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12 > Image 12 of Annual report. 1925

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

l l 1 i ` 6 Tlt.z'fy-eiighth Annual Report faeture, preparation, use, distribution and marketing of agri- i cultural products, and including such scientiiic researches as have for their purpose the establishment and maintenance of a permanent and eificient agricultural industry, and such eco- nomic and sociological investigations as have for their purpose iv the development and improvement of the rural home and rural I life, and for printing and disseminating the results of said researches." The funds available this year were used in pro- viding for new' studies in tobacco diseases, research in home economics and in an extension of the investigations in market- ing and Cooperation A department of home economies was established in the Experiment Station September 1, 1925. Two research pro- i jects, one a study of the vitamins of kale, and the other an in- vestigation of- the metabolism of obesity, have been under- taken. It will be the purpose of this department to develop r investigation relative to foods and to other problems of the S home. The current year marked the formal dedication of the i new substations in WStC1`l1 and Eastern Kentucky. These branches of the Experiment Station are well located to serve the agricultural interests of the state and to supplement the work of the Experiment $ta_tion. Necessarily, the progress of the substations in research will be slow. The first essential has been the erection of buildings, the cleaning and clearing ot W -i V lands and the upbuilding of the soil, so that work could be if i begun. Muchtof .the preliminary work has been completed. Y A During the coming year, increasing attention will be given to " I the agricultural problems of the regions served. . Costs, Returns and Profits for Tobacco. Studies of costs, returns and profits for tobacco covering a six-year period in M thwurley Region and a five-year period in the Dark Tobacco ` ._ Region have been completed. Some of the results are given lg in Table 1. _ as t it