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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 15, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL VARSITY TRACK SQUAD STARTS WORK FOR 1924 SCRAPS (Continued from page 6) of Gorman, Halt, Hendricks, Davidson, Allen, and Butler. With the absence of Davidson, there is no letter man left for the weights which otfers a good opening for any one who can display some ability in this Mm. The return of Dcwhurst gives a letter man frr tlu hurdles but the is stil another good man needed. Any one interested in any track event especially the above mentioned should report at once as there urc plenty of good opportunities and mo one can tell what he can do until he has tried. Coach Buchhcit 'is planning on ths season as being the biggest in the history of track at the University and it will be quite an honor to make a letter or even be on the squad. K VARSITY TRACK Y March 1 'Cinfcinnati door athletic carnival. March 29 Louisville in- indoor medt. April 12 Dual meet with Tennessee at Knoxville. April 19 Dual meet with Vanderbilt at Nashville. April 26 Open. Dual meet to be scheduled. May 3 State Intercollegiate meet at Danville. May 10 Conference meet at Montgomery. Did you ever notice the alliteration of the letter K in the Kittcncttc lineups? Kiofcr, Klopp, Kerth, ,Kclly, star for the Kittcncttcs of Kentucky The first three named form a triumvirate that tears to pieces the opposition's defense just about as fast as the Ku Klux Klan would reduce the negro population on Winslow street if it should appear in its sheets and pillows in the middle of the night. Page Seven t t the Blue and White arc heavy favorites to win the Kentucky court championship. Georgetown, by virtue of resistance to the Kentucky attack in both its contest with the Cat live, seefs to be the second best quintet in the state with Centre a Miss Holladay's Candy GREAT IS Stop close third. Pcabody meets the Kittcncttcs Saturday night, Fcbruay 16, at Lexington. Pcabody has defeated the Kittcncttcs for four successive years, and has held the championship of the time. This year's south for some dope favors Kentucky as Pcabody and defeated Western Normal Kentucky defeated the same team y Following the Burnham and his Coach "Dutch" game the Woman's Athletic Associafreshman tribe will run over to Wintion is giving a manlcss dance at Patchester tomorrow night and play a terson Hall in honor of Pcalbody girls. return contest with the Weslcyan All University girls arc invited.' Yearlings. The Kittens defeated the -- KPanther Cubs rather easily in their BE OUR AGENT Blue and White fist game but the Make $10 to $20 a day selling $1 a youngsters will have to improve over pound bitter sweets. The best candy their present form if they hope to make made. Send $1 for sr.mplc box and it two straight over the Windy City instructions to sell. Address M. N. crow. Ncilin, Rockford, Illinois. Purchase Look ! ! ! ! AT THE Lexington Drug Company 17-1- 18-- Pcabody-Kcntuck- Eight victories in ten .starts. Not so bad for the Cats who have lost only to Tennessee and Mississipp Aggies and have defeated strong out Chattanooga Moc fits such as th casins and the Mountaineers of West Virginia. At the present writing but one has been able to score more than 24 points in a contest against the Blue and White. Drosses & Coats (Sold at this store excusititt K SHE WANTED SCALES She was. a new driver. She just missed the fire hydrant, ran over the curb and brought her electric finally to a stop in front of a sidewalk fill ing station. Bring out your scales, please, she Correct Apparel For Women and Misses said. Scales? queried the tank tender, puz zled. The Cats are leading the State title Yes, she replied. See how many race with three victories in as many pounds of air I need in my tires. starts. With only one more contest on tap, the return game with Centre, KTHE PERFECT ANSWER Lexington, Ky. Corner Short and Mill Sts. ft -- 4MtlMMMMMMMMMMIIMHMMtHHMMIMMM HALLEY'S TOBACCO SEED Three varieties of Burley all standard and guaranteed. Select a variety bes tsuited for your land and which will make you the most money. If you want pounds we've got the seed; if you want color we can furnish that; if your land is sick or tired we can furnish you seed that will get the best results on such soil. "IMPROVED HALLEY" the whitest Buriey grown, hardier than the original type and a better yielder. This seed produces color on all lands. Cigarette wrappers on fresh land. "COLORY DISEASE RESISTANT" developed by the University of Kentucky and recommended for all lands which have grown considerable tobacco and soils where disease has appeared. "COLORY TWIST BUD" an excellent variety where a heavy yield is desired. A great many people are calling for seed which produce more pounds. This tobacco combines color with yield. PRICE $1.50 PER OUNCE For sale by the HALLEY TOBACCO SEED CO., Fayette Whse. No. 1, Lexington, Kentucky MM Andrew Carnegie one one accasion was asked which he considered the most important factor in industry labor, capital or brains? a Carnegie quickly replied with merry twinkle in his eyye: "Which is the most important of a stool?" Judge. Mttt A Complete Line FANCY MINTS Drop in after School TRY OUR LUNCHEONETTE K- Phone TAKING WAYS Father "Look here, my dear, I don't mind your sitting up late with that young man of your, but I do ob ject to his taking my morning paper when he goes." .Lace Yarns. K A USEFUL ANIMAL "Chickens, sage, is de You can eat after dey is Lexington, Ky Phone 5961 There's many a man who can't understand why he should buy a washing machine so long as his wife has got her health. Exchange. -- "STRUT YOUR STUFF" tM Banners, ENUS PENCILS RENT-A-CA- R AND DRIVE IT YOURSELF WITHOUT THE WORRY AND EXPENSE? 'IT Opea Day and Night LOW RATES C 14c per Mile. ,?0Bd Gai and Oil Extra. COMMERCIAL COMPANY 314 EAST MAIN ST. RENT-A-FOR- D Pennants l New Fountain Pens Conklin, Waterman, I Parker Duofold University Book Store Basamant Main Building MM TB Qfm Day mi Night. PARRISH DRY & BROMLEY CLEANING AND PRESSING 152 S. Limestone St. Phone QUALITY AND SERVICE 1550-- MM Ken-tuck- v Inn Tip-To- e WHY OWN A CAR WHEN YOU CAN 13c per Mile Gai and OU Extra. Table Runners, K- Patron'zc the advertisers in the Kernel. IS TO TAKE YOUR "SWEETIE" OUT FOR ARIDE IN ONE OF OUR GASOLINE "BUGGIES." STUDEBAKERS, FORDS AND OTHER CAKS MM To Him oos 'ittle Young Bride "Won't umpsie dumpsie kiss oos 'ittle ootsie wootsie?" Man (in 4iext berth) "You can't go anywhere nowadays without running foreigners." across some of those Virginia Reel. THE ONLY WAY TO LOW RATES Opt Car. WHOLESALE M sah," said the old negro usetuilest animals aere is. dem befo' dey is born and Exchange. laid." K Foreign Come in and Get Acquainted Limestone 5854 401 South Lime -- K- Benton's Sweet Shoppe 145 S. Candy Co. Serv-U- s AIN'T IT THE TRUTH HOME MADE CANDIES of Candies for the Fraternity Store X three-legge- d -- MtMMM ai tufttt i4fof Qh&$ FOR the student or prof., the FOR GOOD HOME COOKED MEALS Lunch 50c. Dinner 75c VENUS out-rivaall for perfect pencil work. 3 copying. 17 black degrees Anerieaa Lead PeaeUCo. 220 Fifth At. MM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM New York Write for booklet on Vmvb HenclU and VlNUI KVtKfOINTID Mechanical renclU READ THE ADS