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~ 4 . . MAY 1983
fresrdwtml message
Murder. The ultimate display of discrimination. Taking another's life, victimizing their
lifestyle and forever depriving them of their civil and legal rights.
Since December of 1979, there have been three gay related stabbing deaths in this area. All
three bodies were found in the same area, all had been stabbed repeatedly, all had been seen
"cruising the block" and this has led police to believe that the murders are connected. That's
right. A "gay killer" somewhat reminiscent of the psychopath in the horrible movie ”Cruising"
is preying on our community. Only this is NOT a movie. These persons are real. They have
families and friends. They are real flesh and blood human beings who have been brutally killed
by some demented individual. We cannot allow it to go on any longer!
The most recent murder victim, as of this writing, was seen in a "cruisy" parking lot. He
picked up someone that night (evidence suggests the guy was a hustler), and was later found
dead, stabbed over 20 times. The murderer took his body to a secluded place near the Fayette/
Madison Co. line and dumped it. He drove the victims car back toward Lexington but wrecked
the car on AthenSAWalnut Hill Road before reaching the city. His victim was married with a
family who had no idea that he was a "closet case". That is why he was the "perfect victim".
He dealt in anonymity in his gay life and died in the same sad way.
What is possibly sadder is the people, both gay and non-gay, who will just shake their heads,
sigh, and continue their lives. Too soon they will forget about this tragic death, too soon
it will become just another unsolved murder case. When that happens, be assured that the killer
will pick up another person and the same vicious ordeal will begin again.
How many deaths will it take before the gay community decides that enough is enough? Four?
Forty? Perhaps you are thinking, "Well, I don't pick up hustlers, so why worry?" The "It
can't happen to me" apathy seems to be running rampant here. I'm certain that the most recent
victim never thought it would happen to him either. He is dead.
I have talked with Detective Al Bourne who is in charge of the murder investigation. I'm sat-
isfied that the police are genuinely striving to capture this killer. Detective Bourne is a
fair and refreshingly open-minded man sensitive to the gay community. We must invest some

. measure of trust in him. I understand the hesitation to get involved, but silence is encouragin,
our own victimization. So, I am offering myself as a go between. If you have any information
about the stabbings or about any attacks made on you or your friends or any hustler that may
carry a knife, etc., I implore you to call me at 266-3934. (If I'm not at home, leave your
name and phone number.) I will do everything I can to provide information to the police with-
out involving you. However, if it is "eyewitness" information, I cannot guarantee that the
police will not need you to testify. Think about the consequences if you have information and
do nothing about it. The next death may be prevented simply by volunteering what you know.
Finally, please understand that I am attempting to help the gay community first and foremost.
We must do what we can to insure that no one else becomes the prey of this maniac.
We're counting on you,
Keith Elston, President

_ : ?N“h Anita is aghast! Mary Lou is moving! And Sue is combing her dictionary for new x
‘ , superlatives. Why? Because GSO's Montie will be crowned Lexington's new "host—
;j/: ‘ ess with the mostest" this Derby Weekend!
‘5’ _ If you haven't heard, Montie is hosting GSC's first annual "Pe'gay'sus Plantation
(t, Party" at his home at 1001 Rain Court. This event—a post—Derby Brunch— is the
) newest addition to our calendar of fundraising spectaculars.
I All the fun will begin at 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning, May 8, and will last until
2:00 p.m. that afternoon. A buffet brunch will be served from beginning to end and—of course!—
' bloody Marys, mimosas, and mint juleps will be ready at the bar.
Admission is only a 810 contribution to 080, payable at the door. For couples, only a $15
contribution is required. 80 why not bring a guest and split the cost? A fine bottle of
old Kentucky bourbon will be awarded as a door prize! 1
If you wish to attend, please make a reservation for yourself and your guests no later than
Sunday, May1. Please remember the importance of accurate, prompt acceptances when so much
food is being prepared in advance. To guarantee your reservations, please call Raines at .
273-5162. This party will be the most sensational of the season. It is a must—attend for
your busy Derby calendar. We'll see you all there! '
P.S.-—Sunbonnets, parasols, and hoopskirts are welcome, but not absolutely necessary. Arrivals ‘
by sidesaddle, however, are hereby discouraged. The Yankees done burned the stables!!
The Red Cardinal Inn will be hosting an "Af-
ter the Lily Party”, Friday, May 6. The man—
... agement has offered to donate £5.50 to C80 for_
every coupon redeemed (see below).
The low price of 35.00 per person includes wine, cheese, hors d'oeurves, and live music. Please
make reservations for this party. Many thanks to Red Cardinal for their support.
‘ , . . ‘ Brinfi a Gian“-
._ , ' ‘ ' . haw. Cantu-NW
", 9. ._- “Li ’ d .//l ].Wéln Ueu den"- 30“
,z I“. ., y , ‘ ‘1‘ t, (1/1‘ “1 HM. Fat-omen“.
' 3' " I 35-1.; .
““ z ,3 33¢fi§§§§§§é~ 1Pk¢K fi:flE,Fhr(JWErI‘40I8L
Q «1
M \‘k 2323 Car-Ame}. Inn. thfl'cs Saute d.
(I 155525: I . 5.}, ' In \)
' ‘ W 52' T
/ ,gx ' , (v
68 we LILY PAR L21 .
u. 0"
- *‘ \a\,<< ‘\€’ 40p
. I
E 19.1. NA? 6 - 10.30 — llszmsL't a 0%,). /
* , ' I» .11 ~ ‘
WLn/E-C heese - Ions oeuvues - Lula Music.
. (- R¢J Cindl' 1‘” m fl til; I
fined 50¢ will I .. 51! w Short 91: I Ch help us plan)
a one?“ «I _ . ‘ u
G" l Qch-r Hm L.I3 . 225:. 0.902.
~ £9. _
I 251-2»). J
‘— — al— —— — — _—

Spring Cleaning Time Is Here! '
Amber Moon 4th Annual Yard Sale . , .
As you go through your good, old, J'tDIE '03 W- MAXWELL ST-
neat stuff, are you ready to let D ‘D'BN 9‘ 252-4933
some of it pass on to new bands? “3' IL NA‘ A 365 SOUTHLAND on
Think of donating it to Amber RESTAURTTT‘MM 277_6'|55
Moon's 4th Annual Yard Sale. I- ”rim
tems you donate are tax deduct- We“... zécQKEIVSEXXgh’SZé‘D
ible for you; help us provide .‘flf'firy‘g‘ 2 9 '
funds for community events; and _ ”.‘WHH ’, (13:432. 6 ‘6332
recirculate your unused posses- V; A A MON THURS H Md . h
- - 'z?’ ‘ . - . am- a m t
Sions. ' FRI. 8. SAT. 11 cm - 2 a?“
You can bring your goods to 450 EAT IN OR CARRY OUT‘ SUNDAY N°°" ' H p'"
Park Avenue starting now (call in ' ' - ' , - -
advance-~268—8804). To make it
as convenient as possible, we will [—
arrange to pick up your donations. \¢0 ll '16)“ ball ll Illrl 1 IDE PG] lrlfl! I. !
Call 268-8804 or 276-3966.
h 1 Outdoor volleyball resumes this month at Jacobson
Of course, we need some e pers Park on Richmond Road.
too. We need people Willing to
staff the yard sale for a 2-3 This popular summer activity will continue through-
hour shift. out the summer season at Shelter #5 in the back of
. the park.
If you've been wondering how to
give Amber Moon a hand without The shelter is reserved in advance and players and
a long-term commitment, here's other interested persons are encouraged to bring
your big chance. Call us at the refreshments and their friends to enjoy the great
above numbers, outdoors and the sportsmanship.
Mark Saturday and Sunday, May 21 The first volleyball game is scheduled for Friday,
and 22, on your calendar and tell May l3 at 6:30 p.m. The shelter is reserved until
your friends. See you there! the park closes.
For other information please call Please plan to attend. It's great fun and a nice
Axnber Moon Productions, 3, non-pro- way to officially welcome summer.
fit women's cultural arts organi—
zation serving Central Kentucky T—_————_
. “ 1 some "me or anoiherfivety guy
at 252-3119, or WI'lte to 19.0. BOX C65 mm mum-hm "mnsmm Q
22096, Lexington, Kentucky 40522. ‘ to suy‘l ".mm
W ——__—__————_——————_—
P1 811 ort YOUR NFW SLET I R
ease pp - 4
Add me to your mailing list: NAME: V ___>
J65” ADDRESS: Wm- ________
@g/«p/a/fl CITY/STATE/ZIP:
I am a supportive reader; here's 85.00 and my moral support THANKS!
I am an enthusiastic reader; here's 310.00 and my moral support WONDERFULH
I want to see the NEWSLETTER grow; here's 3515.00 and my encouragement GREAT!!!
Sorry, I can't donate right now but please add me to the mailing list
Please mail above form to GSO, P.O. BOX 114712 Lexington! KY 40511 IT'S WORTH IT! E ! l ! l !!

 Lue to the unseasonably cold weather in April, last months ”Last Chance Campout" has been
rescheduled for Saturday, May 14.
Eddie, host of the annual campout has moved to Lexington, and this will be the "last chance”
to use the farm in Scott County.
The invitation to Lambda Louisville is still being offered and the response is still very
positive. It will be necessary to bring all of your own camping provisions (i.e. food,
drink, ?!?) for the overnight affair.
Please plan to attend. It promises to be a night you won't forget! For more information
please call Eddie at 259—0878.
-i . . BY:
.7- 1,
,_ ‘1 Imperial COLlrt 0ft e Bluegrass Empire Donnie Royse
l 1 (Hi The Imperial Court of the Bluegrass Empire held it's Coronation II, Sunday,
3 f: it? April 10, at the Sheraton Inn, Lexington. The purpose of the event was to
;‘»a ”4 elect a new empress, emperor, and privy council (board of directors) for. .
i ' § ;,F the new year.
“ ' £ 4 i 1 Elected as Emperor was Chuck Bruner and as Empress, Jacquelene Parrish.
l - , Privy Council members include Erica Vaughn-secretary, Shana Lee—treasurer,
_ g l I -5ll David Cunningham-minister of protocol, and also Fredia Morgan, Bill Osten,
; :l i Ii Andromeda Strange and Mark Fogle.
, II ,
{JAJIF The Courts goals in the next year include working more closely with G80 and
yr’ other Lexington gay organizations to promote more togetherness within the
gay community.
HIDIHG , . ~ . , . . , , A
IT-Hj f\ The first Court sponsored function will be a Derby Kickoff Bash at Trlee s
in Louisville on May 1. Trixies will open at 1:00 p.m. with a 32 cover and
(:LCXSET- members of the Court will provide entertainment at 5 and 7 p.m. At 9 p.m.
VVCNj T there will be an additional $3.50 charge for those who wish to remain for
IlELfD! the regular Sunday shows. The Court cordially invites everyone in Lexington
to come out and hel kickoff Derb Week.
SHOW YOUR \N P3 \. xoxjel adj; ;Cr) 3; 6%)
' \
508 East Main Street w @Ufl AN AN
Lexington, Kentucky 40508
' Tuesday—-Soturdoy
By Appointment Only
252—4595 \ ’

- T
dlqni v Dignity/Lexington met again on April 9 at the home of one of its members.
‘ ' A Catholic mass was celebrated by a priest _in the area which was followed
‘ by a social hour with cocktails, conversation and wonderful munchies!
The group discussed upcoming events which included Fr. John McNeills address in Cincinnati
which was attended by five Lexington members, and the possibility of sending delegates to
a Toledo, Ohio board meeting in late April. With the attendance at this board meeting,
official recognition will be given to the Lexington chapter of the organization by Dignity,
The group will hold its regular business meetings every second Wednesday of each month and
will celebrate the liturgy on the last Saturday of each month. The location and times of
this affairs will be available through the GAYLINE at 231-0335.
cmcy address held W W l m
On April 16, Father John McNeill addressed Dignity/ e e CO 8
Cincinnati. Fr. McNeill is a jesuit priest whose ts
book, The Church and the Homosexual stirred up a your commen
bit of controversy between the Vatican and McNeill. Our constant aim is to foster a fine re—
Eventually, the church did allow publication with lationship between the gay community and
official approval which was later withdrawn after GSO. Do we succeed? Kindly take a mo-
McNeill VlSltet'i' and Dignity/CinCinnati. Home or- ment to give us your ideas, in the space
dered that.... He shall no longer speak-on homo— below, how we may better serve you.
sexuality and sexual ethics." McNeill interpreted Your interest is appreciated!
this as allowing him to speak on one or the other
so long as he did not speak on both of them at the W
same time.
Fr. McNeill's talk dealt with the spirit of Dignity.
He said, "Dignity is not something we can give our- ”W“
selves, it is something we can give each other."He W”
also stated that his faith and hope were restored
through Dignity. Knowing that there are thousands W
out there with the same hopes and fears, it has to W
be worth the risk to believe that God does not fit
the role of a dictator. He went on to quote a pas- W
sage from St. Paul, "You did not receive a spirit _..____.___..____.____.__._..___..__________
of slavery bringing fear into your life once again.
Rather you recieved a spirit of adoption by which W
you can cry out 'Abba--Father"'. W
He ended his address by saying, "If God can change W
us and lead us from self-hatred to self—love; from '
contempt for our gay sisters and brothers to respect; W
from selfishness to unselfish love; from hardness to Mfr—WWW
compassion; from fear to trust; then there is a hope 3”
that God can change the world. For that I am grateful." : ‘ * '
' Frank Scheuren, president of Dignity International, DO Busmess
Inc. was also present and spoke to the group on the With the .
changes that have taken place in the church since , .
Dignity was founded 13 years ago. More changes will Gay ;
take place at Dignity's International convention ‘
which will take place in Seattle over Labor Day Week- Commu’uty ,
end. Some changes may have an impact on the entire ” '
gay community of the United States. - THE B_EST IN GAY LITERATURE
F : iEZ’J'iZfl 525325.50 m" 5 “ms 6'
“being able to love VIII. 000C THE BUTCH MANUAL by Clark Henley 253453: 55:52:31)? 3? [I
[ ”I! naturally “‘0‘ '. i8 ] 0:03 (The Sea Horse Press) $6.95 (MYSOIY PUb1'Cat'°"5)$5-95 iii-5
mm «MI m m... rim" w,1wzsszinzéiész::::°:ozzi 5::2'2313’2EE:
°o°4 511+.95 Press) $6.95 gig;;
o o A ‘ i 5
~ 0. ~ " BELOW THE BELT by - ' i .ii:
Qggggggg Emitzz‘ispmm" (333M

 mythologg in 198.8


A growing number of scholars and theologians in the Catholic, Protestant and Jewish tradi-
tions are beginning to reevaluate religion's institutionalized prejudice against homosexu-
als. Recognizing that value judgements and moral choices are an inevitable and necessary
part of life, many religious leaders feel that it is imperative to make these ethical deci—
sions in the most informed and enlightened manner possible.

Many of the Biblical prohibitions concerning sexual behavior originated in an era when the
ancients did not have the psychological, sociological and sexological insights available
to us today. In the cultural context in which they lived, the writers were eager to guard
their religion against the encroachments of "paganism". The Biblical writers had little
understanding of the concept of sexual orientation or of the natural heterosexual/bisexual/
homosexual continuum of human sexual expression.

It never occured to them that persons engaging in same-gender sex acts could have been ex—
pressing their own natural sexuality rather than perverting the "natural order".

I The orientation of one's sexuality is morally neutral. Subsequent choices about sexual
expression and behavior may be right or wrong, good or bad, life-affirming or dehumanizing.
In our democratic nad pluralistic society, it seems inappropriate, indeed, unjust, that
the value judgements of one group. of people should be institutionalized and imposed upon
persons who hold a different perspective or understanding.

Religion has much to offer gay people in search of a fuller sense of self-worth and mean-
ing in their lives; gay people have many insights to bring to the community of faith con-
cerning personal freedom and willingness to struggle with the difficult questions of our
The recognition of these mutual needs is growing, to the benefit of both the religious and
gay communities.
.VEBQ/LxLA/igfigg Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Karposi's Sarcoma,
'KAfigfigémiggfingfiggo" Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia, Hepatitis B, Herpes Simplex,
BRUTAL“ VD--these are possibly the most serious problems facing the gay
(ORBEiO€§%L°x.¢£§s§EtYXNY community at this time-
w; WANT TO HEAR FROM you The GSO discussion group will have some answers at their monthly
Yourcoll will help NGTFtodocu- meeting on Sunday, May 15'
ment, publlcize and combat
figggcnfigmggesmnmnd GOV This months topic is "Health Concerns". During this time of
. .h . crisis, it is imperative that every gay person understand that
TheCrisislineolsoprovidesinfo we have a national, if not world—wide, plague. We must do every-
ggfic'g'fg;°g;33,§$ngugffig@373,” thing in our power to end this situation. The first step is to
fififijé’gfigmgggogg‘fowgs find out exactly what our community is facing, not only medically,
“90"" problemfccing he gov but socially and politically.
mole community. ‘
The ramifications are staggering.
_N_C;T§§fl|§|_s_y_p§ Please plan to attend this timely and possibly life-saving talk.
Ir? S”$°EI§§§$1‘Z§§J¥§S?6 The discussion will be led by Charlie Kast on Sunday, May 15st
T 223 N. Broadway, Apt. 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. For more information
‘ oreport antrgaywolence . _ _ .
~ I "e g In addition to the regular array of stories
and features in the NEWSLETTER, a special
‘ report on AIDS (an excerpt by Larry Kramer)
sappokf 00R will be presented. It promises to be a moving article.
WWW/5m" GSO Needs You' "mm-
_‘ ' ' GAY a: PROUD"

 8L" Cork” Corfiett
&% who)“ P t m
21% 'waab/ (1 oore
' 'VL
$6exington’5 WerVest (‘54 most
glegant Salon
Offering Uhe £ate5t In (Hair gashion Design
Scor Wen 5“ Women
gnjoy Complete Comfort 64 Prime}, 5
835 Winchester R003
faxington, Kentucky _

- MAY "
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Kltkofil: 825;) -— Ff): 6'5 .1 , n
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”707“ I 0'“wa ' fwxnl’rt #5 259- 0876
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' If“; Llfijf
> Gfo W/e/ybal/ : 25W 35 ‘
‘ - Jacobson ark #25
29 V ' 31 "g ' _ i ’ '
- 5’6 Ha???) KEITH
ifififlfimflyfi— \ fl : . ‘
Marian fmducfibnS “‘ 1* gift haa)’ BUCHANAN
' i e «y
_ V %% 3:52 May22!!!
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