The Kentuckian
Ladies Choice positively the most sensational bit of fiction offered this year. Dealing as it docs with that phase of college dances with which so few of us are familiar it is bound to have a big sale. This work is edited by the renowned "Spot" Giltner, $6.00 per copy.    Merrick Lodge Building.
Fifty Lynriliavens, a clever sketch by that ever charming humorist, "Tiny" Clark.   All hotels and restaurants, 60c per dozen.
Chapel Singing, a dissertation of annual interest to all new students and some old ones. The author is deeply interested in this Work and lias had some experience along these lines.   By Professor James White. Given away Tree
Owr High Salaried Graduates by Professors Anderson and Mackenzie, is of a certaintj' the most unique volume of its kind. Guaranteed to cure insomnia. At all second-hand clothing stores loc per copy.
;       J\ly Son's Education,, a book for all young parents by (hat experienced author. Professor Leon K. Frankel.    On sale June 1st.    $1.50 per issue.