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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 27, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PA3E EIGHT ing advantage of the ample room on In Algiers, the artist engaged the ALGERIA HAS ESPECIAL CHARM FOR LOUIS ENDRES either side of him. When the French services of a native boy to pose for J military police arrived on the scene of rhe melee, all of the natives dissp- peared, leaving Endres to ruefully Morocco. Even in Almade in Fez, canvas, French have held pick up his ruined which feel minor giers, where the tha natives cuts and bruises undisputed sway for eighty years, had seen fit to impose upon him, and was brushed aside by people his easel to take a bath. walking down the street without tak go home (Continued From Page One) "AFTER THE DANCE" Don't Forget to Get a Bowl of The World's Most Famous "Chili" Ask Nick , Ideal Lunch Lexington, Ky, 103 E. Main St. "STUDENTS" The' Best Place in the City . To Eat PHONE 1170 WOMANS EXCHANGE 228. East Main tiMMH!ttn!itttinttmtntt:tinMmtriiiii;imaun 'Deifonftoss?Iodd Co. INCORPORATED Lexington's Leading Department Store SALE OF HATS Admirably styled for the young College Woman ' $A75 an oil he wished to make. The boy cheerfully consented, planning to buy cakes with his salary. His mother learned of the arrangement, with the exception of the salary part, which the boy saw fit to keep to himself. It was not long until Mr. Endres was host to a delightful gathering in his studio, composed of natives who spoke voluably, if not loudly, in Arabic, a language the bewildered artist did not understand a word of. Mr. Endres' guests discussed his birth, breeding, probable outcome in life, and his previous condition of servitude, in exceedingly uncompli mentary terms. It was not until an interpreter arrived that the artist learned that he was ruining the re ligion of the boy, intended lo kidnap him and take him off to America to sell, and was probably performing strange and mysterious rites over the young believer's head. Mr. Endres patiently explained that he was only painting the boy, had no designs upon him whatsoever, and as far as the kidnapping was concerned, he would not take the boy as a gift. This appeared to offend the fond parent, who on Mr. Endres' again commented family tree. The artist sooivdearned that she had a mind of gold as well as a heart of gold, and prevented the discussion from lasting far into the night by buying a half interest in the boy, and reverting title to him. The assemblage then retired to the Algerian equivalent for the neighbor hood beer-sho- p. To the Algerian every American is a millionaire, philanthropist, and wastrel in one. This popular bejiel made it very expensive for Mr. En dres to secure models, unless he made use of all the tricks of bargaining, Mr. Endres has a red mustache, and hair just a shade darker, so no im plications as to his probable race would be applicable. All in all, the trick of handling natives came only after long and unafraid .contact with them, Mr. Endres affirmed. He's going back, is this young man, back to the filth and squalor of but back too, where the warmest colors of the spectrum swirl and eddy at sunset, finally re solving themselves into blues of an indescribable turquoise hue, and cast. grays of a flint-lik-e ' Crochets, Toyos, Leghorns, Hairs R. W. SMOCK and Fancy Weaves In all sizes and newest colors Watch Your Watch 1 , Values to $6.95 For Saturday SMART MILLINERY $4.75 . Careful Watch and Clock Repairing PHONE 7638 157 S. LIME FOURTH FLOO- R- ROOF REPAIRING GENUINE EUGENE PERMANENTS Permanent waves, using the famous Eugenol Sachets at this low price for Phone 4990. the races. Beauty Shop Fourth Floor . JR 10 We repair slate, tile, tin and composition We also roofs. erect and repair gutter and spouting. All work guaranteed. WISE FURNACE REPAIRING All Kinds Furnaces MILLER BROS. High Phone 2758 Cor. Near High and Lime 105 W. Quality sent PA of the To Present Play Members of the. University Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. will present "The Color Line," a one act play, Tuesday, May 1, at 6:30 in Patterson hall. No admission will be charged and the public is invited. The presentation of "The Color Line" Tuesday will be the sixth pro- THE ROLLER GARDEN? Fringe albert the national joy smoke! NEW IN LEXINGTON SOMETHING A Blue Ridge banquet, the first one of its kind that has ever been held on the campus, will be given by the Y. M. C. A. on Thursday evening, May 3, at 6:30 o'clock in the Univer sity cafeteria. An unique and inten sely interesting program is prom ised and it is hoped that it will meet DANCING 9:30 P. M. to 1:00 A. M. TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS Good Music with as much success here as it has in other colleges, where similar functions have been held. Many former Blue Ridge delegates will take part in the program, and Miss Margaret Lewis, secretary of the University Y. W. C. A. and chairman of the Blue Ridge Conference committee, is planning to decorate "the cafeteria to represent as nearly as possible the beautiful scenes that are characteristic of Blue Ridge. "Peck's Bad Boys." EVERYTHING MUSICAL AT The Music Shop Adjoining Kentucky Theater Sigma Xi Will Hear Prof. R. F. Johnson W. A. BURNETT Phone 5215 U. G. ROWBOTHAM 'Eugenic Aspects of Politics and Religion- - Subject of Address to Scientists Exclusive Millinery R. F. Johnson, professor of gas ind oil production at the University of Pittsburgh and noted eugenist, will be guest of the department of physics and of Sigma Xi, honorary scientific fraternity, Friday, May 11. Professor Johnson will speak on "Changing Russia," Friday after noon at 3:15 in the Physics lecture room, illustrating his lecture with slides. He will deal with the subject from his own actual experiences in China and Russia. All students are invited to attend the address. Friday night at 6 o'clock, Profes sor Johnson will be principal speaker at the annual banquet of Sigma Xi in the Palmroom of the Phoenix hotel His subject will be "Eugenic Aspects of Politics and Religion." After the dinner, Sigma Xi will hold its annual election of officers. duction of the play this year. It has been given before five Lexington churches, and once at Nichtflasville. At a later date it will also be given at the Calvary Baptist church and Central Christian church. Invitations to present the play at Paris and Rich mond have not been accepted. Men Members of the cast are Elise Bureau, Virgil L. Couch, Robert Gilmore, New Book Louis Marking, Alice Spaulding, and Evelyn Cooley. The play was written Professors Webb and Funkhous-e- r by Irvine Taylor MacNair, and was Collaborate on Scientific first presented at the Detroit Student Work Volunteer Convention held last fall. "Ancient Life in Kentucky," an illustrated book, written by Dr WilUNIVERSITY ALUMNI IN of the deFOUR CORNERS OF WORLD liam D. Funkhouser, head William S. partment of zoology, and Webb, professor of physics, is the lat(Continued From Page One) est book off the press by a University professor. Cape Town, South Africa. On the the It is a brief presentation other side of the world, another equal- paieontological succession in ofKenly enthusiastic alumnus, John J. outgets his weekly copy of his tucky coupled with a systematic Comline of the archaeology of the Alma Mater's paper at the postoffice monwealth. The book is illustrated of Seville, Spain. with 17G original photographs, maps, The Standard Oil Company has sent many University men on travels to and diagrams. copies There are 400 at the Univerthe Orient. Five former Kentucky sity bookstore and they will be sold students are now in China. One of for $1.75, the same price charged in these. students is Maj. Walter. C. Frankfort. The book will be used as who is commander of the Amer University. ican expeditionary forces at Tien a text at the Tsin, China. Korea, Japan and Tokio FORM are other Oriental countries where STUDENT ARTISTSPENCIL CLUB PAINT AND Kentucky alumni make their homes. Three University graduates in EngClub, a newly The Paint and land, one in France, two in J3ulgaria, organized band ofPencil student artists, will one in Germany four in Haiwaii five applications for membership receive in Mexico, seven in the Philippines, from any students who are fond of one in Porto Rico, two in Spain, one drawing or painting, according to an in Portugal one in Siam, six in South announcement made by Miss Ann America several on the ranches of instructor in art in the UniverCanada, a number in Alaska, and one sity The purpose of the club is a dual in West Africa, are included in the one, not only of fraternalizing the fellist of Kentucky men and women who low spirits, but also to exhibit and have gone "far from home." discuss the creations of the members. In Portugal Julian L. Pinkerton '14, All applications should be addressed holds the office of vice consul at the to Miss Callihan, care of the art general consulate. Graham Hawes '97 is American consul general at Sofia, Bulgaria. Oyer in the exotic land of Persia, Commodore Bascom W. W. STILL Fisher '20, is doing educational work on the board of foreign missions, ot KODAKS EASTMAN FILMS the Presbyterian'church. DEVELOPING and PRINTING So you see, they have gone far away these Kentucky alumni. Many 129 W. Short St. Lexington, Ky. of them can't get back to the campus for reunions and fraternity banquets, but they do not lose their interest in Don't Forget their school. That's why, every week stacks of Kentucky Kernels find their MOTHER'S DAY! way through the mails to the countries of the world. MARY University Authors of Are St. Marie Millinery Phone 2564 133 East Main St. University Shoe Shop We Guarantee to Give SERVICE AND SATISFACTION Work Done While You Wait Cor. High and Lime M. A. Mangione & Co. FLOWERS "Say It Better" We Specialize in Corsages and Cut Flowers ORDERS TAKEN NOW ! Fitz-patric- "Gul-lio- JACK COUSINS Student Representative Keller Florift Phoenix Hotel Building 120 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE 354 Sittin' in clover Happy i all over CANDIES 70c Per Pound McGurk & O'Brien CONFECTIONERS Phone 718 106 W. Main wwwwwwwwwwwww NOW PLAYING Wallace Beery lf in a Braeburn. New Spring Braeburns $35 $40 $45 and A Sanitary Shop 4 Raymond Hatton In We Use the Terminal System long-burnin- J. R.moldt Tobacco , N. C 'Y' Organizations Frank McKee, of Versailles, a member of the executive board of trustees of the University, was instantly killed Wednesday morning when the automobile which he was driving was demolished by an interurban car near the McKee crossing five miles from Versailles on the Frankfort pike. At,the time of the accident Mr. McKee was driving across the interurban tracks in front of his farm, and turned into his driveway in front of the oncoming car. Motorman Preston Maupin, of Lexington, was operating the interurban car when the accident occurred. Funeral services are to be held this morning at 10:30 o'clock in s. Winnon-Stlcm- Sax stated. "Romany audiences will be treated to a murder, and the thrilling hunt for the murderer, yet the play has none of the triteness or cheapness of the typical mystery play," Professor Sax explained. The hero of the play is a young doctor, a psychiatrist, who has novel ideas upon the subject of determining beforehand the conduct of persons with criminal tendencies, especially murderers. Among the in teresting characters in the play, Bui Garon, a homicidal maniac, is thrill-ingl- y and scientifically portrayed, as is the mysterious "man in gray The feminine lead, Lucetto. the fi ance of Dr. Barton, proves to be a resourceful heroine, and through her intuition, remarkable understanding, and quick wits, she provides the play with a happy ending. In Auto Accident P. A. showed a clean pair of heels It has mainto the field of smoking-tobaccotained its lead ever since putting more distance behind it every year. There must be a reason brand. why P. A. is the world's largest-sellin- g There is! Open a tidy red tin and get a full fragrance. Then breath of that a load into the bowl of your pipe and tamp light up. The first pull tells you why more men smoke P. A. than any other brand. Cool and smooth and mellow and mild not for one g pipe-loabut always. Try this tobacco, Fellows. You'll say so! C 192(, R. Company, The Romany players will close the fifth year of their existance with "The Whip of Fire," a mystery play of scientific cast, during the week beginning May 4, Director Carol M. Sax rnnounced yesterday. Six performances are to be given, with a possible extension of time in case the attendance should warrant, Director U. K. Trustee Dies YEARS ago, d, Is Said to Be Exciting Mystery Former Delegates and Confer ence Committee Will Plan Play of Scientific Unique Program Thursday Nature LEE class class-by-itse- Have You Visited n, I! to the head Y. W. C. A. to Give Romany Will Give Blue Ridge Banquet 'The Whip of Fire' you vibrate to Give yourself a real treat. The next time you need a haircut or a shave that'll make you smile with keen" satisfaction, just drop around to quality, you'll gravi- tate to P,A. LAFAYETTE Barber Shop CHAS. REEDER, Prop. (Union Shop) "Wife Savers" SUNDAY Emil Jennings In "THE LAST COMMAND" THE K SHOP IN THE TAVERN BUILDING Branch of Kaufman Clothing Co.