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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 15, 1924

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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SCHOLAHSH P AT OF KY. OFF RED BY AMER. CHEI1 HE SOCIETY Tuition and Fees For One Year For Best High School Essay NATIONAL CONTEST Six Essays to Receive Prize of $20 Winner Entered in National A scholarship covering tuition and fees or one year in the University of Kentucky to the boy or girl writting the best of six prize essays in the American iChcmical Society essay con- test has just been announced by F. L. McVcy at the request of the Lcxingon section of the society. Each of the six prize winners will be awarded $20 in gold, and in addition to the opportuniy of winning the University of Kentucky scholarship their essays will ibe entered in the national competition. The six national prize winners will be awarded four year scholarships to Yale or Vassor, these scholarships carrying $500 in cash each year in addiion to tuition and fees. The essay contest is open to boys and girls in high schools throughout the nation and the subjects may be chosen from the six following: The Relation of Chemistry to Health and Disease, to the Enrichment of Life, to Agriculture and Forestry, to National Defense, to the Home, to the Development of the Industries and Resources of Your State. The best essay in Kentucky on each of theft subjects will be awarded $20 in, gold, the prize winners to be announced by a Kentucky commitee, which will also designate the recipient of the University of Kentucky scholarship; six prize essays will then be sent on to the national committee headed by Herbert Hoover and well known scientists of America, win select the winners of the. Yale and Vassar scholar ships. The length of the essays Is limited to 2,500 words. Funds which have made this essay contest possible are the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Garvin, of New York, in memory of heir daughter, Patricia, and if the contest proves popular it will be made an annual event. Over 20,000 sets of reference books including the Life of Pasteur, Creative Chemistry, The Riddle of the Rhine, Discovery, The Spirit and Service of Science, and The Future Independence and Progress of American Medicine in the Age of Chemistry, have been donated to libraries and schools throughout the United States. Booklets and further information regarding the contest may he obtain ed from A. L. Mcadcr, secretary of the Lexington section of the American Chemical Society, Experiment Station, Lexington. K t Faff Bio Sale Colleges College of Education The enrollment in the College of Education for the second scmcucr of the scholastic year 1923-2!n increased 49 per cent over the enrollment for the preceding semester. This is a wholesome growth in the program for the professional education of teachers. One of the factors that contributed most to Kentucky's low position in the educational world has been the inadequate preparation of her teachers. The University, thru the College of Education, will be able to give to the public schools of Kentucky a group of teachers properly trained, for the work to be done. ; Flft Genuine Everaharp Pencils i Off 30 4 $1.00 $1.50 $2.00 $5.00 Pencils Pencils Pencils Pencils for for for $1.05 for 3.50 70c 1.40 LUMAN GILMAN, Campus Representative TRANSYLVANIA PRINTING COMPANY 258 W. Main treet Pros-inde- CALVARY BAPTIST DEFEATS PARK METHODIST NET TEAM League Contest is Matched Church Evenly The Calvary Baptist" five defeated the Park Methodist 'basketball team by a score of 14 to 6 in a University Sunday School League game played at the University gymnasium Tuesday night. The first half of the game was a hard fight between the six two teams, ending with the to four in favor of the Calvary boys. In the second half the Calvary team made three field goals and :wo fouls, while the Park Methodist team made The lineup: one goal. Calvary Park Methodist Capelle 7 F Ard Mobery 2 F Yafbo C Hargan 5 Moore 4 Welch -- G Walker Ramsey G Tayler Substitutes: Park Methodist for Ard; Calvary 'Cravens for Ramsey, Lager for Capelle. K Tablecloths made their in the thirteenth century. 1 1 appe-iranc- -- Patronize K- the advertisers. Chemistry Notes The first issue of the Jounnal of Chemical Education, a journal devoted to the interests of teachers on chemistry, was published January 25, 1924 by the American Chemical Association. Thirty contributors from various laboratories in the United States have aided in the success' of this project. This magazine gives the teachers pkwis to follow in instruction. Professor R. N. Maxson of the University faculty is one of the contributors tot his journal and has been one of t!ie leading promoters. College of Arts and Sciences Students registered in English 121, the conversation course, which is being offered by English instructors arc requested to watch the bulletin board at the Administration building. Absences will be recorded in the Registrar's office beginning tomorrow. MM tMMM The Best Sandwiches and Sodas in Town MM M Tuxedo Suits DRY CLEANING, occur during the year in which the Tuxedo is the accepted mode dress that it becomes of all'season they Here necessity. are an correct, trim fitting and well tailored. Priced to please you. $35 Rent a Tuxedo Our rent suit stock is complete and Kaufman Clothing Co. (iBMrpontfdl LcuHtoa'i Bettor Store Manhattan Shirts Ntttlcton Shoes 216 S. ALTERING Limestone. mmmmmmmmmmm MMMMM MM K NOTICE! The Woman's Athletic Association is giving a dance for the entertainment of Peabody night, team Saturday 16, following the February y A game. subscription of 25 cents will be charged all University girls attending. The Kentuckians will furnish the music and dancing from 9 to 12. -- Luncheon and Dinner Served Every Day. SALADS and SANDWICHES SERVED TO ORDER. Afternoon Tea 3:30 to 5:00 Parties A Specialty K- 149 S. Limestone Kentucky Rifle Team is Going at Top Speed The University of Kentucky Rifle team has been traveling at a fast clip this year and !bids fair to exceed the envialble records of all previous learns. The number of matches that have been fired, although few, have netted victories for the Cats. Through the efforts of Captain and a few memlbers of the team a rifle association has been, formed, known a the Blue Grass Rifle Association. Colonel Freeman has been e elected president and Captain secretary of the new organization. .Sonve of the best shots iii this vicinity have formed clubs and are firing weekly matches in the University armory. Among the teams are the Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus, Versailles, American Legion, Busi314th Cavalry, 399th Infantry. ness men of Lexington are taking an aictive part in the Association. The last reports issued showed that the University team was leading the league. In a recent match the Cat outfit scored 995 points out of a pos sible 1,000 in the prone position, and 816 out of a possible 1,000 in the sit ting position. The next match will be held during the week ending Feb ruary 23 with the Cats meeting the University of Minnesota riflemen. M X MM MM M THE PROPER PLACE TO TAKE YOUR BEST GIRL IS TO A t Sunday Nite Dinner -- AT THE Tor-ren- Tor-renc- up PRESSING, Phone 929 WILDCAT RIFLEMEN LEAD BLUE GRASS ASSOCIATION So many social affairs MM MM t F. B. ROB ARD S COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR Pealbody-'Kentuck- FOR SPRING SOCIAL AFFAIRS I McGurk and O'BRIEN How far do they trace thei ranees- try? The grandfather, a City Bank Di rector, was traced as far as China; there all traces were lost. London Opinion. Lafayette Hotel The Very Best of Food and Service, with a Popular Musical Program, X Management L. B. SHOU1E MMMMMMM i ft EAT DRINK and BE MERRY! AT THE COLLEGE HANGOUT UNIVERSITY CONFECTIONERY OH YES! I FORGET! ALSO MISS 21f SARGENTS tenth Live CANDY HOME-MAD- E Jatt ABOVE Hlflk WEBB AND OPPIE KIDD, Preft, I