The Kentuckian
Late   Fiction
{Conducted by Dalien Are.)
Lover's One, Two and Three is a charming little romance by the versatile writer, Mrs. Eloise Ginn.    Popular edition $5.00.
.1 Study of Marsh Has is a deeply scientific treatise on a subject of great importance and of vita] interest. It comes from the pen of that genial author, Eobert Adams.    All bookstores 10c per copy.
The Years I Spent in College is a complete review of the past eight years of life at the State University of Kentucky. This book will undoubtedly find a ready sale since it is from the entertaining writer. "Dutch" Creel. At newstands $2.00 per copy.
Choosing Men Friends is a guide to sure happiness that should by all means (iml iis way into the hands of all co-eds. It is a dainty volume from the gifted pen of Miss Flo CroWder.   26c per copy.
Bill Collecting by that pest of all seniors. Roy Cram. This is undoubtedly -i great author's chef d'onne.    Bargain sale now mi at Kirby's.   5c the copy.
Evils of Imitations by Ko Kondo.   A work of put.....Japanese virility.   Adopted
as a text book  in a greal  many colleges and  high schools.    Ninth edition now on sale.    $2G.O0 per volume.
Culture of Voices a highly instructice and deeply interesting collection of anecdotes from the life of Ah1. Beckner from Purdue by that gentleman himself. Three
copies for lc.
Cam pas Cunning a thrilling drama in three acts from the pens of those now famous collaborates, Misses Bennett and Cary. $17.00 per copy.
How I Would Fun flu1 University is a comprehensive work on this subject, and is our first production from the hands of that gifted gentleman from Georgetown. Professor Terrel.   At all book sellers, 20c per thousand.