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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 27, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL y history record was sent to his house for him to fill out. The pledge who acted as messenger found the honorable member just about three sheets in the wind but willing to tackle the record. He navigated it very well until he came to the heading "Honors and Achievements." After considerable thought he finally put down "President of the largest Men's Bible class in Owensboro." frater-ternit- YjpiJIRREI FOOD By "Robbie" Squirrel Food begins today its young man who is yet on the campus. "Campus History" series of supposedCampus History No. 1 ly humorous anecdotes compiled by the A local professional group on the keeper during his four years at the campus was applying to a national University. As some of the students professional fraternity for a charter. and most of the faculty members The members were gathered in the mentioned are still on the campus, room across the hall making out no names will be used. The first of jlheir petition. One prominent mem-bwas not present and his personal the series, by the way, concerns a SPECIALTY SHOPS For Quality Merchandise at Lowest Prices, visit SPECIALTY SHOPS Adjacent to Post Office Quality Hats, $4.00 and Up Which reminds us of a legend of the Revolution which was not included in our grade school histories. General Washington sat in his tent at enAn Morristewn. tered. "What troops are in the field against us?" the general asked. "Those of Clinton and Cornwallis. sir," the aide replied. "Any others?" The aide blushed deeply. "Yes, Howe." sir," he stammered, "and Famous Speakers to Debate Mussolini Rule Incorporated Dr. Vincenzo Nitti, the Italian historian, author and lecturer, and Samuel S. McClure, the publisher, will appear at Lafayette college within a few weeks in a debate on the subject, "The Rule of MussoliniIs It Injuring Italy?" Dr. Nitti will argue the affirmative side of the question. Many prominent lecturers have 'appeared at Lafayette college in the present college year, but this is the first time two men holding different viewpoints on a subject have been invited to appear on the same platform. Dr. Nitti, theson of a former Italian Prime Minister, believes Mussolini's rule is not of the greatest benefit to his country. However, he will speak as an impartial observer, basing his statements upon what he believes to be fact. Mr. McClure recently spent eigho teen months in Italy studying and the Mussolini government. As a result of his observations he became convinced of the country's progress under the dictator's rule. 0 per cent Discount ON ALL WHITE SILK TO STUDENTS During Month of May Mother Likes Candy REMEMBER? Agents For Miss Holliday's Candies Try Our Refreshing Fountain Drinks Lexington Drug Co. Make this your first stop when down town VISIT INDUSTRIAL CENTERS OF NATION Students Given Panoramic View of Commercial and Industrial World of Today (By P. P. Baker) years ago, the seniors Twenty-nin- e 5 P. M. to 8 P. M. DINNER ffl I I h y REYNOLDS TODACCO ,fcj COMPANY, Wjp $9 J?f I I !$ jy ' 1 85c PEERLESS The New Belmont Restaurant Plate Lunch Regular Lunch Dinner 75c v level. Leaving the Falls they made their way to Buffalo by means of bus transportation. Here they went through the Larkin cosmetic manufacturing plant. The cleanliness of the plant and the variety of their products were both notable features. The National Lamp Works of the General Electrfc Company was exceedingly interesting. Girls made up nearly the entire list of employees in this company, like the personnel of the Larkin Company. It was very surprising to observe the efficiency these girls could maintain in operating the machines. As noted throughout the trip, girls seem to be as common in the mills and factories as men. The huge foundry of the American Radiator Company was another unit which stands out as one of the most interesting places on the itinerary. The traveling cranes, the blast furnaces, controlled the electrically metal flowtrucks, and the white-ho- t ing from ladel to mold made this an impressive scene. fef h l!l The next time you need a trimming, don't go to the races Let Us Trim You We Guarantee to Please Ladies' Hair Bobbing a Specialty Viaduct Barber Shop H. M. DAVIS, Prop. 117 E. HIGH ST. NELL OSBORNE BEAUTY SHOPPE lhowiedge 2nd Floor J. D. Purcell' Our new Vapor Steam Permanent Waving- Machine Waves and Rewaves any texture of hair. Waving also done by the Nestle Circuline Method. Free advice given by a Graduate Beautician. - Phone 7225 The finest Flower Store In Niffm-Bus- h ft Kunn-Bus- !ll in the Blue Grass "fc The Sitagger WIN Laundry and Dry Cleaning peL XTi nQ. vb cjj E N HELP ' If omt R. Phone ?L Li if 4f Benton's Sweet Shoppe Ford-Sto- Even as crude ore is put through the smelters, purified, added to, and mixed with other metals in the right proportions, and finally poured into the mold from whence it comes in the form of a firm, sound casting ready for the final machining and trimming,- so the student goes through his engineering training in college and is guided, taught and trained, and finally turned out a solid base or casting ready to be sent to the DURING WEEK The subtle influences of choice tobaccos upon the smoke-spot- s of mankind have been carefully studied, identified, and blended smoothly into Camels the finest of cigarettes. And ive'll bet an aTkaflitch on this: Camels have just the taste and aroma to pack your smoke-spo- t with the every experienced smoker seeks. Got an alkaflitch you want to lose? Croquettes and Book-Cadill- Sunday Dinner Drive It Studebaker-- B. Dicker. The party left Lexington over the Southern Railway at 2:05 p. m., arriving in Cincinnati at G p. m. Having to wait there until 11:25 in order to connections, the engineers make sought entertainment of their own choice, there being no organized plans Pardon Sought For Student We submit the sad case of llie freshman in zoology, who, wjien asked to describe a camel, said, "A camel is what you wish you were smoking while 3'ou try to think of the right answers." He flunked zoology but he knew his cigarettes. For in lime of trial or time of joy, there's no friend like Camels. Studebaker engineers. It is needless to say that a panoramic view of the great commercial and engineering world of today has its effect upon the minds of those who will become the technicians of gigantic industrial enterprises of tomorrow. It gives to them a comprehensive idea of the .magnitude of the great machines that keep industry of the going, a better conception practical side of their technical training, and indicates to them the relative merits of their personal characters in application to the huge problems which confront them upon graduation. On Wednesday, April 4, 1928, fifty-si- x senior engineers left Lexington for Detroit. This marked the beginning of the twenty-nint- h annual senior inspection trip of the College of Engineering of the University. The tour was conducted by Dean F. Paul Anderson, Professors W. E. Freeman, D. V. Terrell, J. R. Johnson, and J. for the party at this point. Cincinnati was not included as one of the inspection centers so all of the party visited the theater district. Leaving Cincinnati in the evening the party arrived in Detroit at the Pere Marquette Station early the folKentucky The lowing morning. alumni at Detroit met them at the welcome and station with a cordial Wisconsin to the bus hotel where they sealed a renewed University of Wisconsin students are reported to be raising funds for friendship with a hearty breakfast. At 9:15 a. m. the party set out to an appeal for a pardon for David Gordon, 18, holder of a Zona Gale schol- visit the Fordson plant of the Ford arship at the university, who is serv- Motor company. Many differ with Ford in politics, ing an indeterminate sentence in the issues or comNew York reformatory for his author- religion, economic ship of a poem which the court has mercial policies, but we must respect termed "indecent." Gordon's poem, a man who has built up such a great entitled "America," which referred in business and who has been the genius manner uncomplimentary to capital-is'- behind so great an organization. was published in the Daily Every man employed by Ford has a Worker, communist newspaper. Gor- number which identifies him on the don entered the University of Wis- payroll with thousands of others. A consin while his case was on appeal. man is known only by his number to When the court's sentence was upheld his superiors and his merit is recorded likewise. This eliminates a certain he left to enter the reformatory. amount of prejudice in promoting individuals. It was extremely interesting to watch tpe assembling of machines after every part had been carefully cast, forged, machined or treated as desired in either foundry or machine SMOKE-LOR- Rent of the Engineering College of the University made their first inspection trip. This trip proved so advanta-gou- s that since that time it has become a part of the curricula and a prerequisite for graduation for all SPECIAL AN ADDITION TO CAMEL TEE Rebuilding d Miles Silk Shop 1 To follow through one of the shop of life to be finishtd and polish- -' Son: "Do you know why that man assembling conveyors is as interesting ed to the finest degree of manhood. carries an umbrella. Dad?' In conclusion it can be said very as reading a beautifully illustrated Dad: "No. Why?" book. Starting at one end, the chassis simply that the inspection trip is Son: "Because it can't walk." is mounted on the chain conveyor and merely a glimpse of the greatest started down the length of the plant. school which man can ever ittend. Prof. Fugue "When will it be conOverhead cranes drop the motor into his graduate school the college of venient for your daughter to take her j life. batplace; the wheels, steering-whee- l, It gives him some idea of the music lesson? tery and all the parts follow until massive proportions of the problems Dad "Any time when I'm not at home." the body is set into place and fastened. he will be called upon to face. This is the last operation before an inspector seats himself in the car, starts the engine, drives it off the "The Shop with the Reputation" conveyor on a runway leading through an inspection shop. M cA The chain conveyor never stops its Shoe each slow movement forward, and workman has his particular job to "SHOE REPAIR ARTISANS" complete as it moves. A machine is 103 South Limestone Two Doors from Main St. The turned out every J!0 seconds. Ford plant was especially interesting in its layout of conveyor systems and its systematic arrangement. Leaving the main plant, the party visited the Ford River Rouge assembling plant which at the time was under full operation. Aside from the size of this plant and its machine shop equipment, its most notable feature COACHES - TOURINGS - ROADSTERS The huge was the power station. OPEN DAY AND NIGHT boiler capacity in this plant has since Lowest Rate in Lexington the time of the installation been increased to four times the original capacity. The boiler engineers were reU quired to wear white duck trousers. Due to the automatically controlled MAMMOTH GARAGE PHONE 7070 stokers, etc., and the neatness and cleanliness of the plant, they were spotlessly clean. Leaving this plant, the engineers LUNCH AT BENTONS had luncheon at the Ford Administration building. Chicken Chili At 2 p. m. the party took busses SALADS and SANDWICHES to the Ford Airport, where an opportunity was offered to all those who Famous for Our Chocolate Fudge Cakes wished to go up. While some were n way, the remainder of n engaged in this the party observed the manufacture, testing and flying of the single- - and three- - motored n 145 South Limestone planes. After spending the afternoon there the party had completed its 5961 first day of inspection and busses took them all back to the hotel where they again spent an evening as they so desired. This brief outline of one day spent CLOTHES DO YOU on the inspection tour gives an idea of juit what advantages such a trip Keep them looking Clean and fresh by sending can furnish to the student. them to the It is not possible to tell, even if space permitted, the many things which were seen and inspected during the seven days of actual inspection Co. which followed this first day. Every Phone 335 149 N. Broadway member of the party beheld a new W. A. SANDERS, University Agent world of industry opened before him. After leaving Detroit our next visit PHONE 4963 was to Niagara Falls. Abraham Lincoln said "Niagara calls up the indefinite past. When Columbus sought this continent, when Christ suffered on the cross, when Moses led Israel through the Red Sea, nay, even when Adam first came from the hand of his Maker; then, as now, Niagara was Opposite the Phoenix Hotel roaring here." Second only to this wonder of the world is man's handiSilver 25c, 60c work in the great power stations which furnish power for the State of New York and parts of Canada, the great turbines, the huge generators, After the Dance try our Refreshing Fountain Drinks and the valves controlling this great volConfections. Sandwiches of all Kinds. ume of water, the canals which guide through the powOPEN DAY AND NIGHT it to the pen stocks er house, and then release it far below the falls at the river's lower shop. SENIOR ENGINEERS And What, and Why? The keeper has a Junior Prom IS THE TWENTY - NINTH program which the owner can have ANNUAL INSPECTION TRIP by applying to him at The Kernel office. He has a not unnatural curiosity, anyway, to know who wrote after Party Is Impressed With Gigantic Plants and Stations No. 4 on the card, "Bob-anhow!" of Henry Ford A senior is a person who can get into a tuxedo without help. Special PAGE FIVE Ankle' Fashioned Oxfords mil H Ankle fashioning Alsolutely! ture to insure snug trim at tne ankle and eliminate slip- - Giving the finest service 11 II K ping at the heeL ml Ankle 'Fashioned wm Graves, Cox & Co. (Incorporated) I M Keller Floral Co. "At the Sign of the Rose" OPPOSITE PHOENIX HOTEL