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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 15, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Pft F r The Kentucky Kernel THE KENTUCKY KERNEL the states. What will it profit us if vc make prisons more desirable places in which to live and leave the PabHafced ererjr Friday throughout the CeHcgt chief educational Institution of) tliVi year by the ttudent body of the Uittoeralty of Ketitutky state in dire need of funds on which to operate? It is for these reasons Th Kentucky Kernel it the official newipaper that we advocate this plan. 01 im amenta anc itimni 01 the university of Kentucky Taking the bond issue as a whole, though wc can sec no reason against Subscription One Dollar and Fifty Cents a the passing of the whole issue, it is year rive tenia the copy far better to have a state in debt than Entered at Lexington Poetofflce as second to have it steeped in ignorance and data mall matter illiteracy and knee deep in mud. -Editor-in-Chi- Managing Editor MARGARET LAVIN 2117-- y Phonea 24 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Sterling Towles Dwight L. Bicknell Tyler Mimforcl '25 '24 SPORTS EDITOR Eugene B Moore '25 Aaalstant Sport Editora Robert VanPelt '26 Tom Duncan '25 NEWS EDITORS Uctty Uarliour '25 Hcrlicrt Carter '25 SOCIETY EDITOR Helen King '25 BUSINESS MANAGER William Tate 4234 Phones 2117-- y Assistant Businesa Manager William Blanton '24 ADVERTISING MANAGER Edward F. Goodson, '26 CIRCULATION MANAGER Clifton Thompson '26 REPORTERS: Burks '25 Eugenia O'Hara '26 Margaret VanMeter '24 Rachelle Shackktt21 Margaret Chenault '25 Percy Beard '26 Louise Jas. R. Davidson Ted McDowell '26 Press of Commercial the moth er of all these 'to come forward, herself, as the leader in a troubled era, when statesmen of the world arc won dering whether the ultimate direction of universal affairs will come from the west or Mic extreme cast?" K WEATHERMAN SLACKENS CONSTRUCTION OF NEW BASKETBALL BUILDING K- (Continued from first page.) OUR TEAM RAYMOND I.. KtKK 62.1 1'honcs - 2117-- Mary F. Gorey '24 Dixon Davidson '24 states of the Union. Is now Curtis Buehler '26 Frances Lee '26 Virpinia Kclley '26 Judith Yungblut '24 Nancy Stephenson 24 Katikiu Kimbro '26 Mary Stallings '25 Lois Hnrgett '26 Printing Company THE UNIVERSITY AND THE BOND ISSUE The Kernel has on several occasions given voice to editorial comment concerning the proposed bond issue that is now before the legislative bodies of the state. The field of comment is just about exhausted. Still there is one theory that the writer holds so far as the University and her welfare are concerned. At present all (indications point to a favoralble vote on the $75,000,000 (bond issue bill. There will be no opposition from the Governor. The real test of this measure will come when it is put Ibefore the voters of the state. Here we are afraid the proposition will meet with its greatest obstacle. The present fight against the bill indicates that there will be a still greater one made against the issue when it comes up for ratification by the voters. There arc several phases of the proposed issue that can be easily condemned and these will serve its opponents as weapons to be used against the whole issue. There are those in the state who are not so much interested in a widespread prison reform; there are still others who are not greatly interested in the construction of roads other than in their own localities. These men will fight the whole plan just because there are one or two clauses in it that they do not approve. The majority, however, will not oppose the educational clause, in fact they will be enthusiastically in favor of it; still it will have to suffer with those that are undesirable to some. There is, in the opinion of the writer, one solution of this problem: There should be separate bond issues made for each of its proposed beneficiaries and these should be presented to the voters in such a manner that they can select those that they favor and vote against those that they oppose. This would make the University almost assured of her share. In fact the Kernel believes that she would come first when the 'ballots were cast. attitude This iscemingly selfish comes not from a selfish idea or purpose but from a deep and sincere desire to see the University of Kentucky realize all that is due to her by right. It is a plea for better educaIt is from a detion in the state. sire to see Kentucky take her right ful place in the educational ranks of With eight out of ten games won and the State championship practically in our hands, the 1924 basketball season of the University bids fair to be in a measure a repetition of the year of 1921 when the wearers of the Blue and White emerged from the season the undisputed champions of the south. Only two defeats arc on our list and both of these arc from the strongest of Tennessee who lias not lost one teams in the south. The University out of 20 games; and Mississippi A. and M., who was winner of last year's southern tournament. To our credit arc victories over our ancient rivals, the iCcntrc Colonels, Georgetown, the strong and hitherto undefeated Mountaineers from West Virginia, runner up in the southern tournament of last year went down before the attack of the Wildcat five. With these wins over teams of such calibre, the remainder of the season has taken on a very rosy outlook to the followers of the court squad. At the time this was written two games in succession faces our team; two games that promise to be as hard if not harder than any of the rest, but the outcome of these will not materially increase or decrease our chances for the southern championChata-o.oog- a, ship. The return of a member of the championship team of '21 who was has added forward, greatly to the defense, for although formerly a forward, he is now holding with this a defense position down year's captain. This addition to the already championship material on the squad has produced a combination that, we feel safe in saying will 'be again the unquestioned champions of the south. -- K- HERBERT GRAHAM'S "SCOTTISH AMERICAN" The Kernel desires to acknowledge its first copy of the "Scottish Ameria can," edited by Herbert Graham graduate of the University of Kentucky and a former instructor in the Journalism department. Mr. Graham recently resigned his position as pany, who is doing all of the work except the laying of the brick and the installation of the lighting system, has made the statement that it can finish its work in 20 days. The first delay in the building came when the ibrick work was not finished on time. When the brick eontract was let Mr. Shea indicated that he would have the brick laid by December 10. Due to the inclement weather and the scarcity of bricklayers this work was delayed until January 15. The steel girders that should have been up by Christinas arc not up yet, due to this delay. Mr. Crocker, the Blanchard representative, said that the steel girders would ibe up thy last Saturday. But again intcrfcrred and the weather many girders arc still lying on the ground. Now we arc promised that tlie girders will be up by Saturday. The building will not be thoroughly finished for the tournament but it will be in shape to play in. The finishing touches will not be on it; neither will the heating plant be installed but temporary heating will be provided for the high school games. The lights will be ready by the time the building is finished. The Allen Electric Com pany has charge of this work. The new building, when completed, will Ibe the finest of its kind in the south and one of the best in the country. The basement story is built of concrete and the main floor of brick. The cost of the building when completed will be between $90,000 and $100,000. It will be heated by steam. The dimensions of the building will he 102 iby 186 feet. The basement will have a ten foot ceiling and will extend under the entire building. In the basement there will be locker rooms, showers, toilet facilities, safety vault, siore rooms and the boiler room. There will also be four offices for the coaching staff in the basement. . The main floor will have permanent scats at either end which will accompersons. Removable modate 1,700 1,700 persons seats accommodating will be placed ahead of these. There will ibe four rows of boxes. This leaves a playing floor 50x90 feet with ample at the ends and sides. This size is the maximum allowed by basketball rules and regulations. The height from the floor to Alumni Secretary to 'become editor of :he only Scottish paper in America. The "Scottish American" is a new publication of 60 columns, printed in New York City. In its treatment of the interests of the Scottish American people it is redolent with the fragrance of Bonnie Doon and Afton Waters. The present issue features the life of Robert Burns, Scottish and poet of universal appeal, whom his countrymen honored at various celebrations on Burns Day, January 25. In addition considerable space is assigned to political and industrial de- Q 'British Isles. in the velopments "News Frae Hame," a section devoted exclusively to newsy briefs concem-n- g Q friends in the old country strikes perhaps the dominant note of the paper. The editorial column, in addition to comments on Burns' sympathetic alliance with the New American' republic, concerns itself with the general bearing of Governor Fields' message to the Kentucky legislature. Concerning the proposed survey of Kentucky's resources the articles says in part: "The significance of such a move extends far beyond the borders of Kentucky. Its citizens have played a major role in the exploration and development of territories to the northwest and southwest that have far outstripped itself. In more recent times its progeny have become captains o M industry, leading lawyers and bankpublicists, preachers ers, educators, and statesmen in fully a third of the m-i- the bottom of the trusses is 26 feet. Under the permanent scats there will be dressing rooms for the home and visiting teams and offices for the ath Also a woman's letic association. rest room, men's room and a trophy room. When the temporary scats are removed there will be a clear floor space of 100 by 126 feet. With chairs placed on this floor approximately 4,000 persons could 'be seated for con vention or covocation purposes. The floor is large enough to take care of all University parties for a long time to come. With the temporary scats removed three basketball courts will be accessible at the same time and play can be carried on in all three simultaneously. With this ibuilding finished Kentucky should be able to scat comfortably all the crowds that wish to attend her games. Y.M. & Y.W.C.A. NOTES .. In accordance with National Song Week, which is being carried on at present, a service will be held Sunday night in the recitation room of Patterson Hall. This service will include a special musical program and also a historical outline of th; origin of various hymns. Everyone is invited and urged to attend this V -- K- Patronizc those who the Kernel. fl n tar DEUCIOUS SATISFYING K'sWondtrful BE A NEWSPAPER CORRESPONDENT with the Heacock Plan and earn Continued from 1st page) a good income while learning; we show you how; begin actual wood broke into the game for a few work at once ; all or spare time ; minutes, the first contest that cither experience unnecessary; no canbas played in since the Chattanooga vassing; send for particulars. Both have been on the injured list .hut appear about ready for regular work again. 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