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1 2002-2003 UFFICERS 0 P E N I N G E.
I C/mr/es M. Moore jr 59 R E M A R K 5  
| Bowling Green V
Franklin H. Funisjrt '72
giléiayuglig 79 Dear Friends: _
SECREl`AA’Y Have you noticed a couple of changes on our cover'? The UK Alumni Association Board of Directors
g1nI_;1?¢1,n72 voted at its September meeting to tweak the name of the magazine to Kentucky Alumni. From time to time
Agggglmgg srgpr we have had letters and comments about using the male form of the Latin word alumnus in the title  
ggggggfmin of the magazine. That’s just the way the staff, and indeed university and alumni staffs throughout the
'”'”‘”‘“"""""/’"“'””' country, saw things back in 1929 when the magazine was founded. Today the alumni body 1S different
  because the University is different; 53 percent of the students on campus are female and 51 percent of
A.S`$§ggt7E ommozer UK alumni are female. With the name Kentucky Alumni, everyone can feel that the magazine truly is his
Liz Demoran OI` h€I`S.
.63 .76 We’ve also added the Alumni Associations logo to the cover. The UK Public Relations office ,
jifygg/;1a]l$i·,~CorOR commissioned a redesign of the University’s logo incorporating the now familiar UK separated by the `
A.S1¥OC7217Z D//z/zo-/o/1 steeple of Memorial Hall. No doubt those of you in Kentucky and others receiving mailings from UK
*m‘t**1*?" 92 recognized it immediately. You will also see it often coupled with three words that summarize the UK
 R experience today: Dream — Challenge — Succeed. The alumni featured in this issue of the Kentucky Alumni
1 MARKEHNG7 — Sam Abell and Molly Foree — represent these traits. Spend a moment with your University through
1 ADVER775ING . .
` Knlrtinu Plckrell or '[h1S m21gEtZ1I1€.
J 7RAVEL _ I invite you to write to me with other suggestions to improve communications between the Alumni As- .
i 188*// Comm sociation and you, ideas for stories that would interest you and questions about the University.
j Angela Carlo: 98  
4 mw
Brenda Bain
1 Linda Brumjield
1 Nancy Coomer
I Nancy Cult:
l Randall Morgan
i Garre/1 Pri/ter I
1 /:::12:1;/.:11312;;/  F0/IOW the Cats-
jaAnn Su/er ,
Fr~~¤~¤ W/8 2002-2003 NlEN’S BASKETBALL 2002-2003 WOMEN S BASKETBALL
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l¤';·'§1t3¤·Il°:·Zi#yA¤··»»¤ magazme We/Comes 11/25-27 Maui Invitational (Esau) 11/25 SOUTHERN ILLINOIS. 7 pm
( 15?l;],,lgiLZ23,Zj,,,c,,,,by Letter  [O the Editor Arizona State, Virginia, Gonzaga 11/29-30 at Seattle Times Classic I
2 we U»¤iy¢¤¤J·,¤fK¤ri/¤4¤/ol fr Om its F€0€l€VS 12/3 HIGH POINT (UK-L) 8 pm Univ, of Pacilic, St. Bonaventure, Washington
1  fo,. sharing rhgi r idggg 12/7 at North Carolina (ESPN) 2 pm 12/4 at Evansville
1 its ¤/Me--r>¤yi~s,~¤¤~¤bv¤<— and O pin [0 n S nbmn 12/10 at Tulane (ESPN) 9 pm 12/7 WESTERN KENTUCKY 1 pm
. }3j‘j‘{_f`,,§'},$'[,‘§§f§{1'°’ h . , 12/14 llllcl-llo/-lu STATE (ces)/1 pm 12/14-15 at l-lawon Classic, Honolulu
? A¤¤>¢i¤/fell. <¤¢¤¢>/ M]/we I 6 magazine S CO"- 12/21 at Indiana in Louisville (CBS) 5 pm Hawaii, Long Island, UNLV
1 ;i;$‘ji,§f§iff;,Q’§,${i;iji,;'f fer/f· Lfffm mus! /26 12/28 at Louisville (Esau) Noon 12/21 MIAMI (OHIO) 1 pm
I Al·~»l}¤i¢1¢;¤<>/ •;·m<~#tl· signed and may be 12/30 TENNESSEE STATE (UK-L) 8 pm 12/23 MORRIS BROWN 7 pm
I   wlfllzrlll/1/liv/i edited for length and 1/2/03 Al-CORN $1/ATE _ A (UK·Dl 7230 Pm 12/31 ClNClNNATl_ 3 Pm
A·¤<3¤i~/Inv vr//M UH/~¤/0* I rn Mai] letters [O 1/4/03 Ohlo Stale ln Clnclnnatl (UK-L) 4 pm 1/2/03 MARSHALL ln Rupp Arena 5 pm
1 (N°'""°k"‘ C a . y' . 1/8 at Tennessee (JP) 8 pm 1/5 at Louisville 2 pm
1 jg;/;,’ggQjn,,, E‘/"0G  K A/”’"”’ 1/11 SOUTH CAROLINA (SEC-W/FSS) 7 pm 1/8 or Tennessee 8 pm
R¢·cr1rd.v,`(/K /llll·lVl7llA&Y0- AsS0Clatl()na   alV3l1d€l'blll   9 pm 1/12     8 pm
` Z"'/‘{Q'·L5/3%   Klf]gA[[{)1]]1iHOLl§€, 1/18 NOTRE DAME (CBS) 2 pm 1/16 at LSU 8 pm i `