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     Minutes of the meeting of the 'xecutive Committee of the Board
of Trustees, University of Rentucky, for its rngular imonthly meet-
ing, Thursday, November 9, 1922.

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, University
of Xentucky, met in regular monthly session on Thursday, November
9, 1922, in the office of the President, at the University at
11:30 o'clock.   The following persons were present:    Judge
R. C. Stoll, Robqrt G. %ordon, George Colvin, Frank L. McVey,
Presiedent of the University, and W7ellington Patrick, Secretary of
the Committee.

     The minutes of the me-ting of the Executive Committee for
October 12, 1922, were anproved as published.

     (1) Renort of the Business Agent.     The Business Agent's
report was read and ore'ered incorporated in the minutes.   The
renort rras as followts:

                                 Novembsr 8, 1922

     Dr. Frank L. MaVey
          University of Kentucky

     De.q.r Doctor KpV'y:

          At the June, 2922, meetin; of the i     xecutive Committee,
     an order was made authorizing the Cheirman of the Execu-
     tive Committee and. the Business Agent to borrow, from
     time to time, such sums as may be necessary to meet the
     current expenditures of the University.

          The indebtedness now exieting under that ord3r is
     $70,000, represented by twno notes, one of $50,003, re-
     nowal of loan carried brfors July 1, 1922, and one of
     020,000, execuated Octobk-r 31, 1922.  (These do not in-
     clude the 134,000 note secured by Libtrty bonds).    It
     now  appears that we shrall need 55O,000 to  lOO,O03.tO
     meet current expenses from Novfemb-r 30 to December 31,
     the amount and time of the loans being dependent unon
     the promptness of payymnnt of amounts Aue the University
     and the date of paymennt of December salary checks.   All
     of this indebtedness ravy be :Pid in January efter collec-
     tion of amount due from State tax.    (See statement o
     entimptqa incomn nnA qv-qnA.Jtizrqs) .



     It *1eo a; ears th~t tart of tLe amotmt needed may
hs.e to be secrxef -from bqn'rs other than the Phoenix
NMiional Bank a.n6. Trust Company.  In view of the above
stpetqmqnts, a.no'. th-'t order mRsde luring lest fiscal year
mny be construed. to 8pplly only to that year, I suggest
thpt rn order be ?ei approving the loan of $50,000,
d.&ted. .'1u t 29, 1922, Fnd .20,000, lptti October 30,
19n2, P0 thpt P        ourrhr2,0r 03te.'a somthinor like
zho f olloeine                           t    l

    On motion, dulty :scon.de the Chairman of the Ex-
ecutiv- Comittee z'nd. -th1e Business ament  of the University
of Xqnt-ucky, ar7e i3hori.e  to borrow from such sources
as P.vei1b1, PnC to 9e:;ecute the note or notes of the Uni-
versity of 4intuchy tharsfor, at one time3, or from timg
to time, such emount or amounts as m-y be necessary to
mest the current exenses of the Univsrsity of Zentucky,
the total smount of ;h.n i:ndebtedness and exeanditures of
the University of X.nvucky, et ony time not to exceed
the estimpted incoraq for Uhs fiscal ysear plus the amount
of leg-, indebteanscS allowved by statute, to wit, $87,350.99.

                                 Very truly,

                           (Signed.)  De He Peek,
                                   Business Agent.

   Finazeial C t.:tea3nt from July 1, 1922 to Febrtcry 1,
192.7. (L;s'iw,-tid from Octobe-r 16, 1922, to February 1, 1923..):

    July 1 to Oct. 16
    Oct. 16 to Oct. 31 (estimetad.)

Expend i ture s
    July 1 to Oct. 16
    Oct. 16, to Oct. 31 (estimated)

37 ,500.00

70 ,000 .00



    zxceeS of Receipts over Ltx4enditures
       to Oote. 1, 1922
    Orerdraft July 1, 1922
    Overdraft Oct. 51, 1922. (9stimwtedd)

Recai.:t-s or Nov. 1922. (sstin ted)
    State Tax          15,000.00
    Patt. Hall & Miiso.  1,000.00
    Exnerimsnt Station  12,000.00
    Extension Division  11,000.00
hxnenditures for Nov, (stimotega)         100.000.00
    Excess of T'xxsnditures over aeceipts for Nov.
    Ovardraft Nov. 30, 1922. (estimated)

6 ,055 .32
34 .004--
27, 949. 3B

61 000.00


Receipts for Dec. (3stimrnted)
     Stste Tax      49,000.00
     Intarest on }T'n-
     fo mnnnt Bones 4,322.25
     ' tt. Hall &
     Misc.          15,000.00
     Exp'er. Sta tion 12,000.00
     Lxtension Div. 11,000.00
Lxpenaitures for ec . (airli9)              110,000.00
     Excess of i:qr~anitures o0er Receipts foT Dec.
     Overdrpft Dec. 31, 1922 (9stirnm-.t ad)

Raceipts for January (estjxa-t9.3
     ite.te Tqx       21-5,000.00.
     Voce.tion1 1cau-
       ep5tion        14,000.00.
     Patt. H11  & Iffisc. 3,500.00
     Ex-erimrnt 5t.
       tion            15,00.00
     Exteneion Div.   109671.11

-Lx-~ndituros -for JPn. (e2t-i-w-ced)
     hxcess of .ecqijta over   7;, an5.ituros
       for Jen.
     B,3-1.h.nce Jpr... 31, 1923 (estimv ;?)


120 ,000.00

237 .171.11
129 ,543. 98.

....in-     ..

"h a 4 !,. :F -.-
     -M    a   r S  -, - .." i , 1   - a 'n--, i -.; -C '! '3


Statirnnt of Incorne end Exiend.itures, M9onth of October, 1922.

Yreviously Current
Retorted    Month

To Date

(7enernl Fund Income
  Federa.l A.p.ropria sicn
  'TocA tionel h;ducpion Board
  '-enere1 Eduoption 13oh rd
  Spfeie 1 .:'r-i.culturr1 'pnro .
  State Tax
  Interest on r ibsrty Bones
  Interest on 1neo1,-,-7Tnt :Bonds
  Stud.ent Feaes    I
  Jtud.ent : eis - Sumrmer 3choo3
  3tudent Fees - University h'
   Student 9Fees - PrtcticQ
  Ifiscellnesous Receipts

JI:2; efldi tur'ss
   .- minimtrption B...penfl
   'aditions and Bet1;3eerinnts

   'f-ceass of ExpenliUtures
     ovar Income

Pettterson HEll Income
   Room Rent - Sumraqr School

d2 ,'50.00


 900.00      1,800.00
7,116.70     10,375.61
7,158.64     14,,09. 24
  850.00        850.00
 490.45     21,490.98
 (12.00)     7,028.00

   924.76   443.00

 1,680.00   270.00
   445.51    264.94
   659.90     67.00
91.218.95 17.54-8.73

71,309.14 37,427.82
22,457.27  8,161.32
,6,S6.) (20 102.41
...............................*100 7 27 .5 1 45, 691. 55

     ( rB.5  (28 .1j2.8)

11.B27 00






11.11' 7.97
  12e908 *97

L:,t'nd i ture s
  ..2              - tirq3  t
  Additions Pnd Bett rments
                 T ote 1

    !'xoese of Incoi:Ie over kz-
      Pend itpure s

enieral Fund Incorme
)eneral Pund !'xpenrditures

   B'.xCS of 0ensepl Fund Lx-
     daitures over Income

  7,4.45    (2.109.67)

103,045.95 *18,630.70
0,11006    48,883.19

(2,064.11) (330 ,22.49)



(-32 ,316 .60)

.bxcees of Aecoipts over Lx-
  Ienera1 Ledmer Accounts

11,125.12  19,520.44      3



' 574 .19_



32 ,W4 .56


5 .


Lxcess of RaceiDts ov-r HF-
  rena.it ures for the fiscal
  yepr -lo date - eneral Fn   11.061*01

b.xcess of Receipts ov3r Ex-
  penlitures for the fiscal
  sepr to date - lenirol Pun..
Cash in Bank July 1, 1922 -
  General Fund
Cash in Bank October 31, 1922 -
  ('aneral Fund.

Trust Fund Income
  Bennett Prize
  Crum Prize
  Student Loan Fund
  Special Scholprships
                Total Incoms
   Student Not s Paid
                Total Rocei'its

   Student Notes
                 I Total.
   Exccess of Receirpts over Ex-

,. 650.00


,809 .53


FiSC al
To Date

(10.732.05)    328. 96






ELxcess of Receipts over LTpen-
  ditures for the f iscal year
  to date - Trust Pund
Cash in Bank July 1, 1922 - 'rust Fund
Cash in Bank October 31, 1922 - Trust Fnd

Bxperiment Stetion Income
   Hatch - 'Laderal Approprietion
   M7ilk snd Butter - Cash
   Beef Csttle Salss
   Deiry CE-ttle Seals
   Sheep Sales
   Swine Sales
   Poultry Sales
   Farm Produce Sales
   Horticultural Sales
   Seed Test
   Mi scellaneous
   Fqrtili7er - Fees


  14E .00
  74 4. 03
  127. 50
D ,9'1l.25

0,750 .00


   251 .59


1.250 .00
2 ,262.94

1. 25.00
2 .25-7.34


1,226.48 .
1. 324.78
2 551.26


  103 .36

1,010.00  10,921.25



Previously Current
Roport id  Month

Public Sorvice - Stat? Appro.
Feeding Stuffs - Fees
Adams - Federal Appropriation
Sirum - Sales
Sarum - Virus Sales
Serum - Livoe Stock
Sertu - Supply Salos
Serum - Misaqllanious
Ste t iAppropriation
Sr 3am ry - Licnns3 RFees
Cream ry - Testers' Licenses
Oreamery - Glassware Tested.


43 .100.07

Expondi turi s
   Exp3nsa                      51,210.25
   Additions and Bittirments       904.76
                Tota.l         52.115.01
    ' xciss of Incomo over
    1ixo3nditures              9iLQ0194J
    F7xc3ss of Incorm3 ovir 2 ie'n-
      ditures for tho fiscal year
      to ds.t, - Exp'-rim!nt Station
    Cash in Bank July 1, 1922 - Ex-
      perimint Station
    0Csh in Bank Oct'ob-r 31, 1922 -
      perimrnnt Sta.tion




To Date

  3 ,031.25
 16, 78:.37
    624 .50
 78 .142 *44


 6 &Q~8.48.


 39 .478.62


Extgnsion Division Income
    F3eiral Smith-Lsvor
    Fideral Suppl.nm-,ntary
    State Smith-3lvor
    County and Othar

11'' 5 .1.82
111216 . 82

22745 .12

1 .549,65
,3. 961. 94

1x!endi ,- rrs
   xc,3ss of Income over
      ..4xpendinturis           39-234.
   Excess of Income over 2rT-
      v~nditures for tIM fiscal
      yerr to dete - 'E:tnsion Division
   Ca-sh in Bank July 1, 1922 - Ixtinsion
   Cash in Bank Octob-r 31, 1922, 'Lxtn-
      sion Division.

) 25,94P .37  97,927.96

3  3200 .2-5 ) 36,033.98


36 ,033 .98


Summn rY
    G3niral Fund Income
    Trust PuniO. Incorne
    it^r rim:nt  3tw-.-ion Income
    Extinsion Division Income
              I o1t-.el

.   62 6L82

22 745.12
77 .174.29

133 .961. 94


Raporti d

Currqnt Year
Month    To Ia ts

-en3nral Fund Inditurs
Trst Fund 2zcimnd itur3s
Ex;pirimint Stction Lxpin-
  d itur'rss
Xxt nsion Division Expon-
Zxciss of Incomim ovir Ex-
p3ndit ura s
;xcO3ss of R0ceipts ov1r Ex-
penditur3s for Gn-3ral
Led zr Accounts

  StudC nt Noto s

105 ,110.06
   30 2. 31


 71 .982.59
 229.509. 97



48,883.19  153,993.25
   330.03      632.34


25 .945.37  97.927.96
94.377.54 323.887.51

(17,203.25) 12,156.46


jQ045.00)(580.00)  (I1625.00)

EX-coss of Rocipts ov-r !.'x-
  pintituros  Combin-od


Exemss of RiciiDts ovir Ex-
  Prnditur-is for thi fis.al
  yoer to d'.to..- Cornbind Fund
Cash in Bonk and on hrnd July 1, 1922 -
  Combinid Fund
Cesh in Bank .nd on hen4 Octobor 31, 1922 -
  Combinod Fund




11 .a93.20 ;-

7 i


33,866 ,44


8 .

     (2) Borrovwinp of Panee.  On motion duly seconded and. unani-
mously adopted, the Chairman o.- the -hxecutive Committee and the
Business Agent off the University of Xentucky were authorized to
borrow from such sources as are avail.able and to execute the note
or notes of the lUniversity of Xentuc]-y thirefor, at one time or
from time to time, in such amount or amounts as may be necessary
to meet the current expenses of the University of Xent-acky, the
total amount of the inadbtedness and expenditures of the University
of Xentucky at any time not to exceed the estimated income for the
fiscal year plus the amount of legal indebtedness allowed by stat-
ute, to wit `87,350.98.

     (3) Purchase of Not from P. B. Collins on Graham Avenue.    The
following conmmunicattion from the Business Agent was read and or-
dered incorporated in the minutes:

                                  Lexington, I{sntucky
                                       Z'ovember 8, 1922

          Dr. Prank T. `Ic'Tsy

               University of Xentucky

          Dear Doctor 11McoVey:

               P. B. Collins wishes to sell a houss and lot
          on Graham Avenue, ada.oining ceampus at back of lot,
          one house and lot between it a.nd Experiment Sta-
          tion lots on ri~ht, three houses and lots between
          it and Mallian tract; framer house of four rooms,
          hall end beth, -rice r'3,350.

               Dean Cooper says he is not interested.

                                  Very truly

                        (Signed) D. H. Psak
                                       Business Agent

     On motion, dulY seconded, th. matter was referred to Presi-
dent MtcVey with Lower to act.

      (4) Oamnam fox Fns        The following communication from
Tamblyn and Brown with regard to the campaign for funds was read
and incorporated in the minutes:



                                      New York City
                                            October 16, 1922

     President Frank I. McVey
          University of Kentucky
               Lexington, Kentucky

     By dear President ircey:

          I have read with interest your letter of the 12th
     and your report of the Conmittee.    I think it covers
     the subject in very good shape.

          On account of the very large number of campaigns
     that we have ean upon1 which we must place our men al-
     most at once, it will be understood that much as we
     would desire to do so we cannot hold ourselves respon-
     sible for conducting the campaign unless you can have a
     meeting of your corlmmittee in time to have the contract
     signed and the initial check received by November 20.
     If the committee adopts the recommendations the contract
     may be signed and the initial check sent and we will sign
     one copy and return it to you at once.    Of course, if
     the contract is signed and the initial check received be-
     fore this date we may ba!;rin ten davs afterward.

          This is necessary because during the week of Novem-
     ber 20 we must make all of our assignments as to cam-
     pa-ign directors, as to the winter and spring terms, and
     we are very anxious to give you for the general direction
     of the campaign our M,1r. Ehler who has raised money more
     in sentucky than ant other man and who has had a very wide
     campaign experience.

          I hope that this will not work any hardship upon your
     committee as I understand from your letter that the meat-
     ing will ba held early in November.

                                       Very truly yours

                             (Signed) %orge 0. Tamblyn

     The matter was discussed and the members of the Executive
Committee were unable to come to a decision as to what ought to
be dons.   It was indicated that some of the members of the Board
who are not members of the Nxicutive, Committee are very much in-
terested in the proposal and for this reason it was thought prop-
er by the Blecutive Comrmaitte.- to hava the matter considered by
the entire Board.   The Secretary of the Board was therefore di-
rected to send notices to the members of the Board of Trustees



calling a meeting of the Board for Friday, Norember 24, 1922, for
the purpose of discussing the proposal for a 1,000,000 campaign
and also to discuss other matters.

     (5,) NfeMnmbrshin of Athletic Council.  A motion was made and
seconded to increase the membership of the Athletic Council by the
addition of one citizen to tha Cormittee.   After discussion, the
natter was a4.provid, subject to confirmation by the University

     (6) Chanzes in the Lielhting System on the Campus.  The fol-
lowing communications with reference to the changes in the light-
ing systern wareread and ordered incorporated in the minutes:

                                  Iexington, Kentucky
                                       November 8, 1922

     President F. T. IMic"9ey
          University of _-`^Ontuclry
               TLexington, Hintucky

     My dear President:

          The -ast two weeks I have had a number of confer-
     enoes with representativ;es of tho T exington Utilities
     Company with regard to the University lighting.   We ex-
     pected to have plans and the Utilities Company's propo-
     sition comnloto to present to the3  xeCutive Committee in
     November.   This, homvetrer, has been dslayed.  A general
     outline of our present method of light distribution is
     that the Utilities Co-mpany has constructed all lighting
     sqrvice lines on the campus.   These lines are now in
     bad condition and are of too sell caps.city to give serv-
     ice.   Our voltagi at the .meters in the various buildings
     in no case aeceeds 104.   This means currsn't paid for that
     we receive no light velue for.   Each meter and transformer
     has a "constant" that represents a loss.   The average cost
     per kilowatt hour last year was 6.48 cents.

          The system as contermneted calls for one primary meter
     where the Utilities Comnany li.ns comes on to the campus on
     'Winslow Street.  This meters all currsnt,both power and
     lighting, to Petterson Eall and all buildings on the campus
     exoeet the Agricultural Buildinm.

          From the primary meter an overhead line would go to
     Patterson Hall tnd a.n overhead line to a point dtirectly in
     the rear of the Gymnasiura.  From this point underground
     high tension lines run to a transformer well in the rear of
     Main Building.   From the +transformer well secondary lines
     run to the immediate buildings.   Th3 high tension line,-.!


both power and light, continu3s froma this transformer
underground to Mechanical Hall.   A bank of transformers
with secondaries furnishes current for the group on that
part of the campus including th3 M"en's Dormitory.

     With the new system our cost would be between three
and four cents per .1cilcatt hour.  On lest year's bill
the University would have saved $2,990.   Detailed plans
and cost sheets are now being pronared.   The present in-
dications aro that the completed cost will approximate
$8,900.  This means that three years of use pays for a
permanent installation properly planned and laid out with
capacity allowed for future buildings and in shape for
connection to a central lighting plant should the Uni-
varsity ereet one.

     The samo, system erected on poles would cost $4,000
and a considerable annual expenditure for upkeep would be
necessary.   It is the only way by which we can secure re-
duction of our lighting bills.   Any drop in the Utilities
rates would be apnlicable to our rates and a contract on
this basis is perfectl7? safe.

     Summarized it mia1s we wrill save the differance be-
tween six and one-half cents per kilowatt hour and three
and one-half cants per kilowatt hour on each kilowatt of
current used.   It is a permanent improvement and it pays
its total cost in three years.   After that time it moans
an annual saving of at least 33,000.   Please urge the
Board of Trust3ae to find some way to finance the work.

                                 Vory truly yours

                       (Signed) A. 0. WThipplo
                                  Superintendent of
                                    Buildings and Grounds

                            Lexington, Kentucky
                                 November 9, 1922
Mr. A. 0. V'.hippl ,
     Univ'rsity of Kintucky

My dear 14r. Vlhippli:

     Resultant from our s;viral conforencis on the subject,
I am outlining bnlow a plan by means of which the Univer-
sity will be able to purchase its light and powir roquire-
ments from the Lexington Utilities Company at a substantial
saving over the preseInt method of billing.   This proposal
does not cover all of the buildings of the University but



only the following: Patterson Hall, Gym Building, Mdu-
cational Buila~ing, Irninz Bhuildin,, 'ffh;ite IFall, Girls'
Gyuisiurii, Library, Doctor Pat'e!rson's R3sidenco, Chem-
ical Building, ievillo .ll, Scienco Building, M4ain Build-
iLog, 1,!ochanic, l Xall, hgirin.-rin  Laboratory, Assaying
Tlaocratory,  rivil Build in, C-;zmistry Builaing, Doctor
ircvey's P6ssid.-ince nnd th^, Ir~it' s Dormritory.

     Under the plan boinz coinsdietreod, it is proposad to
group   1 of tho nbovs buiildinr-s for light ana power under
one primary miterr to be located on W~,inslow Street, where
ourT- line3sQ enntir ttnq Unniersit  prope-rty.  Uneor this plarf
it Trill be necessary to run a single phaso, 2,300 volt line
from the a..bovre junction peoli back to the present lines run-
ning froru IWinslow Street to 2S'tterson llall in ord-er that
thc transforrer at this point can be placod on the primary
me er.

     Drino thn. -a.st twelv3 months frora Octobor.1, 1921 to
Soptombnr 30, 3.922, the Universit-y paicl this Company for
the oaiti ro 14 ht nd -ooi.,r roquireiments of the above build-
ings the sum- of  7 ,206.20.  Hadl thcse buildings, during
the above pr'iod, been m',t3r:?d, as wr nov propose, your
total bill  oM    fa:l light anft mowr roaqiram-nts would
have boen              T4l0.3..    Iiisnna that under the plan con-
t3mplatod, your annue-:1l srving on th: basis of the consump-
tion for th3 rnast t-ivi monthe woull be3 42,995.88.

     For tho coraing tw-eilve months your saving will be even
greator due to t'he fr,3t that yonur consumption will bo higher.
On the past t.welve monlths ref-errid to above, thX Men's Dormi-
tory at Rosa and "Tashinrtorn only, ovzeratod a& faw months.  I
think that it is con    vai    to estAimato that if you install
th, 'rimary meter as auvestotd and make tho necessary changes
in your.local -listribution syst3mn you can anticipats a sav-
ing of ;33,200 per3 year for -the light Rnrd power reuirements
of the buildings onurierCt ed abour V1.

     If this p~rirmlarsy met-r is installIea, it will be necessary
for the Uni-rarsity to otmn a1l -poles, wires, transformers and
othor iqnipment in the T7nie--rsit-y grounrs and at Patterson
Hall a.nd it would be necess 'ry for You to-:purchase from us,
under thi plan conteramelate, the overh.1e3ad -iros, pcolls, tr'ans-
for-mirs and othr equipimqnt on the Univers-ity grounds from
Winslow Street *to a :eoint in rear of the GyMnasium Building
and in tho Pstt-erso-n Hall arous .s well as a singlo phase,
2,300 volt line 4fro m the3 ra,'.3ring e3quipmeint to the trans-
formor at Patt-1rson Ma .ll


     ,9 h-ve U         -im-e. -the necessc7ry work -o be done in order
to place these lines in excellent oporating condition, and
the above oo st, -lus the cost of- a 10 Kva. treiasformar at
the GmT, .i1 btuldwin. ?nd a 7 1/2 Xva . transformer at Patterson
Hall, amouiints to Q3O297i, and if you proceed w-ith this plan,
we 'will - olce these lines in excellent op-ir-ting condition
and "ti' the Tniijrity 'or this amount.   ;   ropose to
remo-ve , l heot ov  t-,;o transfornoers and re'lace them with new
tyxpe ?"k??  nen~ra riectr ic Comnpan high efficiency trans-
formers, so that your lossses will be a minimum.

     At our first con`erlence on this matter with Mr. Pope,.
it was your idea that the overhead lines, at present be-
lon-,i4ng to this Com,?any, on the University grounds, would
be taken over by the Un itvrsity at a fair value, and you
are to pay us for spnme in any manner agreeable to you.  It
is su!gestsd that these nay7nsnts be spread over a twelve
months period, in order to lessen the burden on the University.
You are now planning on instelling an underground system
in the above section, which will mean the elimination o-f our
overhead linss ,nd the reimovnal from your proporty.  These
lines, with some sl.ight increasce in the size of the feeders
and your maintenance charges, are amply sufficient to take
care of the reciuirements of the Univcrsit-. .  t will cost
us approximateiy )80.00 in lpbor to remove these lines, and
there is a denreci!a,,ted vralue on the poles and fixtures and
the wires and appliarces, -wqhich wnrill be removed.  This de-
kreci.ated Wvlue, ?lus the 180.00 for removal, amounts to
i,)600.00, and it will ba necessary for us to bill the Uni-
versity for this amount.    Hon-e ver, we :7ould be perfectlyV
willing to spread this "6 O ,00 surn over a period of twelve
or twenty-four monthas,.  Te could aid to your reg2lar bill
the sum of .A25.;0 or ws5OO0 per mon-nthl, until the full amount
is absorbed.   You can readily unyderstand thaat in making
you this rats, which savis you s-iihtly more than t3,200.00
per -year, wje are eliminating t1-he Distribiution System, which,
vhile quite rzlecuete :.or the Un ivesity, --:ill hova a very
hi.,hly deprecipted vlue -hena used elsewhere.   We have not
charged, in the above figure, any depreciated value of trans-
formers, which we will remove at no depreciated cost to you.

     B! installing t-he nrimr-y me-.er and making the changes
outlined in m-y letter to you of October 19, we ,!ill be able
to allow the UJnive-sitv m. discount of sixty oir cent, and
two end one-half Per o'nat from the regular commercial rates,
and it .s on this account that vour saving will be approxi-
mately 'P3,200.00 eer T'er.   The rrftes att which you will be
billed will include the regulacr thirty per cent surcharge
in effect at th'is time, biL.t -  'will allow you, under the
contract, an7y reductions which may be ma6e in our rates dur-
ing the life of the contrract.



          I have made no mention here of the changes in your
     Distl ibution System, ;:vhich you Ihave contemplated, as same
     were outlined in my letter to you of October 19, which
     with certain revisions, is the ' an which I believe you
     intend to follow anrd from which you realize that all poles,
     wires, transformers and other equipment nacessary to trans-
     mit and distribute the current consuried by the University
     after same has massed through the primary meter on lVinslow
     Street will be t he prorerty of th.e University, who will
     maintain and keep same in repair and be entirely liable

          We would most earnestly recommend that the plans which
     have been vorked out be placed in efiect by the University
     as it is only in this manner that this Company can give you
     the increased d.iscounts, which show a saving of around
     $p3, O per year.

          V.'e shall be ve-ryv pleased to give you any assistance
     possible in carrying out this work and hope that you will
     call upon us at any time.

                                  Yours very truly

                        (Signed) W. Eeed
                                       Supt. Iight Dept.

     On motion by     Gor.  rdon, seconded by Mr. Colvin, President
McVey was authorized to take such steps as he may deem necessary
with regard to changing the lighting system on the campus, leav-
ing to his discretion the matter of whether or not wires are to
be placed overhead or underground.

     (7) ;   .0roriation 'or Public Sarvice Taboratories.  The fol-
lowing communication from -Ilr. &ordon, transmittinog the opinion of
the Attorney General respecting the conduct OL the Public Service
Laboratories, was read and incorporated in the minutes:

                                  Louisville, Kentucky
                                       October 14, 1922

     Dr. Frank L. Ir{cVey, President
          University of KZentucky
               lexington, Kentucky

     Dear Doctor . lcVey:

          I enclose here-.-!i',,h copy of a letter which I received
     today from the Attorney Teneral in reply to ra77 letter to
     him of August 26, sugge t-ing the difficulties under which
     we are laboring in conducting the laboratories upon the
     appropriation of Wi83,000.   The letter is se'lL-explanatory.



     There i.s nothing to be done obout this matter now
except it may coome up for diccussion again at some meet-
ir.g of the 2xecutive C'ommnittee.

                                 Yours very truly

                      (Signed.)  Robert G. Gordon

                Ca? O ri.:' H 0. YI1 mTUC IY

                Attorney Gsneral's Office

                                 October 12, 1922

Mr. flobert G. %ordoon
     inter-Southern Building
          Loni}stilla, 1 3ntu.cES

Dear Sir:

     I have ilo0 aln"-werel !rour letter of August 26, rela-
tive to the a,,pro iation of 0;`18,00O made to the State
Unieversity for the -pur-ose of niaking all Pnalyses request-
ed to be mada d  ban- de ,atqent of the Szate gcvernment,
for ths reason that I -w'.ntad to talke the nmatter up with
the Corrorimoweaalth a-id County Attorz.eys at their annual meet-
ing, to see if 0o1le Pt3' :,oC could not ba devised bv which
requests of th4so officials for ana-lvses should come through
my office.

     It is extremely loubtful if coun-tp ; offcicials, oharged
with the enforcemsent of the criminel lawE of the .State, can
be classed as departmrnt!s of the SI;&ate srovernrnment, but I
very much fear that a construction which would bar County
Attorners and Comnmonwealth Attorneys Lroem --aak ing requests
for analysess in criminal cases wouldd seriouslv Cri 1e the
enfoorcement of the cr1 Aal1 lsws of the  tte.   I thtink,
therefore, the Uniier-!ity should treat Count7 Attuornea-s and
Coramonnealth A ttorr_?'- a, -le,-ertmnsits of the 'tatse Rovern-
ment, and mcake analys7es in all csaes 'ere same are reouest-
ed. for the -our-ose oG ai2i.'n in the en3:1-'orcament of the lavs
of the State.

     I note that meo-.birs o" the rta:?f G" the UThi:l.- -rsity are
frecuently called upon, a%-e-r r.C -ue en alal    yie, to
attend court at coree oiast~nt  oini as a wmvitnees, and that
it rarely ha:xPens tbh?.t t 1r3- ?r3 able to mnt-ahs tlaa allowance
given thern under tnh  ev trover `Jqje-ir sutual  ellp  e  



          I kilow ox no way by rwhich this can be obviated.  Of
     course, t.hey are entitled to the regular witness fees,
     and to four cents per mile each way.   It looks as if we
     will have to handle the -matter the best way possible un-
     til the next Tlepielature, at which time rproper. provision
     should be made to meet the situation referred to in your

          W'iith best wishes, T am