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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 15, 1924

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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Society Feb. 16 Alpha Gamma fraternity dance in the ball room of the Phoenix Hotel. Vomcn',s Athletic Association dance at Patterson Hall. Saturday, Rho Gamma Iota Chapter of Sigma Nu house dance Saturday evening at the fraternity entertained with a lovely chapter house on Win slow street, the Night Riders, a Lexington orchestra, furnished music for the occasion and refeshmcnts were served during the evening. The guests for the occasion were: Klcanor Chinn, LcGrcnd Geary, Margaret Chcnault, IihV.aibcth Ragcnstcin, Kathleen Lowry, Louise Bodcn, Margaret Hunter, Elizabeth Mock, Nancy Wilson, Willy King, Eugenia ington, Louise D. Brown, Magdclcne Rogers, Edna Gordon, Elizabeth Morc mon, Helen King, Georgia Rice, Fuller, Madeline Robards, Joan Robinson and Polly Doolan. Kath-crin- Delta Chi House Dance The members of Delta Chi fraternity were hosts for a pleasantly informal dance at the chapter house on south Limestone Saturday evening. Electrical decorations in the fraternity colors and symbols were used. A buffet supper was served at The host members of the active chapter were: Messrs. P. K. Stewart Harry H. Chidsey, Sam Martin, C. M Spillman, L. R. Ringo, Roscoe Cross d C. M. Sanders, I. J. Farra, Tyler Munford, M. A. Gorman, Percy T. Beard, A. W. Thompson, Winfrey Blackburn, D. C. Mclntyre, S. C. Taylor, Ccdrick Knickerbocker, Paul Rouse, Joseph Johnson, William Kendall, John Elkins, Eugene Cochran, Bovvcn Nelson, Robert Ennbry Patrick Farra, Laville Wilhoit, J. Y Elliott and Fred Snyder. The alumni present were: Messrs. J O. Reynolds, Warren Eubank, L. L. Hanks, J. J. McBrayer, James Farm er, E. L. Ritchie and W. H. Town- send. The pledges: Messrs. J. A. O'Brien, James Kitrcll, Edwin Smith, Walter Hall, John Little, Augustus Leach, GiLber Graves, Harry Likens, Mark Johnson, Grandies McLean and Mr. Phelps. The guests were: Misses Marie Pfeiffer, Louise Atkins, Kathleen Edwards, Virginia Kclley, Louise McCor-micPearl McCormick, Kathleen Ed wards, Elizabeth Cromwell, Marjorie Warden, Louise Connell, Dorothy Humphries, Alphonsine Stewart, DoroCarrick, thy Moran, Anna Pierce Crafton, Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth Mildred Morris, Marcia Lambert, Cowgill, Mary Ann Reynolds, Regina Bryant, Mary Elizabeth Luxon, Lillian Rasch, Lillian Mitchell, Ann Shropshire, Margaret Turley, Amanda Gordon, Margaret Baker, Martha Mitchell, Lockett Sue .Duncan, Ernestine Cross, Jane Hayden, Audray Guthrie, Mrs. H. B. Miller, Mrs. C. M. Spillman, Mrs. H. A. Dent; Messrs. H. A. Dent, Emmett Milward, Burgess Marshall Raymond Kirk, Carey, Barnes, James Davidson, Troy Perkins, Robert Van Pelt. John Reilly, Henry McEwing, Carl Rohs, Edward Byars, Robert Montgomery, William l, Blanton, Frank Berry, Dwight Joe Jackson, Will Milward, Dan Morse, William Scarce, Wiley Sams, John Brown, Joe Bradley, Elmer Wallace, Hobart Smith, Robert Honaker, Ray Stoesser, Dana Taylor, Edwin Martin, Shelby Howard, S. D. Cochran, William Upham, Geo. Wolfe. The chapcrones were: Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, Professor and Mrs. W. E. Nichols, Mrs. J. H. White, Professor and Mrs. Brauer, and Mr. and Mrs. Leland Hanks, Mr. and Mrs. Goodson Reynolds. Miller,-Elwoo- k, Bick-nel- Kappa Delta Party The Lexington alumnae of Kappa Delta sorority will entertain with a benefit party at Lafayette Hotel Saturday afternoon, February 23, and' the proceeds of the party will be given to the cripple children's hospital fund Reservations for tables may be made which the organization is sponsoring with Miss Margie McLaughlin or Miss Elizabeth Shropshire on the campus The children who arc proteges of the K. IVs arc in a hospital in Richmond Va., and arc being cared for including their limited schooling and nursing, clothing and the provision of braces and chairs and beds by the active alumnae members of Kappa Delta. Patronage of the party will afford not only a very enjoyable entertainment but will assist a worthy philan thropy. Rent a New Car Drive it Yourself r, e, For Business For Pleasure Drive It Yourself Co. Adjoining Phoenix Hotel Collision Insurance Free Road Service Alpha Tau Omega Party The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity of the University was host for a lovely house dance last Saturday evening at the chapter house on South Limestone street. The house was attractively decorated in the fraternity colors, and refreshments were served during the evening. The hosts were the members of the active chapter, Messrs. Milton Vianna, Thomas Campbell, Vilcy Bell, Thomas Clave, Karlc Rohs, James Ellis, Ar Ben thur Morris, Arthur Bichcl, Quarles, Forrctt Kievctt, Andrew Ilanb'old, Taylor, Albert William King, Joseph Roberts, John Dabncy, Foster Adams, James Averctt, High Mcrriwethccr, Robert Van Pelt, Dan Williams, Wallace Shropshire, Fred Oddcn and Stanley Griffiths. The pledges arc: Messrs. Ben Garr King, James Augustus, Ralph Taylor, Watson Armstrong, B. F. Arnold, Lloyd Fickcn, Lester McClure, An Rumberger, drew Howard, Truman Harry McKenzie and Paul Gross. The alumni present were: Messrs. Burnham, Sam. B. Royster, L. S. Birkctt Lee Fribble, Edward Dabney, Burdge Walker, Herman Becker, Covington; Stewart Ncff, Cova Watson, B. M. Brigman, M. Reimers and A. B. Homberger, of Louisville. The guests were Misses: Frances Elizabeth Cregan, Mary Harbison, Virginia McVey, Ruth Shropshire, Gregory, Nan Hornsby, Mary Owens, Catherine McDonald, Jeanette Sasher, Ester Gilbert, Mary Snell Ruby, Elizabeth Helm, Frances Smith, Mary B. Peterson, Elizabeth Smilth, Frances Whitfield, Emily Holloway, Lucille Coleman, Marget Owens and Dorothy Cooper. Messrs. Arthur Bentley, Charles Gibson, Jack Riley, James Baughman, Henry Harper, Gardner Bayless, Elmer Vossmeyer, Sam Caldwell, Marion Gorman, David Mclntyre, Ray Stolss-eLayman Mays, Snced Yeager, Emmett Milward, Bill Tate, Rolin Albert Kirwan, Russell Page, Thomas Foster, Jack Green, Thomas Barnes, Jack Balllentine, Marshall Averett, William Stollard, Lloyd Koph, Lloyd Terril, Thomas Thier-maW. L. Steel, Jr., D. Shropshire, Wayne Thompson and LeRoy Miles. Pafc ThrM Fords and Standard No Red Tape Such as Reference etc. Gear Shift Cars Nisbct is assistant mining Wm. A. .. XAn. r11... d: engineer witn uic kuuw j.... iug Company at Goodsprings, Nevada. Sarah M. Van Dcrcn is teacmng in Scott District High School at Danville, West Virginia. "I am! a lone time becoming a mem ber of the Alumni Association but it is not because I have not tnougnt about it. I am enclosing check for dues and for my pledge to the Memor ial Building. I am proud to pay this last with my first earned money, and hope when I return to old U. K. to see this memorial looming before me in memory of those who fought and died for a Greater Kentucky. I have most interesting position here in the Chamber of Commerce ot tne United States with the publicity divis prosion. with au gooa wisncs ior perous year for 'Old Kentuck,' I am" Elizabeth Field Hume, 1410 Massa chusetts Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. "I am sending check which com pletes the payment of my pledge to the Greater Kentucky campaign. Dif ferent news from the Wildcats would have pleased me much better but at that I'm not downhearted. Well, no !' T. R. Hamilton, student, Medical College, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. Caroline Nicholas is teaching in Lincoln School, Lexington, Ky. Address 242 South Limestone St. "I receive the Kernel regularly and it is like getting letters from home. Best wishes for a successful year for old U. K." James L. Shouse (Testing Department, General Electric Co.) Address 126 University Place Schenectady, N. Y. NOTICE! The second semester assembly of the University of Kentucky, which is composed of the faculty and those interested in the welfare of the University, scheduled to meet Thursday afternoon at 3:45, has been postponed indefinitely. The postponement was due to a meeting of the executive council at the same hour. -- New Year Start it Right! 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For the past three years he has been 'with the Department of Farm Economics, Kentucky Agricultural and) Experiment Station, being transferred to his pres ent work, January 1, 1924. '23 "Those 'alumni dues' sound so much like those 'Wang Wang Blues' down in the sunshine land it gives each alumnus sojourning in Florida a thought of our poorly supported Alma Mater. Florida can justly be called the 'Melting pot of the United States'' since practically no two urms in a town are from the same state. I am with the Hollywood Land and Water Company, developers of Hollywood- Our office is in Daytona, Fla., 39 Volusia Ave." R. O. Wilson. "What a difference just a few cents make ! FATIMA