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The Kentucky Kernel, February 15, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KY FEBRUARY VOL XIV STUDENT COUNCIL TO BE REPRESENTED ON SENATE DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE Government Board Passed Without Delay Peition of Men's NOTICE TO PRE-MED- 15, 1924 No. 17 ALUMNI S CONSTRUCTION d The picture of the department for the Kentuckian will be taken Friday afternoon at 3:30 in fron of the Science Building. afterImmediately wards Dr. Pryor will give an illustrated Icoturc in his class room. All are invited. pre-mc- U If Don't fail to read Dean F. Paul Anderson's article on the alumni page, the second article of a scries by the deans of the different colleges. Watch next week for another. JM COMPLIMENT TO COUNCIL -- HAVE BOT Net Tossers' New Home Promised for High School Tour- nament TO BE FINEST IN SOUTH TEAM TO Three Courts and a Seating 13-1- 27-1- j May-fiel- 1 two-third- The baseball season, which is rapidly approaching will find the University of Kentucky with few letter men but much high grade material gained from the 1923 Freshman nine. Captain Rouse, Miller, Gregg and Stokes are the only letter men who remain, the rest having been lost through graduation. The varsity team will be composed largely of last year's freshmen. Reed Miller, who last year cavorted in center field will probably be found at first ibase when the season opens' as "Daddy" Glenn,i the freshman first sucker did not return to school this year. This leaves the entire outfield open for the material of which there is a large quantity. Hughes and McFarland ia addition to their pitching played in the outfield. All there are steady hitters and sure fielders. Lyle Croft will probably fill the vacancy at third base which was left by the graduation of Arnold. Captain Rouse will possibly ibe shifted from short to second, leaving that place open for either Adams, captain of the 1923 Frosh, or Bill King who formerly held that position. "Chuck" Alberts will give Rouse plenty of competition for the keystone sack. The catching staff has two aspirants of merit in Derrick and Sauer. s Both of these men caught for the last year and Sauer also played in the outfield, part of the time. The Wildcat pitching staff should be stronger this year than it has been for quite a while. Two regulars, Gregg and Stokes, will return. Then there are several men who were on the squad last year but did not break 'nto the linup enough to earn a letter. From the freshman team, the varsity gains Riffe, Samuels, Vossmeyer, Hughes and McFarland, svho should add great strength to the staff Cy Barger will again coach t!c Cats as Fred Murphy, the new coach, does not take over the baseball duties until the end of this season. Voss-meye- r, K't-ten- K PROF. ROBERTS The weatherman, Kentucky's trickbeen responsible for the delay in the building of Kentucky's new basketball building and thus for the unfinished condition of it. Indirectly, the same factor has been responsible for the congestion, pushing and begging for seats at all of the Wildcats' home games this season. However, we are promised a completed building for the high school tournament to be held here March 13, 14 and IS. George B. Carey, chairman of the building committee, said in an interview: "I think you can state with a good deal of certainty that the building will :be ready for the high school tournament." When the contract was let the building was promised for January 15. However, brick cannot be laid when the temperature is below freezing and much time has been lost in this phase of the work. Last week the brick contractors were able to work only two hours, it seems that this week will be a repetition of last. Mr. Shea, the brick contractor, says that he can finish laying the brick in twelve dayr Com- The Blanchard Construction to ster, has Season Exercises in honor of Lincoln's birthday were held Tuesday morning at the fifth hour in chapel with President McVey presiding. LUCY WILSON Following the opening exercises and McVey, Mrs devotional, led by Dr. Taylor, of the Woman's Christian WALLOP CENTRE Temperance Union, presented to the CATS University in commemoration of Lincoln's birthday a plaque ibearing an in- 27-- 18 AND ADVANCE A scription of "The Law" which quotation from one of Lincoln's speeches IN STATE RACE has come down through the years as NOTCH one of his most famous sayings. Mrs. Taylor presented to the library of the Kentucky Five Draws Away LTnivcrsity a book of lectures by ColoFrom Colonels in Second nel George W. Bain. Period President McVey accepted the gift with appreciation and in his talk to the SCORE IS 3 AT HALF students compared the life of Lincoln with that of our late "war president" McFarland and King Are Best Wilson, emphasizing the fact that For Blue and White though there iwas a vast difference beQuintet tween the minds of the two men, both lived, acted and governed on the basic A spirited comeback by Kentucky'? principle, according to a high standard Wildcat quintet after Centre had held of ideals. them to a 3 tie for twenty minutes, K enabled the Blue and White five to CONVERSATION COURSE HAD decisively defeat the Colonels 8 at FIRST MEETING ON TUESDAY Danville Saturday night. The Cats were somewhat slow in getting start The first meeting of the now class ed but once going, quickly demonstratcalled a "Conference on Life Inter- ed their superiority over th Danville ests" offered by the English Depart- aggregation and drew away to win by ment in the College of Arts and a safe margin. Sciences was held in the Little TheaThe two quintets fought on about tre Tuesday at the fifth hour. even terms throughout the first half The professors who are to lead the showing much discussion were introduced by Prof. with neither outfit Dean Boyd told of form. In the second period the Cats L. L. Dautzlcr. combining an impenetrable defense the origin of the course and its obwith a forceful attack swept the Coloject, which is to teach the students the nels off their feet and slowly but surely (Continued on Page eight) art of serious and intelligent conversawont into a safe lead. tion as well as acquaint them with real Jimmie McFarland and B'.i King tha-superficial, knowledge of rather 'big noises Blue and SELECT TENTATIVE CAST modern "life interests." He urged that were the McFarland, for thepoint mar high the course be made a success by the White. of each of the game, was the keystone of the active study and FOR PLAY "SEVENTEEN" student. The 100 members of the Cat passing and cut in with several shots that startclass will be divided into ten sections, brilliant each of which is to meet weekly and ed the Cats toward their victory. His Changes Will Be Made From discuss among themselves one of the miard'ug of Henh Covington, Centre d flash, was so airtight that the Time to Time if Found selected problems. youth who had scored 18 points Necessary Much interest is .being taken ki the Virginia game, was novel course, which so far as is known, in the Centre-WeThe following is a tentative cast for is the first project of its kind ever car able to put the ball through the iron Seventeen," the 1924 Stroller pro- ried out. Should it reach the suc hoops but once from the field throughduction. Changes will be made from cess its promoters predict for it, it out the entire game. Besides putting time to time if deemed necessary: will be a decided innovation in educa- up a wonderful defensive game, King Earl tional methods in th's country. William Sylvanus Baxter cut in with three pretty field goals. Maxwell Heavrin. Dooley and Green, forward and K Mr. Baxter James Darnell. guard, respectively, were best for CenJoe Bullit Hannibal (Al) Wieman. tre, both on offense and defense. BOWLERS! Genises Frank Brown. Thomasson at center played well but Johnnie Watson Joe Hays. field goal owwas able to count but George Crooper Tom Armstrong. ing to the guarding of Captain The University Bowling team Mr. Parcher Oskar Ilamlbleton. "Chuck" Rice of the Cats. Kubale, will practice on the Phoenix alWallie Banks Richard Jones. back guard, was put out of the game 2 leys Monday afternoon at Jane Baxter Annelle Keelly. on personal fouls before the first pero'clock. Anyone who wishes to Lola Pratt Marjorie Warden. s iod was gone. try out for the team is requestMay Parcher Mary Helbunn. Foster Helm and Lovell Under- ed to repot at that time. Mrs. Baxter Margaret Yungblut. (Continued on page 4.) Mary Brooks Lillian Kasch. Ca- pacity of 3,400 Provided 4 VETERANS Former Kittens Expected Play Large Part in 1924 Dr. McVey Presides at Meeting Mrs. Taylor Presents Plaque to University OF NEW BASKETBALL K- CAT BASEBALL Women's Association to Present SERVICES IN HONOR OF A. Similar Petition Soon LINCOLN HELDJH CHAPEL The Men's Student Council of the University will have representatives ott both the University Senate and the Discipline Committee, the membership of which has been confined to faculty memlbers exclusively in the past, it was decided at the regular meeting of the Senate held Monday afternoon. The petition of the Coun c for such representation was pre sentcd to the Universiy Council which reported favorably to the Senate by whom it was passed without delay. This action on the part of the sen ate is a decided compliment to the Student Council and shows that the senate is keenly aware of the close spirit of cooperation between students and faculty, largely brought about by the efforts of the Student Council Marshall Barnes, president' of the Council, said that menUbers would be selected from that body at their next meeting to fill the newly created position. It is understood that the Woman's Association 'Government Student will present a similar petition at an early meeting of the senate. Memlbers of the Senate 'were confident that this request would be granted by their or ganization. This will serve in a very great measure to link the student body and faculty closer together. Among the other important rules passed by the Senate at their Mon day meeting was the decision that all dances must be held on Saturday nights or on the night preceding a holiday. The Social committee of the Student Council was asked to arrange their program to conform to this ruling. The reason given for this ruling was that so many fraternities had asked for dance dates on Friday nights WEATHERMAN SLACKENS AND STUDENTS HONORED Professor George' Roberts, head of the Department of Agronomy of tin University, has been selected to head the local chapter of the American Association for the coming year. The other officers elected include Dr. J. B. Miner, Prof. S. E. Leland, secretary-treasure- r, and Dr. W. D. Funkhouser, member at large of the executive committee. K An Illinois woman is suing her maid for stealing her husband. Those girls will take anything you have around the house. (Continued on page 4) -- K- TO HOLD MILITARY BALL 21 ST AT PHOENIX HOTEL New Attractions Will Add to the Success of Annual Dance The annual Military Ball will be held at the Phoenix Hotel February 21, from 9 until 2 o'clock. The committee in announcing the date f the ball asserted that several new attractions have been incorported for the first time adding to the uniqueness oi the affair. A buffet lunch will be served from 11 until 1 in the Palm room, during wheih time the dance will continue with the omission of The Scabbard and Blade, national Miliary fratemiy, will hold its pledging services shortly after the Grand March, at which time several of the commissioned officers will ibe pledged. Heretofore any type of uniform was permitted at the ball, but it has been decided this year to limit the uniform to the regulation uniform provided by the school. Alt advanced men are requested to wear their uniforms, but the basic men may wear either the uniform or a tuxedo. Tickets may be procured from any member of the committee or from Captain Beturum at any time before t dance. The committee has spared no effort to make the ball the ibest in the history of the department, and with tlx of the students, this end will be easily accomplished. 1