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By Chuck Smith
Participants in a forum on the challenges facing lesbigay people in
the Bluegrass region called for serious planning and action to change
social attitudes and improve community activities. Many strengths,
weaknesses, and needs of the lesbigay community were articulated at the
forum sponsored by the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Organization on May 6.
A second forum planned for June
3, will focus on needs, set TEN DAY PRIDE CELEBRATION
priorities and plan firactical wa s BEGINS SATURDAY, JUNE4
for meeting them. T e forum will
be between 7:30 and 9:00 p.m. at By Debbie Currie
the New Morning Coffeehouse. Lexington's Lesbian, Gay and N
This forum will be oriented Bisexual Pride Celebration gets
toward practical action. Several under way June 4 with a showing of
"action groups" will be formed at Desert Hearts at the Kentucky
the meeting. Each of these groups Theater, and is followed by ten
will take the responsibility for event—filled days. The celebration
developing the means of meeting a culminates on June 14 with the
specific need in the communit . TSGRA's "Salute to Lexington
The plans will be made in Volunteers Banquet." . .
response to the assets, The pride planning comm1ttee
liabilities, and needs identified encourages you to attend the
at last month's forum. These are banquet. It 15 an opportunity to
listed below. . honor those who contribute to
Communit Assets various organizations and
69 a variety of large and small aCtl_VltleS that improve. the
active organizations quality of life . for lesbians,
© a large, diverse lesbigay gays and bisexuals ll’]_the area.
population The insert in this newsletter
© coalitions have formed between provides a complete line up on
lesbigays and progressive groups Pride Celebration events. The
«D a growing number of lesbigay pride committee also invites and
activities encourages you to support
«3 GLSO maintains a phoneline, Louisville's Pride Celebration,
newsletter, and speakers bureau (see article on page 12).
© strong organizations providing In particular, because we do
AIDS education and service not have a march of our own yet
«3 official support from local (someday folks), you should try to
Unitarian Universalist Church make the 6th Annual March for
© a noticeable number of new Justice on Saturday, June 27.
faces and new energies, especially Unlike 1past years, this year we'll
manifested in student groups at be marc ing in the streets!
UK, Transy, Berea, EKU, and Centre Marchers will assemble at 11:30
© both individuals and groups a.m. at the Jefferson County Court
have persevered in efforts to House. There will be a rally
improve the climate for lesbigays beginning at noon. The march
in the face of disappointment and begins at 1:00 p.m. and goes from
setbacks the courthouse to the Floyd Street
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The annual lesbigay pride
5 events around the country
commemorate the June 28-29, 1969,
riots at the Stonewall Inn, a New
York gay bar, where lesbiga}:
employees and patrons fought bac
against a routine police raid. The
ensuing riots gave birth to a
Published Monthly by the politicized gay corrl'ilmunityh "bent"
' ' - - - on getting its rig ts. T e year
Le??? GifiQLesbian Servxce Orgamzatwn following the riots, 1970, saw the
- - 0X 71,Lex1ngton,KY40575 first commemorative parades and
Editors: marches in four cities: New York,
BethDaly,JeffJones,TomMurphy. L05 hngeles, Chicago and San

and Chuck Smith FranCisco ' .
The "gay pride" sparked at
GLSOAnnualDues-$10.00 Sgcfmewall had positive polditical
D _ e ects. It is estimate that
gesfcirCOUplles $1500 three months after the Stonewall
CW5 eterHY'55DO - Rebellion there were 50 gay groups
in the U.S. By the mid—1970s, gay
men and lesbians had formed more
g; than 1,000 organizations. And by
' 1980, about 4,000 autonomous
groups had sprung into existence.
LVVEMAKESAFAMILY That's an 8,000 percent increase
in ten years.

Lesbian mothers and gay fathers What many gay folk don't know
from around the globe will meet in is that the revolutionaries at
Indianapolis, July 3-5 for the Stonewall didn't represent the
13th annual conference of the Gay shiny, clean, politically correct
and Lesbian Parents Coalition queers often seen today, but some
International. of the segments of our community

It will be a gathering of with the lowest social status.
parents, partners, and children to The Stonewallers were drag queens,
earn, share and grow. A time for rough diesel dykes, and poor,
our children to learn that they working class homos out for a beer
are not the only kids in the and possibly more. Not exactly
world with a gay or lesbian the Pilgrims, but instead, people
parent. There will be workshops, a tired of harassment and legal
banquet, a family picnic, fire— abuse.
works, speakers, a 505 sock hop, Perhaps as prophecy to the role
entertainment, and more. the feminist movement and lesbian

This is a family event. There is political activism were to play in
a conference for children age the gay liberation movement, the
6-12, another for youth age 13 and first punch directed against the
11E, and child care is provided for police was by a woman.

t ose under 5. Although now demolished, the

The meeting will be at the stonewall Inn is seen as the
downtown Indianapolis Hotel Hyatt birthplace of the modern gay
Regenccy. For information contact: movement. So get out to the
"Free om, Friends and Family! Louisville march and celebrate how
Conference," P.0. Box 50360, far we've come because one lesbian
Washington, DC 20091. Phone: (202) got fed up and the drag queens
583—8029. joined in. salute to them.

Continued from page one Flve poSitions on the GLSO
Also, not to be missed is the Board of Directors Will be filled
11th Annual Pride Week Picnic, at the June meeting. At present,
Sunday, June 21 at the Water four people have been nominated:
Tower, 3005 Upper River Road. The Linda LaPorte to serve a second
admission is only $6.00, and you term and Beth Daly, Jeff Jones,
couldn't ask for a better time. If and 30b P0113! for a first term.
I remember correctly, over 1,000 Members Of GLSO are encouraged to
people attended last year! nominate others. call Chuck at
Getting back to our own Pride 275‘2059: up until June 20-
Celebration, we hope you will help
to make it a success! We have
made a real effort to come up with Leatherwear?Inever put it on.
a slate of activities that appeals Ironware?Iuse It every day.
to all tastes. We encourage you to
buy Pride Week buttons and Raffle , W, , -
tickets, which will be sold at the 31,4“ _
various events. The drawing for ’_‘,
the pride week raffle will be held '. .
during the cocktail hour at the
Banquet on June 14. You don't Finecastironcookware
have to be present to win (but it 'THE PINK IRONMONGER
will be great if you are!) 13.0.1303; 4183 Lexington,KY40544 ‘ ,
Have a terrific time during the é75-206 “J
celebration —- SHOW YOUR PRIDE!
a"; ””"lL Lem; line Bennie ULL‘L
‘9 /- '\
v3“, iii-35‘. rr r ' .,
. 4 _L Loy Mme ewe-see,
_ , I 555"
W'§’ , , . r r . ..
, 33‘é3-'ii’:ii%122§2§%iéiiiéééié..\/ ll, weenie/LEE roam
I / ‘ r
1- , -. (r ”I ~ If , .r If?!“ 11!:
l “a! «1‘ -- U91! III/51).? LID?) Jr’s/o ..
' iii-Ezzzéléfééi-féf-ZéiiizEeiz; '
E l.‘ '
‘I ‘ V .
1% The Patsfiey Peacock.
Something For Everybody's Clloset
371 8. Limestone - 253-9228
Mom-Sat. 11-8 / Sun. 12-6

 'f =3; F (- “it
. V. :.; v; ‘ .~
. “ 7 I--‘;
_ - ~. ‘- r};
. ,uLl ‘Fi .‘ 5‘ ’4
, F mi: :4 _ q; . J: ‘1 F i.
"i 42%"???1 . .-‘ ‘ " ‘ " . - \T
He doesn't know it yet, but Gary has the AIDS virus.
And there's a chance that someone who has sex with Gary could get it too.
. Know your partner. Use condoms. Protect yourself and those you love.
K t k AIDS H t1'

Continued from pa e 1

_ Our community also must deal with a number of liabilities. Some of the external
habil1t1es faced by the community are:

External Liabi ities

O Kentucky's sodomy laws make some private, sexual acts between adults of the
same gfinder crlmmal ac 1v1t1es. . .

Q here are no_ laws to protect lesbigays from discrimination in employment,
housmg, or the prov1s10n of services. .

9 here is actlve, vocal ogposition to lesbigay people. The right-wing of the
commumty, fueled by some fun amentalist ChristIans, aggressively opposes esbigay
peop e.

'9' There is no_support for the lesbigay community from the mainstream media or
pohtlcal organizations.

nternal iabilities

Q There 1.5 Widespread apathy in the community, especially in the areas of
working for socral and political reform.

O ttempts to raise money have been limited to small, one at a time events. No
attempt has been made to develop a comprehensive, far-reaching fund raising

0 While there are communication mechanisms in the community there is a lack
of unity and cooperation. More needs to be done to do away with cliquishness and
to remove the class gender, and racial barriers that divide us.

h 9 Effgrts at po tical action by the lesbigay community have been limited and I
s ort- ve .

9 An element of fear permeates the lesbigay community that keeps most people
either in the closet or jumping in and out of t e closet. ‘_

O The lesbigay communi y lacks visibility and too few pronunent lesbigays are
willing to serve as spokeslgzrsons for us. _

0 We don't have a luegrass gay pride parade, a Metropohtan Community
Church, or a community center. .

Discussion of these strengths and weaknesses helped those who participated in
the forum to articulate a num er of needs that the community should address.
Bluegrass Lesbigay Needs

' 0 Development of a lesbian community action plan that provides an effective
organizing structure, fund-raising mechanism, and communicatlon arm. _

9 Creating a _more open community that allows lesbigays eaSIer access to
servmes and activitles.

0 More outreach to, education of, and coalition building with the larger
commumt . '

9 Bridge building. between the African American and white lesbigay people at
an orgamzed commumty level. .

O A gay and lesbian community center that would provide office space, meetmg
areas, and commumty Visibility.

9 Specific activit1es_needed: _

a. political action commlttee to lobby state and local government and to
endorse political candidates

b. gueer Nation 0r ACT-UP groups

c. a Pride March . . . _

d. begter organized and pubhcized sports act1v1t1es .

e. P-FLAG chapter (Parents and. Friends of Gays and Lesbians)

f. Gay and lesblan parents orgamzation

g. Gay and lesbian youth group

. Lesbigay chamber of commerce

i. more support for and from lesbigay owned businesses.

Those who would like to work to help meet some of these needs are encouraged
to attend the June 3 forum.



Gay and lesbian films will be intense emotion and the 'socially
shown at the Kentucky Theater unacceptable.‘ The primary story,
Thursday and Friday, June 4-5. however, deals with two men in

DESERT HEARTS: This 1986 prison who become involved in a
grand dame of lesbian movies, passionate, occasionally violent,
Desert Hearts is a sensitive, and highly homo-erotic
moving drama of a middle—aged relationship. Even those who
recent divorcee who goes out West don't normally enjoy more
to a ranch to heal emotionally. intellectual fare will find the
While there, she meets, is pursued steamy scenes worth the ticket.
by and eventually) falls in love
With a sensuous, eadstrong young ,, ,
woman. Set in the 1950's, this 0 c .Cl'mcalsoc'alwmke‘
drama exp lore 5 love as it erL hen-”cal Dependency Coun.
manifest: itself between two wclamen
an t e empowerment t is
relationship brings for both. The LAURA E- KAPLAN. MSW
sisters wi 1 find this film and
its notorious love scene both hot
and intense while the brothers
will enjoy the fine story line of new Second SI.

' this exce lent piece. Women alas, Lexing‘OH-KY 40507 606-254-9112

informants report that both
leading actresses are strayt.

POISON: An intriguing, intricate
story with three interwoven plots.
All three sub-stories involve

In Memory Of D
Dan Mynear
Friend, Teacher, Activist , .
Our community shares our loss
with Keith Lovan,
Dan‘s "long-time companion"

Like talking with gay men lesbians, M
bisexuals an the occasional liet but
can't afford the 1-900 numbers? Like ,
helping members of our community
connect with area organizations and
sometimes just listen? Then join the
team of the GLSO Gagiline. Volunteers
needed. Call Tony at 66-9175.
Women's Chorus forming: if you are an ng CW CW7,
mterested singer or mus1c1an, call and . ,
leave a message at 254-8338. _ 2337 8 WW Dawe
Learn Slgn language: introductory 269 036
course beginning June , 7 pm. at The 'Q
Metro. or information, call John:

By Chuck Smith

How do gay Christians confront challenges to their faith raised by
fundamentalism? Isn't it time for a Christians to come out to the gay
community? What problems are faced by Christian ministers who are gay?
These and other subjects will be addressed in a public meeting Friday,
June 12, between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., at St. Augustine Chapel, 472
Rose Street.

The forum, organized by the Gay METHODIST CHURCH OFFICIALS
Men's Spiritual Group, will STANDBYTEACHINGS ON GAYS
feature a panel presentation on
concerns of gay religious people. By Tom Mur hy
Each panelist will speak briefly, After 20 years of debate, the
Then the questions and cements of General Conference of the United
the audience. Methodist Church decided to

The subjects to be addressed maintain its position that
include: "Homosexual persons are no less

0 Challenges and problems facing than heterosexual, individually
gay Christians, sacred." A local minister who was

6 Problems gay ministers face in a delegate to the Conference said
serving the Christian community, that the policy-making body ,I

O The experience of being both attempted to seek a balance
gay and Pentecostal, between Christian understanding of

9 Coming out as a Christian in the scriptures, and compassion for
the gay community, all peop e.

6 AIDS and spirituality. While homosexual persons are of

infinite worth, and as worthy of

SUMMER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION ministry as anyone else, he said,
PLANNED BY BLUEGRASS WOMEN the church cannot condone a way of
life which is incompatible with

By Mary Sojourner Crone Christian teaching. .

A group of women of diverse opinions influencing this
spiritual traditions have Planned decision ranged from a belief that
an afternoon and evening of homosexuality is a disease, to the
celebration and ritual for the belief that homosexuality does not
Summer Solstice, June 20. violate any moral truth.

Midsummer Eve is a time for The result of the debate was a
Blay, for jumping bonfires, for ruling that does not exclude
ending, and or weaving Goddess homosexuals from a church
magic into our lives. The event congregation but does prohibit the
begins at 4 p.m. with craft sales ordination of any professed
and workshops on astrology, dream homosexual. _ .
work, drumming, bOdY awareness: when asked about this pOSltlonr
spiritual healing and working with the delegate said, "this was not a
crystals. ruling specifically aimed against

A ritual is planned to begin at homosexuals. The church 'Simply
6:30 p.m. Those who wish to attend feels it would be inapproprlate t0
the ritual are asked to arrive ordain a minister who was involved
before it starts. in any activity which fell outSide

Tickets to cover the costs are of church doctrine."
for sale (sliding scale $3-5) at The church did issue 'a
Sqecial Media and Crystal Visions. statement in support 0f c1v1l

The solstice celebration will be rights for homosexuals as well as
on the grounds of Kentucky Horse legal rights for same—sex couples.
Park, use the Camping Entrance and Many gay and lesbian Metho ists
follow our signs to Continued page 11. attending the continued on page 12


 June GLSO Calendar of Events 1992 erreoroer
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