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11 > Image 11 of Annual report. 1925

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

585f 155 ' ANNUAL REPORT of the DIRECTOR OF THE KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIIVIENT STATION . U For the Year 1925. The Agricultural Experiment Station has shown progress in its work during the yeari Research has continued on a sound and productive basis, while the various service aetivi- ties rendered to the citizens of the state have been upon an increasing scale. Each year, there is indication of increased use of the work of the Experiment Station on the part of the citizens of the state. Contacts with farmers have been multi- plied by the establishment of the substations. During the past few years, the proportion of funds and the time devoted to the economic phases of agriculture have greatly increased. Farm management and cost of production investi- gations, studies in marketing, in cooperation and in the eeono- V, mics of production, are in progress. These and other studies furnish the source of an enlarging fund of information to those interested in the agricultural problem of the state. }'I`he results of economic research are immediately applicable to farm prob- lcms. An illustration of this may be seen in connection with i the work on the standardization of lambs and of poultry and Z poultry products. The products named have taken an im- l proved position due to the utilization of principles of grading l and standardization that meet the market demands. Funds for the work of the Experiment Station have been l augumented thru an act of Congress known as the Purnell Act. This act follows the previous federal endowments created under the Hatch and Adams Acts. The funds appropriated may, according to the wording of the act, "be applied only to 7 paying the necessary expenses of conducting investigations or making experiments bearing directly on the production, manu-