Office ofthe President
December 13, 2011
Members, Board of Trustees:
Recommendation: that the Board of Trustees approve the initiation ofthe Expand/Renovate
Ambulatory Care capital proj ect to renovate space in Kentucky Clinic for the Orofacial Pain
Background: The Orofacial Pain Clinical and Educational Program is currently located on the
fifth floor ofthe Dental Sciences Building. The current space of 1,041 square feet is inadequate
for the patient care, educational, and research needs of the Division of Orofacial Pain in the
Department of Oral Health Science in the College of Dentistry. In collaboration with UK
HealthCare, space has been designated in the Kentucky Clinic to allow Orofacial Pain to relocate
and expand. In addition, after Orofacial Pain has been relocated, the vacated space in the Dental
Sciences Building will be used to provide needed expansion of space for the Oral Surgery
This phase of the Expand/Renovate Ambulatory Care project will renovate approximately 2,850
square feet on the second floor ofthe Kentucky Clinic Building, Wing C. This phase will include
operatories, consulting exam rooms, a waiting room, resident carrel space, lab and supplies
space, and radiographic equipment space. A feasibility study has been completed and yielded an
estimated cost of $1,448,000, well within the total 2010 legislative authorization of $20,000,000.
The proj ect will be funded from clinical revenues.
Action taken: IZI Approved EI Disapproved EI Other