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PAGE THREE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL would frivc "diversified industrial experience in a general shop, jobs in Kardeninu or agriculture, junior projects in business, and work in home-makinand would be held three to five times a week during two different years of a six-yehigh school fit bridge party at the chapter houso from 2 to 5:30 o'clock. Phi Beta Kappa annual banquet, 6:30 o'clock at the Lafayette hotel. Theta Sigma Phi Woman's honorary journalistic sorority leapyear dance, 3 to 6 o'clock in the Men's Love is a well in me, a deep hid pool, gymnasium. LOVE The sap in trunk of tree, like forest Saturday, April 28 Kappa Kappa Gamma formal dance cove; Love was a pulse in me, a birdlike A secret violet blooming all alone; 8 to 12 o'clock in the Men's gymnathing, A tenderness kept hidden just for one. sium. Alpha Gamma Delta Alumnae beneA colored, trembling, shivering, quivDOROTHY E ASTON. fit bridge at the chapter house, 2 to ering thing; 5:30 o'clock. CALENDAR A field of wild flowers tossed up by the breeze, Advanced Dates torn upon the Friday, April 27 A sky of Alpha Gamma Delta Alumnae bene- April 30 College of Law will hold trees. the annual banquet at the Lafayette hotel. Beginning of first annual coeds conference which will continue "Quality First, then the Price" for two days. May 3 Miss Isabel Bevier will speak to the student body on some phase of vocational guidance. May 6 The University Concert proBand will give an gram at 3:30 p. m., in the Men's SOCETY NOTES flame-clou- jIBk n HAT SALE o Voice from Fairway: THURSDAY In which we include our entire stock of early spring regular models, offering them at exactly one-ha- lf prices these three days only S18.00 16.50 $15.00 $12.50 $10.00 $ 8.50 $ 6.50 HATS HATS HATS HATS HATS HATS HATS -2 PRICE SECOND snake-killin- g Stanford Chaparral. Dean Anderson Speaker Dean F. Paul Anderson, of the College of Engineering, was the principal speaker at the meeting of the CincinAmerican Society of nati Section, Mechanical Engineers, which was held Thursday at the Engineers' Club Room in Cincinnati. Dean Ander- Weddings o FLOOR Beauty That Thrills Like the Silver Moonlight son's subject was "An Engineering Paradox." The marriage of Miss Elizabeth Shea and Mr. Edward Ray Sousley Junior Class Dance was solemnized by Rev. Mark Collis The Junior class entertained Friday April 19, at the home of the pastor. The bride wore an attractive cos- evening in honor of the Seniors with tume of Oxford grey with black ac- their annual formal dance in the cessories. Her corsage was of roses Men's gymnasium from 9 to 1 o'clock. and violets. She is the daughter of Music was furnished by two orchesMr. and Mrs. Richard Shea, of Tran-- j tras, the Kentuckians and the Rythm sylvania Park, and had attended the Kings, and the affair was one of the University for three years. Miss most successful and enjoyable formal Shea was well known on the campus dances of the year. The programs were blue and white and was at one time assistant society editor of The Kernel, was a member with the Kentucky seal embossed in dances with of the Y. W. C. A. cabinet and the gold and six one extra were played. Philosophian Society. The officers of the class, who were Mr. Sousley also attended the University, and is now affiliated with the hosts and hostesses, were: Mr. the Goodwin Brothers Motor Com- Elmer Gilb, president; Miss Lucile pany. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Short, vice president; Miss Sara Warwick, secretary; Mr. James R. Hester, W. E. Sousley, of Oldham avenue After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. treasurer. The chaperones were Dr. and Mrs. Sousley left on a short trip through the East and they plan to return- this Frank L. McVey, Dean and Mrs. C. apartment R. Melcher, Dean Sarah Blanding, week. They have taken an Captain and Mrs. James Taylor, Miss on Second street. Marguerite McLaughlin, and Dean and Mrs. F. Paul Anderson. Stroller Dance The second Stroller dance of the year was held Saturday night in the Zeta Tau Alpha Luncheon Men's gymnasium from 9 to 12 The Alumnae chapter of the Zeta o'clock. Tau Alpha sorority entertained at the dances were en- Phoenix hotel with an informal lunchFour joyed and the music was furnished eon Saturday in honor of their nationby the Kentuckian orchestra. al inspector, Miss Charlotte The officers of the Strollers are: She is the guest of Mrs. W. Mr. Hunter Moody, president; Miss E. Davis while in Lexington, and is , Lily Parish, secretary; Mr. here for the "purpose of inspecting stage manager; Mr. Addi- the Lexington chapter. e son Yeaman, director, and Miss e The active members are Miss Byland, publicity. Byland, Miss Nell Lacefield, Miss Three hundred guests attended the Lucille Hamilton, Miss Louise Kendelightful affair which was chaper- nedy, Miss La Verne Lester, Miss Bess oned by Prof, and Mrs. Enoch Sanford, Miss Nell Easley, Miss BonMrs. Edward F. Farquhar, and nie Dale Welch, Miss Kathleen CarlDean and Mrs. Paul P. Boyd. ton, Miss Edith Thomas, Miss Gladys Wilson, Miss Elizabeth Cramer, Miss Mr. Louis Endres Entertained Jane Ann Carlton, Miss Anna Pope Thursday afternoon between the Bland, Miss Doxie Dexter. Miss Alic? hours of 2 and 6 o'clock the Art De- Spaulding, Miss Virginia Porter, Miss partment of the University entertain- May Gordon Squires, Miss Dorothy ed with a delightful tea at the Art Monroe, Miss Lucille Preston, Miss Center in honor of Mr. Louis Endres. Nancy Mary Wilson, Miss Elizabeth whose beantiful paintings are being Strossman, and Miss Elizabeth Stewshown there and greatly admired. art. The decorations for the affair were The pledges are Miss Mildred Little attractively carried out in a color and Miss Jane Bland. The scheme of yellow. A delicious tea was Miss Bernice Byland, j president was served and the tea table was of the Lexington chapter, .placed in a distant corner of the room Toasts for the active members were and charmingly arranged with a bou- given by Miss Mildred and Miss Doroquet of spring flowers surrounded by thy Monroe. lighted yellow candles in silver hold- ers. The tea table was presided over FRATERNITY ROW by Miss Mary Yeiser and several stu- Mr. A. C. Tipton, of St. Petersburg, dents assisted in entertaining. The receiving line consisted of Mr. Fla., a former student at the UniverEndres, Mr. Carol Sax, Miss Anne sity, is visiting at the Kappa Sigma j Callahan, Mr. Edward Fisk, and Mrs. house. Elizabeth Adams. Mr. Wendell Smock, of Louisville, j Abong the members of the faculty was a week-en- d guest at the Kappa attending the ex Sigma house. , of the University Week-en- d hibit and tea were: President and visitors at the Kappa AlMrs. Frank L. McVey, Dr. and Mrs. pha fraternity house were Mr. Pete Gilbert L. Bailey. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lewis and Mr. Samuel Hinkle, of VanDeren, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Mas-si- Shelbyville. Dr. and Mrs. Funkhouser, Mr. Kappa Delta sorority announces and Mrs. Garland Bowyer, Mr. and the pledging of Miss Gladys Rice, of Mrs. Louis Lee Haggin, Prof, and Paintsville Mrs. A. C. Zembrod, Mr. and Mrs. Guests at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon W. E. Simms, Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. fraternity over the week-en- d were Boyd, Dean and Mrs. F. P. Anderson, Mr. Duke Chambers, of Louisville; Dean and Mrs. T, P. Cooper, Dean Mr. Charles T. Rice, of Frankfort, and and Mrs. Alvin E. ivans, uean anu ;ur. xeu nernuon, oi oincinnaii Mrs. William S. Taylor, Dean and ' Mrs. Charlotte MacGregor, of Mrs. Edward Weist. Va., national inspector for the r. Ber-nic- Ber-nic- Gre-ha- n, mm TM The NEWEST is always HERE Dame Fashion has turned to the Indian the original American for her newest Footwear vogue these unique prints Also showing the NEW in stunning creations TOYO Cloths for street and sport wear. The Smartest of Styles and the Greatest Shoe Values toast-mistre- See these New Shoe Creations $C85 In Our Windows ! ' Mitchell, Baker & Smith (Incorporated) I W CLOTHES f OrderUNIVERSITY ENGLISH ESTABLISHED STYLES, TAILORED OVER YOUTHFUL CHARTS SOLELY FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE IN THE UNITED STATES. Rich-mon- d, dU&rfer louse SMs 40, 45, SO Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, is a guest at the chapter house were on Maxwell street. Several charming social affairs have been given in her honor. Week-en- d guests at the Delta Delta Delta sorority house last week-en- d were Misses Evelyn Wright, of Cincinnati; Betty Mortin, Helen Brown Russell, Dorothy Barnheart, of the Ohio State Glee Club, and Elizabeth Gaitskill, of Paris. Mr. T. J. Clark and Mr. R. H. returned to Lexington from the Senior Engineering trip and a week-en- d at their homes in Louisville. Mr. H. Arthur McVey of Marietta, Ohio, spent last week-en- d at the Sigma Phi house. Mr. David K. Bishop spent last week-enin Louisville after the Strollers trip, and attended the K. Tpats 216 West Main ville. Miss Mildred Cowgell, of Owens-borand Misses Evelyn Laird and Lillian Rash, of Covington, visited the Delta ZeZta house over the week- Messrs. Charles Bouchay and Byron Woodbury, of Dayton, visited at the Pi Kappa Tau house last week end. Mr. William Hall left for a short visit in West Virginia. 264 EAST MAIN STREET OeAUTIFUL as the jewels I f iPJl kmfifcesV' JjWaa Harvard Professor Returns to His Favorite Tobacco Beerne, Texas Oct. 14, 1926 Larus & Bro. Co. Richmond, Va. Dear Sirs: I fim a prodigal son. with Edge-wort- h. I began But after a while I began to wander, trying other tobaccos, experimenting to see if there were any better tobacco for the pipe. I have tried most of the best known brands and a number of the more ob scure, both imported and domestic, but they didn't suit. So now I have returned I am using Edgeworth again, satisfied that no better tobacco is made. "And the prodigal son partook of the fatted calf"; I bought a new pipe when I returned to Edgeworth. With many thanks for my cool, mellow, sweet smokes, I am, Very truly yours, "H. D." Edgeworth bracelets, rings, brooches, necklaces, rings, compacts all very moderately priced. H2? Actual Experience Advocated as Aid to High School Students On Choosing Vocation "Sampling classes," actual experience with workaday occupations, to help high school boys choose their vocations, were advocated by John M. Brewer, associate professor of education in Harvard University, at the National Conference on Education, held at Columbia University. Such classes should be explanatory in nature, Professor Brewer said, to discover and bring out latent interests ond abilities of pupils. They of Roy- - at' ametyst stones in antique gold filigree settings. Fashioned in JEWELRY DEPT., MAIN FLOOR Fosters "Sampling" T)eitonRoss3odd INCOPPODATeD Co. New Curtains Change a Room Entirely Ruffled Curtains, white or ecru or cream, plain or with g colored ruffles. 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Mr. Oscar McElroy was a visitor at the Alpha Gamma Epsilon house Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Guy McClure attended the K. E. A. convention at Louisville during the week-enMiss Virginia Collins, of Fort Thomas, was a visitor at the Alpha house over the week-enDelta Theta Miss Pauline Collins, Josephine Frazer, and Edith Owen Sisk attended the K. E. A. convention in Louis- For The Races 3 For every college Miss for every need for every occasion. Styles that whisper of Paris. Materials of distinction. Values that defy comparison! E. A. of Bowling Mr. Robert Miller, Green, who will enter the University in September, was a week-en- d visitor at the Triangle fraternity house. Among the Alumni at the house were Dewey Conrad of Cincinnati, William Sparks and "Ace" Dawson. Mr. Denver De Haven, a graduate of the class of '27, was a week-en- d visitor at the Delta Tau Delta frater- Specials F" BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT OUR STORE IS THE COATS and FROCKS d Opposite Court House Street For 1928 Resolve to Read BETTER Books Ack-erm- e, And Cut Book Shop C'mon, Paul, I suppose you're going alibi again. y FRIDAY SATURDAY 1- to work that o . "Comedy of Errors," by William Shakespeare, has been chosen as the commencement play by Ohio Northern University Players. An unique feature of the play is that some of the male parts will be taken by girls, a direct contrast to the days of Shakespeare when young boys presented female characters. The Colony Shi g period. To this sampling process Professor Brewer would add the assistance to be gained from academic studies of an exploratory nature, experiences in student activities and the counsel of d HALF - PRICE teachers striving to help the pupil find out what part of the world's work he can best perform. & CO. 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