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...aMMMMMI .4, Pf I THE KENTUCKY Six KERNEL SPORTS OF ALL SORTS CAT COURT CRUSHES MACHINE CLEMSDH in the 'nr In the second quarter, the closest they ever came to the Kittcncttcs. At the ENTUCKY FIVE end of the half the score was In the second period Western shot wild and Kentucky worked through the (ive Klopp Star and Kit man defense for close shots. FIRST BOWLING TEAM IS TIGERS OF GEORGETOWN WESTERN QUINTET BOWS with the score GIVE FORMEO AT UNIVERSITY THROW SCARE INTO THE BEFORE 12-- 5. WILDCATS LOSE Keith and Entire Squad Gets Into Gam- eGolf Enthusiasts Plan Team To tenettes Win Contest hiasuy Cats Win Western defeated Eastern Normal Compete in Atlanta 3 8 the following Friday night, and EastKentucky Wins Contest Meet Kcntcky's Kittcnctte five defeated ern has defeated Transylvania. KenMilward and McFarland Kentucky's Wildcat quintet easily the feminine baskctccrs of Western tucky does not meet cither of these in the defeated Clcmson College Star Arthur Morris, a product of the has JUT 18-- 38-1- 39-3- 38-1- 3 local gym Wednesday night in a con Lexington alleys, was elected captain test that was featureless except for of the first bowling team that the the brilliant floor play of the Cats in University of Kentucky has ever had, the first half and the airtight defense at a meeting of the bowling aspirants of the Blue and White throughout the Ho- Kentucky jumped into the game. lead immediately after the game started and soon had a comfortable margin piled up. The count at the end of the 8. half was Kentucky As has been the case in the majority of the games, there was no real Wildcat star. The entire team worked together in perfect harmony in the first half, and passed through the Clcmson five man defense with ease. Mihvard and McFarland, with 10 poiyts each to their credit, led in scoring. Riefkin, cut in with several pretty shots and King and Rice put up so tight a defense that the Clem-so- n forwards were able to score but two field goals throughout the entire play. Alberts and Hendricks performed well for the scrubs, who played a large part of the second half. For Clcmson Chandler was by far the best. Chandler was the only member of the visitor's outfit who could penetrate the Cat defense far enoug' to score from the field. The Cats, working in perfect harmony, started off with a rush and soon were leading by a safe margin. But few baskets were missed and few passes dropped in the first period. In the second half, the first string men did not go so well and Buchheit sent his scrubs into the game before the last period was under way. The lineup and summary: Kentucky 38 Clemson 13 McFarland 10 F Chandler 6 Riefkin 8 F Johnson 2 C Mihvard 10 Hagood King G Vaughn (c) Rice (c) 2 -- G Colbert 2 Clemson Garrison Substitutipns : for Colbrt, Colibrt for Garrison, Roy (1) for Hagood, Dotterer (2) for for Kentucky Hughes Chandler. McFarland, Underwood (1) for Mihvard for Hughes, Hughes (2) for for Mihvard, Wilkinson Hughes, Hendricks (4) for Underwood, Alberts for King, Boren for Rice, Poyntz (1) for McFarland. Referee Krueck, of Cincinnati. of the University at the Phoenix The first afternoon. tel Tuesday match of the bowling team was held last Wednesday, University of Michi gan being the Alley Cats opponents. The University bowling team is a member of the National Intercolleg iate Bowling Association, an organization composed of eight leading universities and collgcs. All meets will ibe held by telegraphic aid, the results of each team being sent to their op ponents by means of night letters and the results of the meet published the following morning. The final results are sent to Yale where the national office of the organization is located. The following men are leading con tenders for positions on the Alley Cat team: Arthur Morris, Robert Em bry, Robert Honaker, I. J. Miller and Robert Strauss. Another team which the University of Kentucky wlil put in the field for the first time this year is the golf team. The University possesses a number of excellent golfers who are planning to organize and send a team to the Southern Tournament at At lanta this spring. A meeting will be held Monday afternoon and the gol- crs will complete their plans for or ganizing. "Daddy" Boles, who is an enthusiastic club wielder, is one of the promoters of the golf team, and his efforts are being supplimented by several faculty members. L. K. Miller, runnier up in the Blue Grass tournament last summer is, considered the Kentucky ace but in Nutting, and Stone are men who will push Miller to the limit. Bret-ling- -- VARSITY K- TRACK SQUAD Mil-war- -- STARTS W(M FOR 1924 Blue and White Speedsters Begin Preparations for Cincy Meet K- Coach George Buchheit issued his call 'or track men last Monday due to the cold weather only a small squad cported. A full quota is expected by next week. The reason tor the early call is to get the men indoor meet in condition for the which is to be held at Cincinnati WILDCAT BOWLERS OPPOSE first MICHIGAN IN OPENING MEET but Results Exchanged By Wire Leads Embry The University of Kentucky bowling team made its initial appearance on the Phoenix Hotel alleys Wednesday afternoon, rolling in a telegraphic meet with the University of Michigan. Results of the Cat bowling were wired to Ann Arbor and the Wolverines did likewise. Bob Embry rolled top score against the Northerners, his 207 in the third game being the highest of the after noon. Strauss, with 192 for his high total was second. The summary: 138 157 151 Morris 147 145 158 Miller 185 168 207 Embrv 169 148 146 Honaker 166 178 192 Strauss March 1. A most successful season is predicted by Coach Buchheit even with the loss of six out of twelve letter men. Much hope and dependence is being placed in last year's freshmen who made an admirable record last spring. numeral men, Out of the thirteen eleven will be ready for action this spring. This year's team will miss the services of Davidson, holder of the state record in the shot put; Porter, with the state record in. the two mile; Brown and Gorman both excellent distance men; Gregg, pole vaulter, and Brewer dashes, therefore it is up to last year's reshmen to fill the shoes of the departed veterans. The returning letter men are Captain Nantz, t, 806 808 841 Wolf, Butler, Mays, Melton, and KCaldwell. Foolish, at Lsast From present indications the squad liquor! you used to get in "The will be shy on weight men, hurdlers Crimson Gukh would make a man and distance men. Some good dis"It's different now muted Cactus tance men are expected from the cross "A man has to be kind o' crazy country team, Joe. which was composed before he'd think of swallowing it." Washington Star. (Continued on page 7.) m ascendency over both teams, but for the State Championship by their victory over Western. Summary: Kentucky: Western Normal F Klopp 8 Ilees 5 F Kcrth 6 Morrison C B. Snider c 3 Keifcr Gi Helm 4 Davis G Wilson E. Snider Substitutions: Western Monin for Morrison; Smith for Davis; Holland for E. Snider; E. Snider for Monin. Kentucky Hill for Klopp; Boughton for Keifer; O'Hara for Boughton; Klopp for Hill. in the men's gym Thurs Normal day, February 7. This was the fifth victory of the Blue and White lassies in as many starts and the win put them another notch toward the state title. Kentucky started off with an eight point lead early in the first quarter. Klopp and Helm scored by dropping long shots over Western's five man defense. Kentucky's five was in the game all the time. Good passing by Keifcr and Helm and the floor work of Kcrth were largely .responsible for the victory. Klopp scored eight of the eighteen points by long shots. Wilson prevented the opponents scoring, and broke up passes as they ncared the goal. At no time were the Western girls 18-- 8 IS CLOSE THROUGHOUT Long, Scott County Forward, Scores Twenty Points in Game Georgetown threw quite a scare in camp in the return game between the two icl.ns aggregations here Monday night by turning loose a long shot attack that threatened the Cat lead but fell short by two field goals. The Blue and White won 5 the contest and this was due largely to the accuracy of the shoot ing of Will Milward and Jimmie McFarland, who dropped in 14 points each. Theco unt at the end of the first half was Kentucky 23, Georgetown to the Wildcat 39-3- Referee Hansen, of Kentucky. K Patronize our advertisers. 19. With the memories of the two previous years when Tiger quintets have lost to the Cats at Georgetown and then defeated the Blue and White on the Lexington court, Coach Coleman's Orange and Black five gave the Cats the stiffest fight they have met up against this season. The ability of Shorty Long, Tiger forward, who was high point man of the game with 20 markers to his credit, to locate the basket from almost any part of the floor, coupled with the brilliant floor play of jacoby, center, and Daniel, forward, caused considerable worry on the part of the Wildcat supporters and it was not until the final gun had shot that the game was won. The Cats had little difficulty in working through the Tiger defense and scored most of their points by this method. Very few of the Kentucky baskets were shot from beyond the foul circle while the Georgetown five shot almost as soon as the ball was in .their territory, thus missing many good opportunities to pass to open men. McFarland and Milward with fourteen points each, led the Kentucky scoring. Milward working under the basket in accordance with Buchheit's style of play, dropped in basket after basket from short range in the first half. McFarland, hardly heard from in the first period as far as scoring went, broke loose in the second half, and counted 12 points. King and Rice played excellent games at guard for the Cats but could not cope with the long range shooting of the Tigers. Riefkin and Hughes dig vided the work as McFarland's mate and both played good ball, Riefkin turning in several pretty baskets by batting the ball into the basket while in mid-airun-'nin- GO TO J. D. MORRIS FOR HIGH CLASS SHOE REPAIRING Best Sewed Half Soles, $1.25 NEW SHOE SHINING PARLOR. 209 Lexington, Ky. E. Main Street FRESHMAN MEAL TICKETS $5.50 Sandwiches Salads Home-mad- for $5.00 Candies X e At "HOME OF STUDENTS" University Lunch Room Mr. and Mrs. W. M. POULOS, Prop. Lexington, Ky T Corner Lime and Winslow 4-- ft Have YOU tried IT? Hot Malted Milk - - 1 5c "Sodolicious" Fountain of Youth r. Long was Georgetown's shining light, both in scoring and floor work. Jacoby at center did not accumulate his customary amount of pointage but turned in a first class exhibition. Daniel covered a great amount of territory throughout the game. The lineup: Georgetown: Long Daniel Jacoby Trunnell Kemper (c) Pos. F DIRECT LINE'FROM Lexington FG FT TP G jG Kenucky: McFarland Hughes Milward King Rice (c) 8 2 4 2 20 6 TO 1 3 5 2 0 0 0 4 ALL POINTS IN THE 13 F jC Dew-hurs- -- 5 9 35 0 Poi. FG FT TP 6 14 2 F F 1 1 3 C 5 14 39 G 1 G 0 4 0 0 15 9 2 0 North, East, South and West Cincinnati, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Tha Carolinaa and St. Louis Schedules errongod to suit tht comwtfw of our pttrom For dttcriptivo Uttrotwt, tkkttt, rosorvotion orfurthor information, communieoto with W. R. CLINKINBEARD H. C. KING District Referee Krueck, of Cincinnati. Pumriw Afnt Nrtk UmNtiM StrMt, 1M CltyTidcat Agnt LEXINGTON, KY.