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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 15, 1924

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IT" tt Page Eight MM TNI KENTUCKY KERNEL MM Students Always Welcome! Sophs and Rose Street Confectionery 2039 Rc Street and tt MtMff JUNIOR! AND FRESHMEN WIN IN CLASS LEAGUE OPENING MM Third Year Men Close Contest A BIGGER AND BETTER STORE Stage J. D. Purcell Co. Phone Colletre View Playing1 a fast and aggressive game from start to finish the Juniors defeated the Sophomores in the opening s basketball tourW C. Staff game of the J. A. VonderHarr nament Wednesday afternoon by the score of 23 to 21. The game was hard SPECIAL RENTAL RATES fought from. the start with the score TO STUDENTS at the end of the first half standing tyM writer. J" Sooii 9 to 6 in favor of the Juniors. . OMMf aPPBhPHfo J km to after the start of the second half the mtkm far Sophomores tied the score and at tin t lowwt jams. end of the game the score stood to 17. An extra five minutes was LARGEST IN LEXINGTON played in order to settle the tic. CapOVER BASSETTS 23S WMt Main St Phone 1792 tain Rolls and Kagland played the best for the Juniors; Ragland was high point man for the winners with MM eight points. Carey was the individual star of the game and also high :; point man with twelcvc points. Atie The second game of the afternoon :: STUDENT WORK A SPECIALTY proved very uninteresting with the Phone 3896 Freshmen staging a complete walkELGENE MOORE, Cimpui Rep, away, winning by the overwhelming score of 34 to 13. At the end of the first half the Seniors had only annexed two points, these being obtained by fouls. Captain Wallace of the freshman was the individual star of the game, making 16 points. Bayltss and Barnes played best for the losers. The summary: Sophomores 21 Juniors 23 Corner LIMB and HIGH Faust 7 F PHONE 621-- V VanPdt F Ragland 8 Kin? 2 G Adams c 6 Rohs e 4 Carey 12 G Jones 4 G Sauc: 1 Campbell "Whit.: for Substitute?- - Juniors Sophomores Davis icr Campbell; matter; Sauv for Davis. Freshm?n 34 Seniors 15 F Wallace c 16 hi rues 13 StanUv 2 F Llanton 2 Hargan 6 C bayless c 4 MACHINE MADE G Spillman Burtfe Phillips 10 Yager G Substitutions: Seniors Motoley for C Turn your steps now to the DIXBayless. Bayless for Spillman; FreshIE Dealer and enjoy the treat of men Mulhal! for Stanley, Dunn lor a life time. A delicious bar of Kargan, Arnold for Burge, Arcb.T for wonderfully good ice cream with Arnold. te a coating of rich, crispy Referee Hansen. covering, all wrapped t t tM inter-clas- SBSSrm A STORE FOR COLLEGE GIRLS AND COLLEGE BOYS. Standard Tg; tt B (Incorporated) 1 Commercial Printing o tM persof entucKy p VOmpany iernei The Phoenix Hotel i LEXINGTON, KY. NEWLY FURNISHED AND EQUIPPED To the Highest Standard of Excellence. MMMtMM Becker "Cleaners That Satisfy" B ESKIMO PIE 5 K ENGINEERING NOTES tin-fo- il Word has been received here that F. W. Fest, a member of the class of 1923, has been made technical assistant superintendent of the Equitable Gas Company, of Elrama Pa. This company is a distributor of gas over a wide section in Pennsylvania and through several independent plants the natural supply is supplemented by manufactured gas. Mr. Fest was a well known and popular student on the campus and his rapid advancement is a matter of gratification to his many friends. CE CREAM "THERE'S A DIXIE DEALER NEAR YOU." Bp " MM tMM At a recent meeting of the New York Alumni Association, it was voted to invite a memlber of the sopho-mo- r class of the University of Kentucky to be guest of honor at the annual dinner of the New York Club in to be held at the Waldorf-Astori- a New York Friday, April 11. The sophomore class will meet, in a few days to elect a repesentative. K RENT A NEW CAR and Drive It Yourself OVERLANDS exacting temperament CHAS. H. BERRYMAN, MM All students desiring to purchase Kentuckians are requst-e- d to do so 'before the end of next week. The Kentuckian office in the Education building, will be open daily from 3:30 to FREE ROAD SERVICE OPERATED BY COLLEGE MEN FOR .COLLEGE CALL US YOUR BUSINESS. WE APPRECIATE The Story Rent-a-For- LAFAYETTE-PHOENI- 4100-4- 102 Co. d X GARAGE THE NAME TELLS THE STORY Patronize Our Advertisers d nap 5:30. MEN I 1 i; JOHN G. CRAMER, Mgr. Pres. M MMM MtM MMMM Wo Have a Florsheim Style To Fit Every Taste and to Fit Every Foot Baynham Shoe Company f M M M t t MM MM Our Dry Cleaning and Pressing Service is Unexcelled Phone 62 We Call for, Press aad Return Year Sak the State Day. Lexington Laundry Company KENTUCKIANS! ? ALL CARS EQUIPPED WITH SPARE TIRES i A noteworthy example of modern excellence. Every department fully equipped for satisfactory service to the most milk-chocola- to keep it tempting fresh and clean. Made by machine. Another step forward for PHONES The Phoenix Hotel 5 in sanitary ii The Experienced traveler will find -- K- STUDENT COUNCIL TO BE REPRESENTED ON SENATE DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE (Continued MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Stylish Apparel For Men "TURKEY" HUGHES, Campu. Representative Graddy-Rya- n from first page.) that it was interfering 'with attendance at Saturday classes and with class work in general. However, no provision was made in the ruling as to the numlber of dances on a single night so more than one organization may have the same date for their dance. Co. iBMrpcntM 140 WEST MAIN STREET KERNEL ADVERTISERS HE LP MAKE TMI KERNEL.