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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 18, 1922

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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Eddy Student Speaker Will Give Lectures FIFTY STUDENTS VISIT ASSEMBLY LEGISLATURE GUESTS OF U. OF K. FEBRUARY 1 life in it? mnrvclous possibilities. Thinking is not ensy work, wo must put tho grasp tho grcnt truths of life nnd sec whole of life into it, A great thought proceed every grcnt nction. This is i wonderful power which belongs to us, so we should become nblo to think truly. Admirnl Dewey, because ho thought Sherwood Eddy, who is coming to the carefully put his thoughts into nction nnd nnd G to rIvo n University March 3, won the fight nt Mnnilln Bay. Lew scries of EvnnRclistic lectures', litis just Wallace wrote of nn exnet picture of compnign nmonp the returned from n Palestine oven though ho had never been students of Europe nnd the Ncnr Enst. there just because he first thought it He mnde n special study of the soclnl out carefully." nnd industrinl problems in Europe dur-iii"Learn to think nnd so clevnto your hns held the present unrest. He vision of life. Think truly nnd deeply conferences with students of the Univernnd get bencnth the surfneo so you will sity of Berlin, nnd studied present conget grentcr enjoyment out of life. Do ditions in Germnny nnd Austrin. He wns more than surfneo thinking; get into the with the Poles in their Inst stnnd before rich soil thnt hns not been disturbed Wnrsnw, flew with their flying squndron, nnd gnther the grcnt fruits of great nnd studied conditions among the Bolthought. A life thnt thinks truly nnd shevik prisoners. docs well leaves nn imperishable impress conferHo conducted the first student on the sands of time." ence ever held in Czcchoslovnkin, nnd made two journeys through Turkey in The Cabinet of tho Y. W. C. A. held the midst of the present strife between an open meeting at Patterson Hall last nnd Greeks. In Nationalists, Armenians, Monday night. Tho semester reports ERypt the attendance at his mcetinRS were given by tho Chairmen of the difhundred n night in rose from twenty-fiv- e ferent Committees. Cnro, where two theaters were filled Mr. Ralph Owens gave a short talk on six thousnnd n niRht every night to over Sherwood Eddy and his work. Mr. Eddy in Assiut. After entering the industrinl who is one of the greatest student centers of the Balknns nnd Itnly, nnd the speakers of the world is coming to tho devastated nrens of Franco and Belgium, University March 3, 4, nnd 5 to give a he made a special study of the labor series of Evangelistic lectures. problem in England during the coal strike, nnd attended the Trade Union Congress nt Portsmoth, meeting the Will principal labor lenders, employers, nni Give Feb. 23 young intellectuals of Englnnd. He brings a message concerning the present in"Campbell of Kilmhor," a play by J. A. dustrinl crisis in Europe, a possible Ferguson, will be presented by the America's industrial probsolution for Dramatic Production Class in the Little lem, and the basis of a new social order. Theater next Thursday afternoon at 4 Few men of our time have had such an o'clock, followed by a tea in the Ret opportunity to study both the student problem in Room. This is the first of a series of situation and the industrial plays to be given by the class during th Europe, Asia and America. Such a man semester, to which students, faculty, and will certainly have a great message for public are cordially invited. the students of the University of The cast for "Campbell of Kilmhor" is as follows: Morag Cameron Jeanctte Sashcr Dugald, Y. M. C. A. John T. Vogel Captain Archibald Campbell Doctor Hnrry Best wns the speaker at Henry Taylor the meeting of the Y. M. C. A. held last Sunday night in the Y room. His subGives Interestject was "The Five Types of Men." ing Doctor Best said; "Life is a golden gift. There are five types of men in Under the auspices of the Health Delife. The first is the man. Abraham partment, Doctor Edith Hale Swift, of Lincoln whose name grows greater every American Social Hygiene Associayear is the finest incarnation of a man the tion, New York City, delivered a series of ever known. He is known to a large imminumber which even includes the grants to the United States. "The second type is the gentleman. This is a man who has a keen sense of honor, who thinks of others before himself and refuses to take advantage of a weaker man. Robert E. Lee is a type Dramatic Production Play Edith Swift Lectures of a real gentleman." "The third type is the scholar. A college man should be able to go forth and Doctor Arnold of Rugby is a conquer. true scholar. 'Watch ye, stand fast in the faith quit ye like men and be strong" is on his monument." "The worker is the fourth type. You go through life as one who gets something from it or gives something to it. Doctor Granfiell of Labrador who ministers to the fishermen goes into the cold as a worker. The test of a worker is not his words but his deeds." "The last type is the Christian and this is the highest form of life. This is a man whose Magna Charta is thn Bible. The world is entering into an increased appreciation of Jesus Christ. Think of the priviledge you have of being under Christ. John Bunyan was a true Christian. His book is more widely known than any other book besides the Bible. We may put the Christian in all, through all, over all, and above all. This life alone has a price too great for a man to estimate." Y. W. C. A. NOTES The first of the Sunday evening Y. W. C. A. meetings in charge of the Bororitics was held last Sunday at Patterson Hall. Alpha Gamma Delta was responsible for the program. The speaker was the Reverend B. C. Horton of the Methodist Church. His subject was "Thinking and Doing," or "The Relation of Thought to Action." In part the Reverend have tho priviledge of gating and exploring thought. In learning Horton said, "We thinking, investitho realms of how to think we four lectures to tho women students of tho University. Tho lectures were held in tho chapel nt tho fifth hour Friday, Saturday, Mondny, and Tucsdny. Dean Jewell sent n pcrsonnl message to each woman student requesting her to be present, nnd extra credits in physical education were given to those nttending. Doctor Swift spoke nlso before the women students of Trnnsylvania; KenCollege, Winchester; tucky Wcsllcyan Kentucky College for Women, Danville; Kentucky Female Orphans' School, Midway; Fugazzl's Business School; and Lexington Senior High. She nddrcsscd nlso the Business nnd Professional Woman's Club nnd tho Business Girls' Club. Doctor Swift is a graduate of Radclifle nnd Johns Hopkins Colleges, nnd hns done graduntc work nt Hnrvnrd and in Germany. For a number of yenrs she wns phynicnl cxnminer of the women nt RndcliiTc nnd Wcllcsloy. UNIVERSITY LUNCH ROOM "Home of Students" Good Things To Eat At All Hours Props. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Poulis MISS SPURR'S DANCING SCHOOL Special rates for students in classes and private lessons. Regular dances for University Students STUDENTS HOLD MEETING, RESOLUTION MADE Thursday and Saturday nights Opp. Phoenix Hotel A mass meeting composed of several hundred 3tudents was held on the campus last Thursday night when resolutions concerning the University appropriation were read and approved by tho student body. It was voted that a delegation of students be sent to Frankfort to present the resolutions to the Governor and the Legislative body. The meeting was in charge of the StuCircle. J. dent Council and the Su-K- y W. Crenshaw, president of the.. Student Raymond Council presided. .Johnson spoke on tho needs o the University. Myrtle clar, president of the Woman s s, and Mary Council, spoke for the Peterson, W. H. Peal and Ryan Ringo made pleas to the students to write to Phone 6268-- R or 4503-- X . UofK STATIONERY U. of K. Tablets Pennants, Banners Kodak Books Fraternity Invitations and Dance Programs University BookStore their legislative representatives. Tho University band played several selections including "My Old Kentucky Home" which was sung by the student-?The meeting disbanded after a yell for Basement Main Building And 233 West Short Street Kentucky. OPPORTUNITY TO STUDENTS Saturday morning during second semester, Miss Mary Campbell Scott will give private voice lessons to a limited number of pupils. Special rates to University students. Lessons given in White Hall. Call 754 or see Miss Jewell. Miss Scott is a pupil of Mattioli, Italian voice builder and Granville, Chicago vocal, teacher and opera coach. University afeteria Operated on a Cost Basis for Faculty and Students $5.00 Meal Tickets For $4.50 Serving Hours The Reduced Price Period Over Soon 7:158:15 Breakfast 11:301:30 Lunch 5:006:15 - Dinner Sandwiches, Pies, Milk and Hot Chocolate You have but two weeks in which to secure winter apparel at duced prices. Served at all hours. re- Basement of the Main Building On March 1st all price reductions will be with- drawn. John Now is the opportune time to buy Suits, Overcoats, Hats, Shoes, heller Co., "Him "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS." Shirts, etc. Don't let this opportunity pass unheeded. Come now for the things you need. is represented on the campus by J. R. PEPPER Phone 4085 i GRADDY-RYA- N A. CO. 284 S. Lime KENTUCKY SIX Orchestra (Incorporated) HO 6 Pieces WEST MAIN STREET Delicious Home Made French Pastries Graham Bread and other Goodies Excellent For Parties and Lunches Phone 4897 302 E. High St. 6 Musicians -H- OURS-Any Time Social Functions A Specialty. 2255 i Phones 4085 The Kcatucky Six has played for aoclal function oa the University campus. Such engagements are our specialities, and your patronage will be appreciated.