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Adventures of Daniel Boone : the Kentucky rifleman / by the author of "Uncle Philip's conversations."

APPLETON'S TALES FOR THE PEOPLE AND THEIR CHILDREN. The greatest care has been taken in selecting the works of which the collection is composed, so that nothing either mediocre in talent, or immoral in tendency, is admitted. Each volume is printed on the finest paper, is illustrated with an elegant frontispiece, and is bound in a superior manner, tastefully ornamented. The following are comprised in the series, uniform in size and style:- THE POPLAR GROVE; or, Little Harry and his Uncle Benjamin By Mrs. Copley. 37 1-2 cents. EARY FRIENDSHIPS. By Mrs. Copley. 37 1-2 cents. THE CROFTON BOYS. By Harriet Martineau. 37 1-2 cents. 'Xm FPEASANT AND THE PRINC GE. By Harriet Martineau. 37 1-2 cts- NORWAY AND THE NORWEGIANS; or, Feats on the Fiord. By Harriet Martineau. 374 cents. MASTERMAN READY; or the Wreck of the Pacific. Written for Young Peeple. By Captain Niai ratt. Three volunies; each 374 cents. THE LOOKING- GLASS FOR HE MIND; or, Intellectual Mirror. An elegant collection of Delightful Stories and Tales: many plates. 50 cts HOPE ON, HOPE EVER; or the Boyhood of Felix Law. By Mary Howitt. 374 cents STRIVE AND THRIVE; a Tale. By Mary Howitt. 371 cents. BOWING AND REAPING; or, What will Come of It By Mary Howitt. 374 cents. WHO SHALL BE GREATEST a Tale. By Mary 1Iowitt. 374 cts. WHICH IS THE WISER or, People Abroad. Bv Mary llowitt. 37i cts. LITTLE COIN MUCH CARE; or, How Poor People Live. By Mary Howitt. 37' cents. WORK AND WAGES; or, Life in Service. By Mary Ilowitt. 37 cts ALICE FRANKLIN By Mary Howitt. NO SENSE LIKE COMMON SENSE. By Mary llowitt. THE DANGERS OF DINING OUT; or, Hints to those who would make Home Happy. To which is added the Confessions of a Maniac. By Mrs. Ellis. 371 cents. SOMERVILLE HALL; or, Hints to those who would make Rome Happ. To which is added the Rising Tide. By Mrs. Ellis. 371 cents. FIZZ IMPRESSIONS; or, Hints to those who would make Home By Mrs. Ellis. 371 cents. ISTER'S FAMILY; or, Hints to those who would make Home Happy. By Mrs. Ellis. 37 cents. TH g TWIN SISTERS; a Tale. By Mrs. Sandham. 374 cents. TIRED OF HOUSE-KEEPING; a Tale. By T S. Arthur. 374 cents. "Messrs. Appleton Co deserve the highest praise for the excellent manner in which they have ' got up ' their juvenile library, and we sincere- I hope that its success will be so great as to induce theint to make con- tInual contributions to its treasures. The collection is one which should be owned by every parent who wishes that the moral and intellectual im- rovement of his children should keep pace with their giowth in years, and go development of their physical powers."-Boston Times.