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10 > Image 10 of The Kentucky Kernel, May 2, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

rtt 4 Cornell University Summer Session in UNIVERSITY BANQUET Law First Term, June 23 to July 30 CONTRACT, Professor Ballan- tinc of the Univ. of Minnesota Law Faculty. PROPERTY, Mr. Whiteside, of the Yale Law Faculty. WILLS, Professor Vance, of the Yale Law Faculty. INSURANCE, Professor Vance. PRACTICE, Professor McCas- kill, of the Cornell Law Fac ulty. Professor PARTNERSHIP, Stevens, of the Cornell Law Faculty. Professor PARTNERSHIP, Stevens, of the Cornell Law Faculty. Second Term, July 31 to Sept. 5 CONTRACT, continued. AGENCY, Mr. Whiteside. PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, Professor Stevens. TRUSTS, Professor Scott, of The Harvard Law Faculty. DAMAGES, Professor Dobie of Virginia of the Univ. Law Faculty. TAXATION, Professor Dobie. Students may begin the study of law in the summer session. For catalog address the College of Law, Ithaca, N. Y. Famous Blends ft Object ot Art air is lo Promote Educational interests ot State One of the ibritfiit spots in the meeting at tne KentucK. lulucitioiul Association at Louisvtl.e, just c.osed, l, was the University ot KeinucKy held at the Mote. SeelDacn on At that 1 liursday evening, April tunc the was nust to edu Ail cat.onal leaders of Kentucky. college and normal school presidents, with the exception of one or two who could not be present, were there i lie teachers of Sniith-- 1 lughes agriculture, the officers of the State Department of liducation, a number of prominent city and county superintendents, ptom- inent business men, Alumni, taculty and students ui tne University attend ed. The Main Dining Room at ti. aeelbach Hotel was packed to capac ity with 330 Kentuckians. The University Glee Club gave a prjgram and stunts were performed by Tom Noting and WicklifTc Moore, young artists from the University. President Mccy, Superintendent Mcllenry Rhoads, andiGovcrnor W.J Fields vied 'with each other in holding bufore the audience a bigger and bet ter Kentucky and in urging a united efTort on the part of all the forces in the State to take up the slogan of a t: eater University and a greater Kentucky. Many prominent school men expressed themselves to the effect that this was the most successful attempt in the history of the state to center attention of the educational forces on the idea that if Kentucky is to go forward educationally, agriculturally and economically the peopr.eofthe State must catch the vision of a glorious moving forward as commonwealth one man to a higher goal, and that all of Kentucky's educational institutions, both public and private, should stand united with good 'fellowship and good will for each other, and for the future development of the State. ban-(tie- 2-- -- a BLJU Mint Julep Everywhere Agents Wanted EARN BIG VACATION MONEY. You can count oa S10 to $15 a day selling this new accessory for Ford cars SURE the Otwell reserve valve. Makes it impossible to run out of gas. Easily installed. Every Ford owner wants one. Write for our liberal proposition. The Otwell Cmnpaay 555 Llvernals Avtmue Dtrlt, Mich. SANFORD si "The Ink That Made According to in. urination fro.n Society, the University Council has granted permission for an Ag Day to be held on the cain'ptis, Friday afternoon, May D. A half holiday has neeu granted for the event. For several days past, John president of the Society, has been holding meetings chairmen ot various committees appointed for the affair, and great headway has been made with the program. All Ag and Home lie students will have part in the staging of this gala event and, acording to advance information it will be the most thoroughly prepared affair ever pescnted by the College and will give the University and the people of this part of Kentucky a better idea of the work being done by the College of Agriculture. K SENIORS, NOTICE1 ficers of the Gra-hm- a, After Tuesday, May d, no orders will be taken tor Senior rings. This is your last chance to get one. The design has ibecn changed from that of last year and shows up very attractively. The design is on display at the Book Store. See John Shaw at the University Hook Store. Will be there at the fifth hour every afternoon. -- RENT A NEW CAR and Drive It Yourself OVERLANDS i ALL CARS EQUIPPED WITH SPARE TIRES FREE ROAD SERVICE OPERATED CALL US BY COLLEGE MEN FOR COLLEGE MEN WE APPRECIATE The Story Phone 6120 Co. Rent-a-For- d LAFAYETTE-PHOENI- GARAGE X THE NAME TELLS THE STORY 44 Say, Prof., how long could brains? Dr. Miner That remains to be seen. live wtihout Chinese and American Menus 222 West Main Street K- I The Fountain Pen Possible"I I The experimental work carried on by the College of Agriculture will soon be supplanted by two new substations piovlded by the last Legislature According to Dean Cooper, of the College of Agriculture, the new stations in eastern and western Kentucky will make the work of the central station more effective and provide means to promote agricultural interests of the different regions. The eastern station in Breathitt county, will be known as the Robinson station, and will be located on a tract of 15,000 acres donated to the State for this purpose by E. O. Robinson, of Port Thomas. The western station will be located in Caldwell county on donated teritory not yet designated. Dean Cooper states that the Robinson station will be devoted largely to work with foresry as it is peculiarly adapted to that work and because of timber production under private or corporate ownership is one of the vital problems of the State. In addition, attention will be given to agricultural problems of the mountain dist.icts, which come under the heads of horticulture, orcharding, sheep and goat production, dairying, and production of grasses ibest suited to the mountain region. This station would prove as useful to forestry and timber production as the experiment station is proving in agricultural developments. The western station will treat different problems suitable to its location, such as dark tobacco, cotton, grass crops needed for (better pastures as well as orcharding and other pursuits studied at the central and eastern station. and still they say college men don't study! The critic who charges college men with lack of diligence never heard a freshman repeat his roll of fraternity chapters without a slip, or a senior dilate on the life history of every football captain from 1890 on. Of course this takes study PuUhktiin tk$ intintfEltc trical DtvehhmtMt by Institution tUt will h helped ft; wkcfi 0N tvtr helps Industry tht sometimes too much study. The student must be cautioned against the mental strain resulting from concentration on too limited a field of thought. It is a good thing to specialize, but not to the extent of becoming narrow. If it is right for the man who concentrates on engineering to be up on his campus activities, it would seem right for the man who is quoted on the history and philosophy of Comparative Baseball Scores to have some knowledge of the chemistry and thermodynamics from which he expects to make his living. For it is still true that in industrial councils the talk sometimes swings from batting averages to coefficients of expansion and the hysteresis losses in iron. This is all a matter of balance, and satisfactory mental balance is a means to an important end satisfactory bank balance. 'Western Electric Company Since 1869 makers and distributors of tUctrical equipment K- Patronizc the advertisers tucky Kernel. i nthe Ken- t UNIVERSAL RESTAURANT Frcsh I 1 YOUR BUSINESS. THE BEST PLACE IN TOWN TO TAKE YOUR GIRL K- One Will Be Located in Eastern Section of State; Other in Western Portion. Oh Henry! 1 Oc 9 TWO NEW TO BE ESTABLISHED SOON Glass all frosted then, the aromatic mint remember? That's cone but here's another blend you won't forcet. Rich butter cream, dipped In soft caramel rolled In crisp nuts then coated with sweet milk chocolate. The name A Fine Candy HOME ECS WILL HAVn: THEIR DAY, MAY AOS AND EDUCATORS ATTEND Number 38 of a series i;