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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 27, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX Wildcats Conquer Vanderbilt Harriers in Dual Meet by Score of GESS WINS HALF-MIL- E RACE BY WIDE MARGIN (By Wayman Thoniasson) Cloudy skies and misty rain damp- ened the ardor of track enthusiasts gathered at Nashville last Saturday to see Jack Chesney, of Vanderbilt, a Middlesboro, Ky., boy, try to defeat William Gess, of Kentucky, in the headline attraction of a dual meet which Kentucky won by the score of 59 to 58. It was the first time in 20 years that Coach Anderson's Commodores had lost a dual meet, and to say those knights of the B. V. D. died hard is putting it mild. Listen, my children, and you shall hear Of these marvelous exploits of some modern Reveres. "Coming events cast their shadows before them," said the prince falling off of his horse. But, regardless of that, Gess had received more publicity before the meet than did Henry Ford when he made a lady out of Lizzie. Carr Creek ran wild over the country; Gess was supposed to run roughAnd, since there shod over Vandy. is nothing so insipid to an Anderson-coache- d Commodore as defeat, the boys from "deah ole Vandy" were singing some right pretty blues. They didn't listen so well. True to form, Gess outstripped his man, Ti) WER'S Fish Brand Varsity Slicker On Honor Graduate Comfort A Style A Durability A Economy A Protection A A. J. - Tower Co. What Could Be Better than to eat one of the best Sunday Dinners in town? Not only one of the best, but one of the Cheapest 6-8 TO KENTUCKY; SCORE 2 P. ML 3-- The weather man frowned dismally last Tuesday after his darkest scowls were not enough to prevent the University of Kentucky Wildcat baseball pastimers from splashing through the mud for a 3 to 2 victory over the Gophers of Minnesota. " Lefty " McGary, southpaw star. on Stoll Field noon, but even but, coming into the home stretch, he happened to run in front of this Chesney, which act is "oke" in Kentucky if they call you speedy, and the railbirds hollered "foul." The foul was granted and, although Gess won, he was disqualified in the quarter-mile he left no In the room for doubt and ran so far ahead of the Commodores that they had no chance to use this "touch system." He looked like Bubbling Over in a derby trial and this is no reflection on the horse. Wildcats All Stars The other heroes of the day, if the public doesn't take their Gess and Lindbergh straight, are Root and Dohrman, reading from left to right, a hurdler and a Root won both hurdle races at an easy gallop, coming in under wraps. Yes, it was cold, but Dohrman cantered the two miles in 10 minutes, 26 seconds, nnd was taking a shower when the Vandy entry came in fagged to the gills. They should have a new lighting system at the Commodore institution, since the Vandy almost lost their way that night. to do with the But, what has that price of eggs ? West jumped 21 feet, 3 inches to take the broad jump, and Roberts and Rhodemeyer dabbled with the boys in the pole vault to win without taking off their sweat clothes. "Strongheart" Kavanaugh heaved the shot 39 feet to win. (No, girls, this is not the Strongheart of the movies although they are both brave). Owens lost a tough race to Bailey in the mile, being nosed out at the finish by a yard or two. This is the first track team Shively has coached and it is the best Kentucky has ever known. So, it looks like this man califrom Illinois is of bre in something besides football. e. half-mil- r. "By the way, Joe, don't worry any more about the ?2 you owe me." "Why? Don't you want it?" "Not that, but there's no use both of us worrying about it." PaySummerExpen, Orders from Housewives. 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Send me immediately, full details of your plan tot taking orders for KLEANEZY Mops. I want to make vacation and school expenses easily during A Good Place to Meet Your Friends roming vacation. Name ., Address Town State KELVINATOR intra-mur- The World's Oldest and Best Electric Refrigeration. H H Lexington, Ky. IF YOU WANT THE BEST Be sure and find Lindy Barber Shop FLYING SERVICE p, ever-popul- ar JAS A. ROPER GEO. R. OSBORNE it. BREEDEN L. D. McCRAY Next Door to Bus Station PHONE 0138 APfCNICOFATREAT ninth-innin- WMimMMM I three-gam- 110 10 10 114110 12 rf Bloomquist, .... 4 Rigg, lb Hindermann, 3b Redding, 114 113 0 p Freeman 2 .... 3 4 1 1 13 0 0 1 0 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1140' 30 2 5 27 11 2 Totals Batted for Redding in ninth. e Summary: hit Redding. Three-bas- e hit Gilb. Stolen bases McGary, Franceway. Sacrifice hits Crouch 2, Gilb, Bolstad, Rigg. Double (unassisted). Bases on balls Off McGary 2; off Rhoads 1; off Redding 2. Struck out By McGary 3; by Rhoads 1. Hits Off McGary 5 hits and 1 run in 7 innings; off Rhoads, 1 hit and 1 run in 2 inMcGary. nings. Winning pitcher Hit by pitcher By Rhoads (Stark). Rhoads. Umpire Wild Pitch Two-bas- Cleaned and SUITS 1 intra-mur- VOLUNTEERS Also TOMORROW FRESH EGGS AND OLD HAMS (By Bill Reep) Coach Shively and his track team, fresh from their victory over Vanderbilt last week, appear to like the Tennessee atmosphere, for this afternoon at 4 o'clock they again will ride the Pullman into that vicinity, but this time they will engage the University of Tennessee Volunteers in a dual track meet tomorrow afternoon at All Kinds of Fresh Meats ORDER EARLY Knoxville. Kentucky's victory last week over the Commodores was not as decisive as it should have been, for the 'Cats should have had ten more points to their credit and the Commodores five points less. This week they hope to show better form in the two events that they lost, namely, the relay and the mile run. So far this week the men have been making better time in their sprints and runs and in the meet tomorrow they will Moore-Disho- n Poultry Co. "Wholesale Prices to Fraternities" two-mi- le LIMESTONE AND WATER STREETS What Shakespeare says about OC J TROUSERS Delicious and Refreshing OUC Pressed Every article sent home in a bag " The hand that hath made you fair hath BUTTONS SEWED ON SMALL REPAIRS made you good" FREE Obviously, the Duke meant the lady not Coca-ColBut why bring that up? Translate it into plain United States, and you get: Call 621 Campus Book Store Pik-ni- Coca-Col- a .ipl.-fii- Pressed Sold at the POULTRY SUIT Cleaned and Comparison of this superfine ice cream, so generously. coated with tht most delicious chocolate you've ever tasted, will thereafter cause you to c insist on TRACK MEET WITH CA P Pressed fT ill PHONE a. 1550 There's a DIXIE Dealer Near You IT HAD TO BE GOOD TO GET WHERE IT IS BECKER CREJ PHONE 1917 227 E. MAIN ST. second-basema- flavor-intensifyi- ng Enjoy Sales Co. Evans-Youn- g s left-cent- Cleaned and that ice cream made from rich cream, real fruits and pure cane sugar is a great body builder. You will find our ice cream a delightful treat as well as a stimulating, health-givin- g food. You will say it is the most delicious you have ever tasted. It's more delicious because it's Heathized frozen in a sterile, atmosphere, thus insuring greater purity and flavor. You enjoy it more because of this feature, which is our exclusive right in this city. Always ask for our ice cream. It is your assurance of guaranteed quality. first-roun- more than likely come through. he happens to break a leg, which is Not much is known concerning the very doubtful. Gess won both of these Volunteer team except that they are events last week at Vanderbilt in a especially strong in sprints, one, and handy fashion, but due to his two-mi- le he cut in front of the Vandy runs, and in the high jump. If the 'Cats can take one of two of runner and was disqualified in the and then live up to their 440. these events Coach Shively will take sixteen men present reputation in the other events, they should win the meet. The time on the trip as usual and they will for the runs are just about the same probably be the same men who made with Kentucky having a slight edge the trip last week. West, the broad and according to dope the Wildcats jumper, is on the Junior engineering trip and will join the team in Knoxwill come out on top. Bill Gess, Kentucky's Olympic pros- ville, as will Kirkendall and Akin pect, can almost be counted on to win who are on the Senior engineering dashes unless trip. the 440- - and 880-ya- rd intra-mur- That New Suit feelhig may only come, like a birthday, sending the once a year suit to use frequently will bring you many happy returns of the day. Your family physician will tell you WEEK Intra-murtennis and horseshoes were off to a flying start this week when the initial matches in both sports were held. Drawings for places in the brackets took place on Mon day and play was begun Immediately. d According to the schedule, all matches in both events must be completed this week. Initial Horseshoe Completion M. E. Potter, director of athletics at the University, states that interest is running in high gear among the "barnyard golf" enthu siasts. This year's program marks Kentucky scored first in the third the advent of horseshoe pitching as an sport at Kentucky, and inning. Ericson led off with a single down the left field foul line. McGary 57 men have entered to compete for was safe when Redding was slow in the title of the University's chamfielding his bunt. Jeffries was out pion "horseshoe heaver." The horseon a pop-ubut "Baldy" Gilb came shoe pits, which are located under the through with a screaming triple to stadium on the north side of the footthat counted both runners. ball field, have been the scene of much Cole hoisted to right field and Ray- activity all week. In addition to the mond Rhoads struck out to end the 57 entries in the singles, 28 doubles teams are contesting for trophies. stanza. Tennis has likewise drawn a large The Wildcats chalked up their other number of entries and quite a few excounter in the next round. France-wawas safe on a fielder's choice citing matches are expected to result He stole second and came home when before the finals are reached. Fourn had difficulty in teen doubles teams and 50 singles en the fielding McGary's bounder after Eric trants were carded to test their skill son had walked. "Swede" went to on the courts this week. The exact third on the play but was out at the time and place of these matches are plate in an attempt to double steal. left to the convenience of the conThe Gophers made their first threat testants, provided that all first round in the sixth when they succeeded in events are completed by tomorrow. getting men on second and third with The silver loving cups to be awarded both two out. However, Franceway gath to the "winners and runners-uered in Nydahl's liner to extinguish singles and doubles of horseshoes and tennis, will be on display soon in the rally. Minnesota tallied their only run off of McGary in the seventh on a the windows of the "K" Shop. Diamond Ball Begins Soon single, a sacrifice, an error, and a Following close on the heels of fielder's choice. Redding opened the next stanza horseshoes and tennis is the with a double over the right field diamond ball. The first games bank and Rhoads took up the pitching are scheduled for April 30 and all duties. A wild pitch permitted Red organizations intending to compete ding to score from third where he had must have their entries in by 6 been advanced by a hit batsman and o'clock tonight. All men except those a base on balls. Rhoads halted a who have earned their letter in baseg rally when he breezed ball or those who are on the varsity for squad at the present time, are eligible three fast ones by a pinch-hittThe fraternity teams will compose the final out. The visitors should be commended two divisions and the winners will be for the stand they made against the determined on a percentage basis. The Kentuckians. This was the first full selection of the teams for each di game played by Minnesota this sea- vision will be accomplished by refer son. The only other contest in which ence to the tenm s record last year they have engaged, scheduled for in diamond ball. Monday against Butler, was called off The fraternity champions will meet during the fourth inning because of the winners of the independent divise ion in a rain. series for the The box score: University championship. All games AB R H PO A E will be played on the football pracKentucky 4 0 0 2 2 1 tice field on Upper street just oppoJeffries, ss 3 0 1 2 2 0 site the Administration building. Gilb, 2b 4 0 1 11 1 0 Cole, lb Annual Derby to Be Held 300200 R. Rhoads, cf The second annual Rolled Skating 0 Derby, Ropke, If 40 which is probably the feature 200240 Crouch, 3b event of the program, 4 2 Franceway, rf is scheduled for Saturday, May 12. 3 00 Ericson, c This is the only event promoted by 3 McGary, p the men's athletic department in Robt. Rhoads, p.... 0 0 0 0 0 0 which women can also compete. A large number of entries are expected 30 3 G 27 11 1 to Totals contest for the honors and the AB R H PO A E loving cups offered to the winners of Minnesota 4 0 1 0 0 0 the individual races and to the winRoss, If 3 0 0 3 1 0 ners of the sorority and fraternity Bolstad, 2b 0 relays. 20 Stark, ss 300101 Nydahl, cf 4 00 Tanner, c EVEN IF Food In Ice Cream START THIS the same team by a G to 1 started his first contest this season and allowed the visitors only five hits and one run up to the eighth inning when he was relieved by Robert Rhoads. Rhoads held the Gophers safe for the remainder of the struggle although a wild pitch enabled them to raise their total number of markers to a pair. The Wildcats played a brand of baseball that could not be denied victory. Although intermittent show ers, which several times made it look as if it would be necessary to call the game, kept the diamond in a soggy condition, the Kentucky infielders dashed to all corners of the lot to drag down hot smashes or pull in high fouls and provide a fitting background for the creditable performances turned in by the two score, nave Liberal surplus Taking 50c PER PLATE TENNIS CONTESTS from two-mile- BOSTON. MASS. 12 -- 1 P. M. who made his debut on the hurling mound for Kentucky just about a year game ago when he won a well-pitch- LOSES MINNESOTA 59-5- 8 J'SJt Ztr'' I' i'AdMi;' T tfei "Cleanen, That Satisfy" 212 S. Limestone St. .L, t'-- C3 MEASURE FOR MEASURE Art HI. Bene X 8 million a day