the matriculated in the Academy, and University here in June. there met the severest tests in the Funeral services for Miss Ray were teams and told those present that a way of scholarship which the princi- held April 7 with burial following in similar spirit would be of great bene fit to the University. pal of the Academy was able to bring Evergreen cemetery at Louisville. Gayle Mohney and Dr. W. D. Funk to bear upon him. He dropped out immediately after the Thanksgiving houser were the other speakers on the game. game in earnest for State College program. Gayle Mohney talked on Football and military seem also to were the young ladies, and that this the college student of 1928, while the have been the compelling motive in first team has never been surpassed subject of Dr. Funkhouser's talk was Gleaning From the Campus. Both bringing Maddox to college and keep by any since. ing him there for two years. He eft Miss Watson coached the team. Al were most interesting and highly at the end of that time to take charge together fourteen persons played on it praised by all those who attended the of the military and athletics in a in different games, but the members dinner. President McVey presided at the meetine as toastmaster. Overton southern military boys school. composing it in the great game Other players who participated dur- which K. U. was defeated, 18 to 10, Kemp, of Lexington, was present and Prof. ing the season were: Cravens, right were Alice Pence, captain; Nellie led several Kentucky songs. tackle; Combs, left tackle; Wood. Speyer, Miriam Naive, Bessie Shaw, Carl Lampert of the music departThompson and Rodes, full back; Mc- Helen Jaeger, Fannie Red. A boys' ment gave a short violin recital. He Allister and Campbell, end; Cutler team was also organized, but it ap- came in place of the Men's Glee Club and Atkins, quarterback. pears to have played only one game which was forced to remain in Lexbecause The games with the results were as that with Georgetown, in which it ington R. O. T. of a federal inspection C. unit. of the follows: was defeated. Many of the alumni who were pres-- 1 October 4 S. C. vs. Miami at Lex Spring of 1903 ington, This was a short athletic season, as ent said that the dinner this year was October 18 S. C. vs. Georgetown the students went into .military camp one of the most enjoyable events of 28 to 0. at Lexington, at Ashland, in Boyd county, on May its kind ever to be given at the meeting of the K. E. A. With this feeling October 25 S. C. vs. University of 20. Nashville, at Nashville, 0 to 11. Early in the season the basketball among alumni who are teachers, the October 27 S. C. vs. Mooney team had excellent daily practice dinner next year will be an even School at Nashville, 0 to 23. with a Boston American league team greater success than the one this November 1 S. C. vs. Central Uni- which went into training early in year. versity at Danville, 0 to 15. The program was arranged by April at Lexington and was granted November 8 S. C. vs. Louisville use of our grounds. This nine was Dean William S. Taylor, who is an Y. M. C. A. at Louisville, 0 to 17. accustomed .to wallop our boys to the alumnus of the University and a November 15 S. C. vs. Cincinnati tune of about 25 to 3, as they did on member of the class of 1912. Dr. H. University at Lexington, 6 to 6 L. Donovan, who was graduated from the opening game, April 8. November 27 S. C. vs. K. U. at Our nine early in the season was the University with the class of 1914 5 to 6. K. U. grounds, Lexington, composed as follows: Gullion, Duffy, and who recently was elected presiJust before the last game, the one T. Geary, Mathews, Wurtele, Tally, dent of Eastern Teacher's College, with S. C. on the 27, K. U. ruled off Darling, Grady, Kipping and Brad- was among those present and was Turner and Young, alleging as the ford. The battery was generally R. introduced to the assemblage by Presreason poor scholarship. Feeling that Geary and Grady (captain), and C. ident McVey. their team was considerably weak H. Gilmore was manager. ened by the removal of these two A game each was played with a men, members of the K. U. manageand Company, accountand Georgetown in which the forment set about to try to get some of mer was defeated 6 to 1 and the ants and engineers, of Chicago. His State's men removed for the same latter 7 to 1, and then the nine took address is 516 Cornelia avenue, Chicause, and to that end had the hardi- a short trip South in which it defeat- cago. hood to appear before the faculty ed Western Kentucky College at athletic committee with complaints on Hopkinsville in three games, 9 to 5, Hower Parks Parrigin, B. M. E. that score against one of our players. 15 to 44, and 16 to 5, and lost to 1916, is an engineer with the fuel deGrady, I think it was, whom rumor Southwest Presbyterian College at partment of the Texas Company. He had reported as having fallen down Clarksville in two games, 3 to 9, and is located in Port Arthur, Texas, in a physics recitation under Profes- 2 to 14. where his address is 325 Atlanta sor Pence. The track team organized with John avenue. The real reason for the removal of Vogt, captain, and O. K. Dyer manathese players developed later. Gravean McGoodwin Pedley, B. S. ger, but appears to have had no meets. During these years the sporting 1916, is general residence manager of fraternity of the city took a great tht Bleich, Empress and Grand Theo aters, in Owensboro, Ky. deal of interest in this final game of o-the season between the two local colTell Me leges, and were in the habit of putDaniel Thomas Roberts, A. B. 1915, ting up large sums of money on the o-A. M. 1916, is a physician and is loIndeed the game was in dan result. Thomas Robinson, B. M. E. 1914, is cated in West Point, Ky. ger of falling under the control of a civil engineer and is living in Lexthis element completely. Charles Ernest Ruby, B. S. 1916, is ington, Ky., where his address is 172 a consulting chemical engineer at the It became commonly reported that North Hanover avenue. certain persons of known betting pro Massachusetts Institute of Technology, at Cambridge, Mass. clivities were putting up practically Joseph Roemer, A. B. 1914, is all the funds for the support of the professor of education in the Univer K. U. team. George Vernon Page, B. S. 1917, is sity of Florida, Gainesville, Fla. For some time before this final head of the Department of Physics at game there were persistent rumors Seneca Clairborn Routt, B. S. 1914, the Western Kentucky State Normal circulated in snortinc rirlps Hnwn in is a farmer and lives near Anchorage, School at Bowling Green, Ky. jthe city that Turner and Young had Ky., where his address is R. F. D. 17. Deen bought on by certain gamblers Morris Eades Pendleton, B. M. E. to throw the game. Espie Clay Parker, B. M. E. 1915, 1917, is with the Armstrong Cork K. U. feared the worst. These two is production foreman for the Stark Company, of Pittsburg, Pa. He lives men were debarred by their manage- Shops of the Pennsylvania Railway at 572 Coal street, Wilkinsburg, Pa. ment, but a virtuous front was main- Company. His address is 912 Cleve tained. It was given out that they land avenue, N. W., Canton, Ohio. Elizabeth Homer Perry, B. A. 1917, had been removed because they had is with Swift and Company, and lives lately fallen down in their studies Walter Joseph Pigott, B. S. 1915. is at 254 West Fifteenth Place, Chicago J? alien down inin their studies with the Parkersburg Buick Company Heights, 111. deed! There were probably never two of Parkersburg, W. Va. athletes who, during their whole footThan Givens Rice, B. M. E. 1917, is ball career, were so absolutely innoCharles Stephenson Rainey, B. M. a coal operator and lives in Providcent of books as these two matricu E. 1915, is a mechanical engineer, and ence, Ky. a lates. interested in oil production. He is But a'great injustice seems to have living at 1041 Coolidge drive, San William Henry Rochester, B. S. been done these two faithful em Gabriel, Calif. 1917, is county agricultural agent for ployees of K. U. They were never Muhlenberg county, and lives in bought off, nor was there any attempt Gustavus Adolphus Rice, LL.B. Greenville, Ky. to buy them off. The report assidu- 1915, is assistant to the vice president ously circulated that they were to of the Bank of Italy, Los Angeles, T. Ellis Peak, B. C. M. E. 1918, is throw the game was simply a ruse Calif. His address is in care of the an engineer with the Standard Oil on the part of Coach McLeod to have Hershey Arms hotel, 2600 Wilkinshire Company of Louisiana. He is located them discredited and eliminated. At boulevard, Los Angeles. in Baton Rouge, where his address is 1974 Olive street. least this was what was commonly reported in State College circles imPhill Everett Richards, B. S. 1915, mediately following the game. And is a farmer and lives in Morganfiield, Harold Parks, B. S. M. E. is with it would appear that the scheme came Ky. Parks' Pharmacy, in Irvington, Ky. very near working successfully, for the score was won by K. U. only by Virgil James Pritchett, A. B. 1918, Esther Lee Rider, A. B. 1915, now the kicking of a goal, won after the is Mrs. Beverly W. Cobss and lives is an attorney in Bowling Green, Ky. tower of strength in the State Col- at 420 Felder avenue, Montgomery, He is a member of the firm of Jones lege line, Cravens, had been ruled out Ala. and Pritchett, and they have offices for alleged slugging or rough tactics. in the Opera House building. It was during the winter following Homer Lloyd Reid, A. B. 1916, is that the first basketball team was put with the Louisville Gas and Electric Buford B. Russell, B. S. M. E. 1918, in the field by State. The State Col- Company, of Louisville, Ky. His busi- is a sales engineer with Drying Syslege gymnasium was completed in ness address is 311 West Chestnut tem Incorporated, of Chicago. His 1901. And, though basketball was street, and he lives at 311 Belvor ave- address is 11 South Desplaines street. played by K. U. during the preceding nue. winter, no teams were organized at John Gilbert Stewart, B. S. 1918, is State during this year. It is worthy Charles Smith Rollings, B. C. E. a farmer and lives near Crittenden, of note that the first to take up the 1915, is a partner in the firm of Bar Ky. When you need a car for business or social affairs RENT A Enclosed find my check for $3.00 for dues for 1928-2- 9. Name Degree Graduate Yes No Married Yes No Class Maiden name of wife and date of marriage Occupation or Employment. ..Give name of firm, etc. Business Address Residence Address Name and Ages of Children. ' CHRYSLER OR CHEVROLET We cater to the university trade No deposits required from students. Whit-tingh- Commercial 11-- PHONE 3145 Cafeteria Meal Hours Breakfast . 7:00 to 8:15 11:45 to 12:45 . Lunch Dinner 5:30 to 6:00 Open between meals in the morning for Sandwiches, Milk, Hot Drinks, Candy and Ice Cream UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA Basement Administration Bldg- - SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM DIRECT LINE FROM LEXINGTON TO I All Points in the EAST, SOUTH AND WEST NORTH, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Jacksonville, The Carolinas and St. Louis Convenient Schedules to All Points J For Tickets, Reservations, Descriptive Literature and Information, Communicate With W. R. CLINKINBEARD CHAS. F. BIGELOW Division Passenger Agent City Ticket Agent 118 East Main Street, Lexington, Ky. 'UIHIHIIHIHlin Be-re- JUST RECEIVED A Shipment of University Jewelry RINGS -- They j Co. Rent-A-C- ar 133 W. SHORT BELTS PINS With Silver Buckles LETTER OPENERS and BOOK MARKS With University Seal Campus Book Store i DUES ARE DUE Phone 1792 U. OF K. DINNER University Graduate in Now Is The Time WEST SHORT ST. Opp Courthouse Gym Building i WELL PRESSED Means M i I ELL DRESSED Suits Pressed 35c J. S. 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