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The Kentucky Kernel, February 18, 1922

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

The Kentucky Kernel j UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, VOL. XII As n result of tho request of the Lexington Herald for n review, in advance, of tho party given by the students of ASSEMBLY the University of Kentucky at the LaOF GENERAL Evening, fayette Hotel on Valentino greatly augu-mcntc- d Amanda Forkner has her already widespread fame Resoas a writer. Miss Forkner, a senior, Governor lutions majoring in journalism, was given, ns an assignment, the duty of writing, beMorrow forehand, a review of the exercises and play given by tho students of the UniCLUB versity, as an entertainment for tho State Legislators, who attended the bar-que- t. Being thoroughly acquainted witu Mamie Miller Woods is Hontho intended program, Miss Forkner Speech wrote a splendid article which was pubored by Request lished in the way of an extra, by the Fifty students of the University of Herald, and distributed to those attendKentucky were guests of the General As- ing, just as the party broke up for th sembly and the Governor of Kentucky evening. Thursday afternoon Feb. ICth. Tha delegation was made up of representatives of the various organizations of the CLEMSON COULD NOT campus. The party left the University at 10:30 a. m. and arrived at the Capitol about 12 HANDLE OUR WILDCATS a. m. The students were taken to lunch by various members of the House and a Good Game Senate, and again assembled in the state Unable to room of the Capitol where they were formally received by the Governor. Up ARE GUESTS Myrtle Clar Presents to GLEE ENTERTAIN for f- Myrtle Clar presented the resolutions passed by the Student body on the evening of Feb. 9th. After hearing the "Alibi" offered by the Governor for the report of the Budget Commission, the party proceeded to the Floor of the House. In the meantime the quartet from the Glee consisting of Neal Sullivan Club, J. F. Dahringer, Earl Baughmar. and S. D. Fendley had sung before the Senate and the same set of resolutions weic of presented to the President the senate by Frances Marsh. When T the party had assembled in the House Representative Harry Miller was called to the Chair and the house was given over to the University students. The quartette gave three songs to an audience that showed its appreciation by a strong demand for a fourth encore. W. H. Peal the first of the speakers contrasted Kentucky with other states in higher education, and ir. the name of the University students asked the Legislature to grant an appropriation largo enought to place other Kentucky on an equality with states. J. W. Chenshaw, President of 'the Men's Student Council, presented the MarHouse. the resolutions to A garet Smith spoke on behalf of the Keno tucky girls who were barred from a education because of lack of dormitories and class room facilities. The ovation given Miss Smith showed that she had struck a responsive cord. Raymond T. Johnson the orator of the Senior Class spoko or. "A Greater University." Going straight to the point ho told the legislators that it lay in their hands to make the University what it should be, or to allow it to fall behind the institutions of other states. Mr. H. J. Beam ended the program by a recital men, of tho work done for the and tho facilities needed for tho continuance of that work. Ono striking occuranco of tho visit was Pro-ter- n tho compliment paid to Mnmio Miller Woods. At her own request sho had been omitted from the list of speakers, but tho legislators who had seen her as Cinderella Tuesday evening called her to tho visitor's chairs. At tho end of tho program our own Emory Frazlor was recognized, and after a wonderful speech, presented Miss Woods with a dozen rosea with tho compliments of tho House. Tho mombers of tho party were: Chnp-erone- s, Miss Jewell, Miss Logan, Prof. Hamilton and Prof. Jones. Student, Mury Peterson Clar, Myrtle (Continued on page 4.) But Playing Carolinians are Passing Break By J. A. ESTES Back of the seriousness and earnestness generally connected with amateur athletics, there is always a little bit of yearning for the slapstick, ever waiting for an opportunity to crop out before an appreciative audience. Thus the slapstick proclivities of a championship basketball team furnished the main features of the University of Kentucky's 38 to 14 victory over the Clemson College quintet in the wildcat den last night The Blue and White spuad of tho University tortured the Clemsonites into submission in the first few minutes of play and at the end of the first half had the visitors on the rear seat of a The freshmen team of 21 to 6 count. the South Carolina school, although it showed flashes of individual brilliancy throughout the contest, was unable to break up tho well developed passing ganr.o of the Wildcats, who once having attained a comfortable lead handled the sphere that with a wisdom and nonchalance would havo exasperated a team of Jobs. Wreckers Run to Form Early in tho second semester Coach Gcorgo Buchhoit responded to tho insistent calls of the gallery for tho "wreaking crew," and sent in an entire now lineup. A summary of the shots taken by each team shows that tho Kentucky varsitv crew scored 13 field goals out of C2 tries at tho bnsket, while tho rear rank of tho wildcats scored five field goals out of !J" chances, making a total of 18 goals out of 95 shots. Clemson got only 33 tries at tho hoop and connected on four occasions. Clemson (14) Day (C) Schilletter (2) Colbert (4) Bryan Thornton F ...F C G G AGRICULTURAL (38) Kentucky (8) Hayden (9) Kirg (8) Adkins (2) Lavin Burnham NEWS No. FEBRUARY 18, 1922 Agricultural Experiment Station, Professor E. S. Good, and Professor L. J. Horlachcr. OF Mary Peterson, Cyr.thiann, sophomore in the College of Agriculture has been elected to the honorary rank of Major Sponsor by the University Cadet OF, E FEB. WILDCATS FEB. at an election held this week. She wnt formnlly Sponsor of C Company with tho ..Game Wildcats will rank of Captain. "Sissy" as she is better known on tho Showon Home campus is a member of Knppa Kappa ing Needs of Monday y circle Gamma fraternity, Sister and Agriculture Society. She takes an WILDCATS ART CONFID active part in every affair of the Univer- LAWMAKERS sity and is of high standing in her class De-Fe- at Valentine and StuColones work. The office of Major Sponsor was formWill ally held by Elizabeth Kimbrough, but Hotel College on account of her being a senior she was Next Monday the Centre This office Quintet will journey up to Lexington to not eligible for Virtually the entire body of Legislators clash with tho Kentucky Wildcats for is to be hold by Miss Peterson untu was the guest of the Lexington Board of next year. tho second time season. The Colonels of Commerce at a Valentine banquet smarting under the 28 to 21 defeat sufgiven at the Fafayette Hotel, February 14, at 0:30 o'clock. fered at the hands of the wearers of The University of and White Saturday Feb. 4, will WILDCATS LOSE TO Kentucky collaborated with the Bonrd "f put up a keen struggle to even matters. Commerce in offering a unique and Since tho last tilt with Centre tho entertaining program to the guests. This Wildcas have played with some of tho was a remarkable evening for the Universtrongest fives in the country. Defeatsity in creating a spirit of close acquainting Washington and Lee team, while two anceship nnd friendliness between tho two bodies. of the defeats on the recent eastern trip Wildcats and Lavin Game. The interesting program opened with were lost by only a small margin. Since the return from the eastern trip an effective address by Dr. J. O. ThompOut of Game son, president of Ohio State University, the Wildcats have been practicing hard Washington, Feb. 11 Tho University in which he made a strong plea for a free under the able direction of Coach Buchhoit, the game with Clemson Thurs- of Kentucky was defeated at basket ball state, free institutions and a free spirit day being the only one before tho Centre here tonight by Georgetown's undefeated of inquiry. game Monday evening. Then the curtains of the miniature quintet 28 to 23. It wns the ninth An interesting fact about the team3 straight victory for the Washingtonians. stage erected in one end of tho banquet who will play Kentucky is that Cleamson The contest was one of the fastest and hall wero drawn and out popped quaint which played here thursday night will most brilliant ever played here, not a marionette figures in an allegorical play georgetown Friday and Centre moment being dull. drama written by Madison Cawein, stuWith only five minutes to play in the dent in the University. The figures were Saturday. of the first half, Kentucky led by 20 to 19, bu: constructed and operated by Thomas A comparison of the score Clemson-Kentucky game with tho scores could not maintain the margin. Shortly Young, student. The a mechanical of the two games above mentioned to- after the beginning of the second haif, dialogue was admirably suited to the gether with the scores of the recent tho two teams were tied at nineteen and topic of tho moment and they made an games between these teams and Kentucky they played for exactly nine minutes instantaneous hit. After a musical selection by the Glee should furnish some interesting dope oi: without either quintet scoring. game to be played Georgetown got its margin by a bril- Club, an interlude entitled "The Growth the Centre-Kentuck- y February liant spurt near tho close of the contest of the University of Kentucky" was enevening Monday here men acted by Roscoe Kash, John Burke and 20. The old score of the Kentucky-Georgetow- n after two of the best Kentucky The first scene of thin game was 27 to 17 in Ken- Lavin and Adkins, had been put out on Albert Hukle. tragedy consisted of the appearance cf tucky's favor while the score of the personal fouls. Roscoe Kash in a neatly fitting rodinary Line up and summary: Centre game was 28 to 21 in tho Wildcats Georgetown suit of clothes representing the Universfavor. John Head of Louisville will offi- Kentucky Florence ity at a time when her appropriation was game. F Hayden ciate in the Centre-Kentuck- y O'Conneil adequate and her student body not toj F King The probable lineup is as follows: Zazall large to over tax its equipment. C Centre Adkins Kentucky Flavir G Greon Lavin F The second scene indicated that the Hayden Dooley Burnham dangerous process of growth had set in F King Flippln C Adkins Substitutions: Georgetown Smith for and this wns represented by John Burke, Covington Florence; Florence for Zazail. Kentucky a larger man than Kash, but wearing n G Lavin Snoddy G Burnham Festfor Odkins; Smith for Levin; Rico suit of the same size, the Inst scene gav.i tho Legislators an ocular demonstration for Smith. Goals from Floor: Flavin (6) Florence, that the state's principal institution had StuCarney, Hayden long since outgrown its equipment when OConr.ell (2), Zazall. dent Aihorf TTuklo. who stands six feet throe (2) King (3), Adkins, Lavin. ! Goals from Foul Line: Flavin, 5 out of inches, stepped out with the same size The marriage of Sue Boardman, a Smith, 1 out of 3; Lavin 5 out of 0; suit of clothes. So much of "Red" prosenior in tho college of Arts and Sciences 15; Hayden, 5 out of C. truded from all points that the analogy Hopkins, sophomore and Richard was quite apparent and ho was received student, both of Little Rock, wa? University with screams of laughter. While in Washington the Tuesday nfternoon at 5 solemnized Tho premier skit of the evening was o'clock at tho homo of the officiating Alumni Club entertained the Wildcats at tho production of the allegorical playlet, A. W. Fortune, in Elsmerj dinner. Senator Stanley gave the boys minister, Dr. written bv tickets and went with them to the Capitol "A Kentucky Cinderalla", Park. Professor Grant C. Knight in collaborato President HardTho bride was attractively dressed in and introduced them tion with other members of tho faculty. a bluo travelling suit and henna hat, ing. Ho also entertained them at dinner played by University and went with tho boys to varous places Tho parts wero n corsago of violets and valand woro and scenery of Interest in tho city, nnd helped mako Students and tho costumes ley lilies. Sho is a member of Alpha Xi direction of the n very pleasant wero mndo under tho Delta fraternity and very popular among their stay in the city Art Department. Miss Mamie Miller University social circles. Sho is tho ono. Woods represented Miss University of and Mrs. J. T. Board-madaughter of Mr. Kentucky. Dnmo Gossip was enacted by of Little Rock. Will Chapel. Miss Sue Chenault nnd Eddyville, FrankAttendcnts at tho ceremony weiv, and Phoebe, representing the Washington's Birthday will bo cele- fort Roxanno Trimble, Dorthy Blutz, Newton and feeblo minded institutosr holiday next WednesRaymond Kirk. Molloy nnd brated by tho usual wero enacted by S. C. Hart, Gcor?' Richard Hopkins is a member of Kappa day, with Dr. A. W. Fortune as tho Ill Rouse, and Miss Loutso Covington. Sigma fraternity and wns prominent in speaker of tho day. Following is a tentatho penitentiary garb and another fitting various campus activities. Ho and Mid. tive program for the patriotic exercise costume theso characters appeared on tho Hopkins have been lifelong friends nnd to bo held In tho chapel at 10:30 a. m. scene as serious competitors in state apAudience (standing) America sweethearts. propriations for tho favor of their Immediately following, tho ceremony Address Dr A. A. W. Fortune paternal ancestor, tho General Assembly, the young couplo left for a wedding trio Music directed by Professor Lamport Miss Ker.- which was thoir audience. On their return they will Music (National Hymn) University Banl in tho South. ( Continued on page 4.) make their homo at his farm near Pails. Benediction. TO CLASH WITH THE 20 Last Play 14 Students Enthusiastically Stage Performances University Floor Night PLEASED Banguet dent Program ghon At Lafayette Smarting from "Try Again" Put Played Brilliant Atkins Prominent University Married Here Dr. Fortune Tho University of Kentucky will bo well represented at tho "Association of Southern Agricultural Workers" to bo held at Atlanta, Georgin, Feb. 21, 22, and 23. Dean Cooper is President of the Association and addresses will bo delivered by Professor E. J. Kinney, Associate Agronomist of tho Kentucky 17 "Sissy" Peterson Choice for Major Sponsor Amanda Forkner Writes for GERTRE COLLEGE FIVE Lexington Herald FIFTY UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Y