. r i i`
  LEXINGTON has a large number of choice retail
i houses. The city is the retail market of Central Kentucky. i
. i LEXINGTON is tl1e wholesale distributing point for a .
C , large southern and eastern territory. Among the commodities . -
  distributed may be mentioned, groceries, meats, hay, grain,
feed, lumber, china ware, drugs, dry goods, notions, hardware, V
_ · ·¢ implements, cigars, tobacco and woodenware. It has splendid '
i flouring mills.
V LEXINGTON is the greatest loose leaf tobacco market in Abi),
the world, which is the growth of five years’ time. During the Alph
  season of 1912-13, 41,000,000 pounds were disposed of at an Bam
  average of $13,23 per one hundred pounds. The payrolls of gink
. . . ar
- ‘ this market total more than $15,000 per week during the mar- Cem,
Af ket season. The facilities of the market were doubled last Chur
_ year by the investment of nearly half a million dollars of Chin
‘ new capital in new plants. The capacity of the market is cglw
5 O more than one hundred million pounds of loose leaf annually. Cla;
; LEXINGTON being one of the oldest cities in the Fire
’ country has many historical associations and points of interest Flfe
· · . . Fiscx
. which appeal to the tourist. .HOSi
I LEXINGTON boasts of two line colleges for women. Lil>r=
’ Sayre and Hamilton. Hamilton College is the women’s col- lxilhl
Y C lege of Transylvania University and has a large attendance. N5;
» i The Sayre College charter was written in 1854, and the PreS· PML
‘ ident of Vassar College said it was the first institution in Poli·
  Christendom chartered for the education of women. Mathew P<>Sf
i- ‘ Vassar said it was from this charter that he obtained the idea  
'· . I
_ of chartering Vassar College. · Run
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